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aincest - 2756 Alexis Playground Bella gets her way with Dad

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Bella is a student working on her second year as a senior in school. She really wants to pass this time so she wore a slutty school girl outfit to try and seduce her male teachers into passing her. She is found out by the administration and sent home with a phone call to her father. When she gets there Dad gives her a lecture about how things work in the world. You cannot just dress slutty and seduce people and think that you will get your way. It does not work like that, he says to his daughter. He tells her she is going to be spending some time in her room as punishment and he will have to tell Mom about this. Bella pleads with Dad to not tell Mom. Dad says he doesn’t know how he cannot tell her as she is bound to find out from the school. Bella starts to suck on her lollipop seductively as she lays on her bed exposing her ass. She tells dad that maybe they can work something out. Dad says there is nothing he can do, but Bella starts to rub his cock through his pants and suggests that maybe she could be sucking his cock instead of this lollipop. She sucks dad’s cock and he is bending to her will, next he gets on the bed and she mounts him. She exposes her breasts for him and fucks him hard. dad is getting very excited to be fucking his daughter. He flips her and gets on top. He gets over excited and forgets to pull out when he cums! He shoots his big load deep inside of his daughter’s pussy! Looks like Bella got her way after all. Maybe she knows more about how things work than dad does.

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