Ashley Alban – Bullying the Short HD (720p/2016)

Added: 10/15/16

You are trying to hide from her but Ashley corners you in the hall at school. She crosses her arms across her chest and asks where you think you’re going. You stutter, knowing that you’re about to be in trouble. Ashley loves to bully you because you’re so short and wimpy. She makes you give her your lunch money everyday, and today is no exception. After getting in your face and yelling at you, you hand your money over to her. She decides that since you weren’t very cooperative today, she will have to punish you. She makes fun of you, degrading you for being short and pathetic. She comes up with a list of things she is going to make you do, including coming over her house to do her chores and doing all of her homework. She even makes you get down on your knees and kiss her shoes. You do whatever she says because you know you’re so much smaller and weaker and you don’t want to get your ass kicked. Once she is satisfied that she punished you enough, she leaves for class and reminds you to meet her after school so you can do her chores at home.

Categories: HUMILIATION, FACE FETISH, FEMALE DOMINATION, MOUTH FETISH ,ashley alban, femdom, shoes, sneakers, laughing, verbal humiliation.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:10:04
Size: 225 Mb

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