Jerky Wives – Nikki Brooks – Loving Blackmail – Neighbor Affair – Initial Encounter – Erasing Evidence – Tasting Mommy HD 2017

Scene One: Neighbor Affair
Son learns Mom is having an affair with the neighbor Cory Chase. Son sees them walking into Cory’s house, kissing and touching. He walks around to the back window and records Mom and Cory in various positions of sex, licking nipples and pussies…ect…
He plans to use this recording to later blackmail his slutty Mom for sex and more…

Scene Two: Initial Encounter
Later on, Son comes out to the living room to talk with Mom. She’s sick of his lazy ass, just like his father, and it’s time that he moves out. He’s out of school and doing nothing but partying and sleeping all day. Son says I have video of you and the neighbor, etc. Son says he’s not leaving unless she wants to explain to dad why she was sucking on the neighbors tits. Nikki gets enraged. Son says she belongs to him now and will do what he says or her cushy little suburban housewife life goes bye-bye. Son says now that you’re mine, take out your tits. Take off your dress, come give me a handjob. Better be quick before Dad finds out. Which she does. Mom complains the entire time while she strokes his cock.

Scene Three: Erasing Evidence
Next day – Mom tries to sweet talk him into erasing the tape. Says she knows what he wants and she will do it if he erases it. She slowly takes off her top and starts to blow him. Halfway through she says erase the tape and I will swallow everything. Son erases a video from the phone. She finishes him off. Afterwards he says that was fantastic but since he made a dozen copies of the video, tomorrow he wants her to come to his room in a skirt and no panties since he’s always wondered what she tastes like.
Scene Four: Tasting Mommy
Mom shows up dressed how he wants. Says she can’t keep doing this. She doesn’t want to hurt his father and she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship with him (her son). She says please just erase them and they will talk about continuing this for a few more weeks. Son says that’s an option but it will only work if she gives him the best blowjob of his life. She does reluctantly and he again erases a few more videos then assures her there are no more copies. She starts saying what a dumb little he is and his ass is gone from the house tomorrow. He shows her a new video of her blowing him while saying he knew she was trying to manipulate him and says dad gets it tomorrow unless she is in his room naked when he wakes up. He says that her ass belongs to him and he’s going to enjoy every bit of it tomorrow.

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Bare Back Studios Karma Rx – My Stripper Daughter – Karma’s First Time Shooting on C4S! FullHD 2018

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Daughter comes home, dressed slutty, the Tipsy, red-neck Father meets her in the hallway. He yells at her about being a whore and a stripper, yells about her tattoos. She yells back, he cracks her a good one, she crashes into the wall, he pulls off his belt and whips at her legs while calling her names; whore, slut, tramp, etc., she cries/screams/begs. He stops and grabs her throat she grabs his hands and tries to pull them away, he kisses her hard, she struggles, he shoves her to the floor and starts insulting her again, he stops, yanks her shorts down, and gets on top of her, unzips his pants and makes love to her on the floor while she protests! After he is finished; he gets up, zips his pants up, and walks off while she lays there in a state of shock, staring straight up.

Scene Two: The Next Day

The Father is sitting at the kitchen table drinking a beer. The Daughter walks into the kitchen dressed slutty like she is going to work, acting like she is terrified of her Father. He says, “You going to work you little whore? You going to show them your tits and then fuck them later?” Terrified, she says, “I just dance Daddy, I just dance topless. I don’t have sex with them.” He strikes her and yells, “You lying little whore, I know what a whore you are. You’re a whore just like your mother! If you are gonna fuck every man in the town, then I’m going to get some of that pussy!” He slams her over the table, yanks her shorts down and has sex with her from behind while she begs him… He then forces her to her knees and has her give him head, he says, “You know I know you’re whore like your mother? Because you suck dick just like her.” He catches his breath, grabs her by an arm and shoves her out the door and yells, “Git whore! Git out!”

Scene Three: MONTAGE

1) Bent over the Washer Machine, putting Karma thru the spin cycle.

2) Bent over the table being fucked from behind by the Father, his hands are on her hips, Daughter lets out a cry with his every thrust.

3) POV She is on her back, Dad is kneeling on her shoulders; pining her down, and fucking her hard!

4) She is pulled into the bedroom by her arms and tossed to the bed, naked and afraid… He alternates between grabbing her face and kissing her….Fucks her in various positions and cums in her mouth forcing her to swallow!

Scene Four: Counting Cash

Early the next morning Karma is counting the cash she made from working in the back room of the Strip Club. Fresh out of the shower, she recounts what each guy was like as she stacks her cash. Dad walks by the bathroom and see this and watches his half naked Daughter count all that money. He is furious and busts in and wraps his hand around her throat! She did not find another job and is only striping and escorting even more!!!

He drags her into the bedroom and throws her to the bed as her towel flies off! Dad holds her down and he munches her shaved pussy. Karma refuses to quit her job and taunts her Father as he fucks her. She laughs and says, “The Guys at the Club fuck me harder than that Daddy!” This pisses off Daddy and he fucks her harder and holds her down by the throat. The harder he pounds the more she talks…As if she is enjoying this!

Dad is in too deep to stop and pounds that tight pussy till he finishes…Like the slut Karma is, she opens her mouth and begs for his cum. Daddy fills up her mouth and walks off almost disgusted with himself for what he as done…

***Karma’s First Time Shooting on C4S!!!***

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Meana Wolf – Longing For Daddy – genetic attraction, swim suit, asian SD 2017

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**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!**

You couldn’t stay after what happened between you two. Standing so close to each other… the chemistry in your bodies… the feeling of your cock swelling as she stared up at you. You felt sick for wanting your own daughter so badly… so you left. You left her and her mother that night. It was hard on them… but it was the right thing to do. You couldn’t look at your wife without seeing your daughter’s face… and you couldn’t be near your daughter for another second for fear that you would do the unthinkable; the thing you so desperately wanted to do. Two years have passed since then. You’ve been to a therapist and you’ve started to come to terms with the fact that these things just happen. You did the right thing… you walked away. And now It’s time to come back into your daughters life and be a father again. You’ve proven to yourself that you’re not attracted to her like that, and that you can overcome any subconscious feelings you might have about her. Maybe a fresh start is just what the two of you need. Afrter all… a girl needs her daddy.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You’ve done the work to overcome your sexual feelings towards your daughter, but now that’s she’s moved in with you, it’s clear that she’s wanted you all along. Every mental block you’ve put in place to help you stop thinking about her sexually comes crashing with just one look from her. Can you do the right thing and resist your daughter’s sexual advances? **Daddy Daughter sex. Cream Pie**

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Odette Delacroix – Christmas Creampie And Diapers – Male Domination, Rough Sex HD

All you want for Christmas is to fuck Odette Delacroix. That sweet little body and tight holes are screaming to be touched. You come in to put her in a diaper, but she wants to you to fuck her in tight little pussy. She begs for your cock and so you slide your dick into her tight little pussy. Deep in and out. She moans with pleasure. She wants your cum inside her. So you shoot your load deep in her pussy. you pull out and put her diaper on her. So the cum will drip out into the diaper. But first you see the cum drip a little out of her. She wanted a creampie for xmas and you give her one, and then diaper her. SO HOT! Odette Delacroix loves cummies in her pussy and being diapered

The actor is walking in and Odette Delacroix is laying naked on the floor in front of the christmas tree. He has a diaper and a teddy bear with him. She is really happy to see him and shakes with her ass up and down. She does not want to put on her diaper and starts sucking his dick and licking his balls. Afterwards she lies back on the floor stroking her pussy while making baby noises. The actor inserts his dick and starts fucking her pretty hard. Then they start fucking doggystyle and after that sidewas. After cumming in her pussy Odette Delacroix starts putting on her diaper while tasting his delicious cum. She ends up cuddling with her teddy bear and falling asleep.

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Jess West Clips store – Daddys Girls Reward – School Uniform FullHD

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Jess wants to play her special game with her daddy that she only gets to play when shes been a good girl and today she has been very good, watch as jess gets her daddys cock out and starts sucking and teasing it and then she cant help herself and has to jump on and have her daddy fuck her and then she takes his big load all in her mouth as he shoots it everywhere.

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Jess West Clips store – Jess West, Satine Sparks – Daddys Advice – Threesome Incest Sex FullHD 2017

Added: 9/3/17 12:50PM

Ive got my friend satine round and we have both decided to give up on boys and they are all idiots so we start getting it on together when my dad walks in and catches us and he is not happy he says we should be playing with boys not each other and before long her gets his cock out to show us how good cock can be and we both suck and fuck it together until my dad cums over us.

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