Family Manipulation – Michele James in “Dad… Can You Help Me With This??” SD mp4 2018

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My daughter needs help with something, but I’m not sure it’s something a father should help with.. But her sensuality was too much for me to resist.. I give her exactly what she needs – my thick juicy cock! Michele begs for my dick deep in her sweet pussy.. I grab onto her big natural DD titties as I slide my dick in and out of her. As I get closer to cumming, my daughter says “please daddy, I want to taste your cum!” Watch Michele suck me off till I blow my load in her mouth!

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Morning family Porn – Emily Willis – Daughter Slut-Shaming HD mp4 [720p/2018]

SCENE OPENS on a vestibule in the early hours of the morning, where 18-year-old teen Veronica (Emily Willis) is trying not to make any noise as she sneaks through the door. After a night of partying, evident by her slightly disheveled look and party clothes, the teen is being careful not to wake her dad. She holds her heels in her hands to make less noise, and starts tiptoeing into the hallway. She makes her way into the kitchen, where she grabs some headache pills for her already developing hangover. Rounding the corner, she’s shocked to see her stepfather Hugo (Steve Holmes), holding a cup of coffee. He has a stern look on his face and a rigid posture. Veronica is embarrassed to have gotten caught but tries to play things cool — ‘hi daddy,’ she says sweetly, ‘uhh, how long have you been up?’ He says long enough to see that she didn’t sleep in her bed last night. She tells him that she was studying at a friend’s house and slept over. Skeptical, he picks up the bottle of pills, saying that apparently math gives her a headache. Veronica sticks to her story, but Hugo isn’t having it, and slams the pill bottle onto the counter angrily as he demands to know what’s going on. Reluctantly, Veronica admits that she was out late at a party. Uncomfortably, clearly not eager to say what she has to say next, she says that she needs a ride to the pharmacy.

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Hope Harper – Trick Or Treat Tramps – Supergirl Hope Harper Rides a Cock SD mp4 2018

Hope Harper – Supergurl was trying to track down other missing heroines when she inadvertently slipped on a ring that caused her to collapse. When she regains her senses she is in a cage being sexually aroused. The urges overpower her sense of goodness making her a mindless sex slave. Her captor takes her from the cage to the lab where he proceeds to make her another sexual trophy in his case

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POV incest – BadDaddyPOV – Kate Kennedy – Pre-spring break with daddy FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Kate Just finished her bikini shopping for her spring break and want s to show daddy. But what she really want is to practice on daddy before she goes on spring break and she is not taking no for an answer! Sexy blonde teen Kate Kennedy spent the day shopping. She is excited to spend the summer on the beach being a total slut and showing off her hot young body to all the boys passing by. She struts back into the house ready to start her adventure. Kate Kennedy’s father stops her and asks what she is up to. Kate sees this as a chance to see how enticing her new outfit is. She invites the man of the house into her bedroom to check out what she has in store for this summer. Kate Kennedy has chosen a g-string and a top that barely covers her all natural young tits. Her father is appalled. There is no way he can let her out of the house dressed like that. Kate says that if he doesn’t like it fine. But that just means he is stuck in a room with a stripping teenager who is clearly excited by this event. Kate Kennedy now stands nude in front of her daddy.

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Blackmailed Casey : Daddy’s Anal Whore – Casey Calvert, Father Stephen FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Beautiful, fair-skinned Casey Calvert is always taking advantage of her considerate father, Stephen St. Croix. The deceitful girl portrays herself as the perfect daughter, but Stephen’s well aware of her impetuous ways. When her mother is away on a business trip, Casey exploits Stephen’s enabling personality, defying him and brushing it off as no big deal. First, he catches her lying about reading a book he had given her, later discovering that she was actually masturbating in her bedroom.

Realizing a need to document her destructive conduct, Stephen decides to film her with his cell phone, and then use the footage to catch her lies when he suspects she’s being less than honest. The next day, Casey elects to wear a revealing outfit to her school formal, even though her mother had already bought her a proper dress. Broken and irritated, the discouraged dad allows the outfit, hoping that she’ll at least respect his wishes to be home at a decent hour. Stephen finally reaches his breaking point when Casey completely ignores her midnight curfew to stay out all night. The disobedient daughter sneaks into the house as Stephen pretends to sleep on the couch. He confronts Casey, scolding her for smelling like marijuana. But Casey snubs him, saying he isn’t her real father.

This drives Stephen to reveal his lewd recording from the previous night — and his nasty intentions: He shows Casey the footage, using it as leverage to blackmail her into a taboo sexual affair! Desperate to keep her secrets, the frightened slut kneels submissively in front of Stephen, slobbering as she slurps his stiff prick. Casey moans as he drives his meat deeply into her cunt. And then her true, perverted self emerges as she begins to enjoy the twisted encounter! Stephen wants more: He fucks her tight asshole! Totally tamed, Casey rides dick, shouting, “I’m Daddy’s little whore!” The kinky anal session features sloppy, ass-to-mouth cocksucking and harsh manhandling. For the climax, Stephen coats his daughter in a frothy cum facial

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Megan Maiden – Home Alone 2 – Modern Taboo Family HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Megan waits at home for her Daddy. Now that she takes care of Daddy in every way he doesn’t go out as much. Which Megan loves because she hates being at home all alone. She heard he Daddy come in and jumped up off the couch to greet him. She was a little surprised to see Daddy’s friend Gary with him. She ran back to the couch and got under her blanket. She was kind of of embarrassed because she was just wearing a bra and panties. Daddy doesn’t like her to wear much around the house. Daddy told his Daughter not to be rude and give Gary a hug. They all hung out of the couch until Daddy told her why Gary was there. She couldn’t believe Daddy had told his friends about what they do when they are alone. He told he that all his buddies thinks it’s cool and wanted to meet her. He told her to get up and show Gary what a nice body she has. She didn’t want to but she did as she was told.

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