Niki Snow – A Taste Of The Holidays with Daddy SD (


Niki Snow and her loving family all fell asleep together in bed because they were so excited for xmas! The minute the sun rose Niki and her stepdad were ready for breakfast and presents but her mommy was being a grinch. All she wanted was more eggnog and sleep. This did not stop them from enjoying the holiday though. They ran down to the tree to take pictures and open presents. Mom was still being a childish scrooge. She made her way to the couch and eventually fell asleep, not being a part of the holiday festivities at all. This is when Niki and her stepdad got to really express their love for each other. Niki sucked stepdads cock beside the glimmering tree and gagged on his tip so nicely. They moved to the couch to get comfortable so Niki could ride her stepdaddy like a one horse open sleigh! As Niki was still getting pounded, they devised a plan to get back at her mom. Stepdad would release his jizz into Mommys eggnog so that even though she was a bitch, she would still be getting a nice thick taste of the holidays 😉

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Taboo Secrets – HarperTheFox Sweetheart Sucks and Fucks Daddy at Work HD (720p/

It starts with a surprise visit from young Callie at work. She should be at school but instead she is here visiting dear old Daddy. She has sent the staff to lunch to discuss something private and pressing. Daddy fears an emergency. No. No emergency. Callie is suffering from obsession. She needs a man who can give her what she wants and she knows Daddy is the only one who will do. Daddy resists but Callie will not take no for an answer. She is even willing to resort to threats. Before Daddy knows what is going on young Callie has sucked him rock hard and he has bent her over to give her what she craves.

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Family Therapy Michelle Taylor – Before I Go HD (720p/

Added: 7/1/17 1:11pm

Daddy, wake up. My boyfriend is on his way to pick me up… No Daddy, we need to do it before I go. You know he doesn’t do it the way you do… No silly, I’m not going to break up with him… Because I love him, he’s a really great boyfriend. And besides Daddy, you never want to go out anywhere… C’mon Daddy, we have to hurry up….

***Starring Michelle Taylor***
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Jennifer Jacobs – Needs To Learn Before Her Date FullHD (

Jennifer Jacobs needs some advice from a man. Her father left and now she only has her Step Dad to ask for help. He is taking a nap and the curious teen decides to take her sexual education into her own hands. The all natural brunette pulls out her Step Fathers cock and starts to suck it. He protests but the big beautiful eyes of Jennifer quickly change his mind. You see, Jennifer Jacobs is about to go out on her first date. She needs to learn what boys like in order to make sure that her new boyfriend likes her. Even though she is his Step Daughter, Jennifer knows that he has all the tools and information that she needs. The eager teen sucks on her Step Father’s cock. He then bends her over and stretches open her tight pussy. Jennifer loves the feeling of a thick cock deep inside her. She is excited to have a new relationship with her Step Dad. She also is excited to now be able to make all the boys at school want to be her friend, then come home and tell the man of the house all about it.

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Family Therapy Joseline Kelly – Dad & Daughter Make a Porno HD (720p/

Added: 10/8/17 3:43pm

It’s been six months since the divorce. And honestly I try not to think about it too much… But the strangest part was I never suspected a thing… I just thought my daughter was really interested in helping my husband with his business. I had no idea all the disgusting things they were doing to each other on those “business trips.” That is, of course, until I found that nasty little film they made…

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FamilyManipulation Amara Romani – Caught Throwing a Party, Now Forced to Be a Slut for Dad FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/11/16 9:55pm

Young 18 yr olds these days need to be taught how to behave properly…and my 18 yr old daughter is no different! While mom and I were out of town for the weekend, she decided it would be a
smart idea to throw a big party, drink and have boys over the house.

I happened to come home early, and caught her before she had time to clean the house properly. I also found a used condom that some boy nutted in after using my daughter as a fuck toy…

This angers me because not only did she break our rules, but now I am left to clean up after her mess…and I wasn’t even the one who got to have any of the fun! Well that’s about to

Daddy’s about to have some fun! Let’s see how much of a slut my daughter can really be. Watch as I force my daughter to talk and act like a little slut, as I make her suck, stroke and open
her legs wide to let daddy slide my cock deep inside of her fat cunt.

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