Mind Under Master Carolina Sweets & Khloe Kapri – Double Valentines – Hypnosis Daughter 1080p mp4 2018

Added: 2/14/18 11:07pm studio/118498

Khloe just started dating this guy and her roommate Carolina doesn’t get it. He’s twice her age, he doesn’t have a job and he just sits around their apartment watching TV and drinking, but Khloe waits on him hand and foot. Carolina hear her whispering in his ear, telling him how much she loves him, how perfect he is…but once she started calling him Daddy Carolina had to say something.

“What is going on with you?” Carolina asked while Khloe’s boyfriend slept in the other room, ”You’ve been dressing different, your acting different. You haven’t been to class in weeks.”

“Oh I dropped out,” Khloe matter of factly confessed “I make more money dancing at the strip club.”

“You’re stripping?!?” Carolina almost screamed. This girl had gotten a full scholarship, but now she was dancing for money?

“It was daddy’s idea” Khloe says with a wry grin

“Please stop calling that”

“But he likes it” Khloe quickly responded.

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The Tabooddhist – Moka Mora – Deep Deep Trouble – Daddy spanking Schoolgirl Daughter FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 4/6/18 10:04PM

Daddy is steamed when he finds out his slutty daughter Moka crashed his car again. She keeps sexting while driving! He teaches her a lesson by bending her over his knee, lifting her school girl skirt, and spanking her sexy ass. He decides to make a deeper impact, by bending his little slut over the table and fucking her with his throbbing rage boner! Moka secretly likes being punished by Daddy, as evidenced by the way she eagerly strokes his cock until he explodes all over her beautiful face.

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Dani Picas – POV: Daddy catches me taking sexy selfies – Schoolgirl Daughter, Family Webcam Show HD mp4

Added: 10/10/16 10:35AM studio/75677

Categories: Daddy`s Girl, Father – Daughter, Teen, Taboo,DILDO FUCKING, DILDO SUCKING, DEEP THROAT, SCHOOL UNIFORM,role play, roleplay, dirty talk, selfies, schoolgirl, school girl

I am in my schoolgirl uniform, taking sexy selfies for my new boyfriend when I notice you watching me. Daddy please dont punish me! Or tell Mum. I will do anything you want if it means I wont get in trouble. And I will make sure that I always send you the sexy selfies that I take, I promise! What naughty things will you make me do Daddy?

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Taboo Passions – Melanie Hicks, Jack Moore – Daddy Spying on Me FullHD

Added: 8/21/15 04:20AM Fell-On: Fetish Factory

I am so exhausted. All I want to do is take a nice hot shower and crawl in my bed. I take my clothes off and get in the shower. Just as I am about to wash my hair, I notice my dad is spying on me. WTF, dad! Get in here! You pervert! I sit on the edge of the bathtub and command him to bend over my lap. Just like you used to spank me, now its your turn to be spanked dad. I spank him nice and hard until his ass is red. I notice he is getting harder and for some strange reason its making me wet. I sit down in the shower and command him to eat my pussy. I cum all in his mouth and then suck his cock. I let him bend me over doggiestyle until I cum all over his hard cock and then I let him cum all over my ass and pussy. Now get out of the shower pervert!

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The Tabooddhist – Kate Kenzi – Caught In The Act – Daughter love Rope Bondage FullHD 2018

Added: 3/30/18 9:25pm studio/62135

A concerned father is shocked to find his beautiful little girl naked and tied to a bed, lights and cameras set up to capture the pornographic acts of his not-so-innocent charge. A firm spanking is in order, but the feel of Kate’s smooth, round ass under his punishing hand awakens a lust in the man. A lust he knows is wrong, but is too powerful to resist. He fucks her hard and rough, her supple body helpless to do anything except yield to the overwhelming pleasure.

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The Tabooddhist – Norah Nova – Stuffing Norah’s Holes FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

Added: 7/21/17 06:16PM

Little Norah, always the rebel stayed home from school, her pussy burning between her legs with furious desire. She tries to distract herself by doodling in her school planner, but everything that emerges from the tip of her pen engorges her youthful pussy further, the cotton of her panties becoming slick with her juices. She can’t take it anymore, so she slinks her sexy little body up on the table and plugs in her favorite toy of all, her hitachi. She pulls off her tight leggings, her pink cotton panties cling to the folds and curves of her lips. Sitting on the table she runs the vibrating massager up her legs towards her clit.

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