Lennox Luxe, Levi Cash – Lennox Luxe – I Want To Try Something New FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

My new job has my family and I living a bit more comfortable than we were used to. But since I have been working so much more and traveling more often, I feel that my daughter is growing up so fast now! I do spoil her with new phones and nice clothes and whatever else she needs. My wife is always out of the house doing something. Today I think she had some sort of hot yoga class or at a hair appointment.

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Scandal Family sex – Jenna Reid Says – Do It Or I’m Telling Mom HD mp4 [720p/2018]

08/24/18 new!!!

Bad Daddy is doing some bad things. He has spent too long in the house with his sexy step daughter. Jenna Reid is a slutty petite brunette with a tight young all natural body. Her shaved pussy and milky skin is never covered with panties. She runs around the house all day letting glimpses of her tight young cunt be flashed to her step dad. While she is out of the house, he sneaks into the young slut’s room and finds the panties she never wears. They smell like her and make his cock rock hard. He can’t help himself and has to start to touch his cock. Right then, Jenna Reid walks in on her step father jerking off in her room. She cries out in disgust. The pair both go their separate ways in embarrassment.

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Ms Paris and Friends – Leaning New Things – Daddy fuck school Daughter HD avi [720p/2018]

Daughter comes home very early in the morning and wakes daddy who is asleep on the couch. She is hot and horny and didn’t get what she needed from the club and wants daddy to help her out. So after a blowjob and some pussy eating, daddy fucks his daughter hard missionary right there on the couch. Just as the two are finishing, Mommy walks it to confront them and the family secrets are all out in the open. Also available in the MP4 format. For exclusive content of Mommy, Daddy, daughter, Son,

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The Tabooddhist Ivy Aura, Trisha Parks – Daddys Favorite Daughters FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Making Out, Deep Throat, Blow Job, Daddy, Daughter, Taboo, Family, Forbidden, Tipsy, Sisters, Cumming

Ivy and Trisha are having way too much fun on their sisters night! They drank all the wine and want daddy to bring them more. They decide to entertain each other as they wait for daddy to bring them the wine. Soon Daddy comes home to find them naked and Tipsy and to persuade him to give them more wine, they start playing with his Cock with their feet. Only moments later they decide a nice blowjob would surely convince daddy to give them wine. As Ivy and Trisha take turns sucking on daddy big cock, they completely forget about the wine, and soon daddy shares his load with them all over their mouths.

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Megan Winters, Charles – Bad Redhead Daughter gets hard punished by her Daddy SD 2018

Megan Winters is a naughty little teen who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. This spunky coed has a huge crush on her stepdad Charles Dera, but Charles barely seems to know she exists. When Megan tries to get his attention and finds that he’s too busy for her, she returns to the room in just a bra and panties. That succeeds in upsetting her stepdad, but Megan wants to seduce him, not piss him off. She tries again, naked this time, but winds up crying in her bedroom when her plan backfires.

Charles eventually joins Megan in the bedroom to apologize to his mercurial stepdaughter, but Megan takes the opportunity to continue putting the moves on. Charles has had enough! Pulling his still-naked stepdaughter over his knee, he spanks her round bottom. It doesn’t take him long to realize that Megan is getting turned on from the smack of his hand on her ass, and this time when she tries stroking his stiffie Charles is too shocked to move. Megan takes advantage, dropping to her knees for a puffy lip blowjob that Charles can’t bring himself to stop.

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Jane Wilde – My Mother watch how Stepdad Took My Virginity SD mp4 [2018]

When is the last time you saw a landline phone? The 90s? Well, Jane Wildes family has one, and they just found out her date cancelled on her. Luckily, her thoughtful stepdad consoles her in her bedroom and Jane perks right up.

They go for an ice cream cone in the backyard together, and Jane licks her scoop seductively for her stepdad. Then she drops the bomb. Before she goes to college, she wants to have sex with him! Her stepdad is a little flustered, but when he tells Janes mom, she is into it! She figures, if my daughters going to be fucking, better for her to do it in the house! So Janes mom sets up the video camera and watches as Jane cutely asks her stepdaddy to fuck her mouth.

Her stepdaddys curved cock fits perfectly in her young, inexperienced throat, and then slips perfectly into her tight hole. He breaks her hymen and takes her virginity while her mom tells her not to fight it. Then she sucks her stepdaddys dick like it is the ice cream cone they had earlier. This is one weird family! Do you want to see Jane Wilde back soon? Let us know in the comments!

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VXP Media Pretty For Daddy Full Scene – Shey FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / East Coast/May 05 2018]

Teenager stunner Shey has the most prefect ass on the planet. With her black stockings on she edges her daddy’s thick cock for nearly 50 minutes. Dirty talk, spit, deep throat, doggie, and adorable feet all coaxing his load. In the end she calls him a pervert for cumming for teens while jacking him off and he loses the battle all over her face. Thick cum ropes replayed at slow mo 40%. She’s a very dirty girl. An absolute lurid must for Shey fans. They start out with Shey sucking and jerking his cock before she turns around and starts riding the cock in reverse cowgirl. She also gets fucked in missionary and prone bone throughout this scene. It ends with Shey jerking his cock untill he loads his massive load on her face.

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Ana Rose – Kinky Family – Now I fuck my stepdaughter too SD mp4 [2018]

I was just spending a nice sunny day by the pool when my stepdaughter Ana Rose came on to me claiming she was horny as fuck, took off her bikini and started masturbating right on top of me and humping my leg. That felt so weird, but not as weird as her asking me to finger her pussy, giving me a bj the next day and totally seducing me the day after. Now I’m fucking both my wife and her slutty daughter and it feels so fucking wrong and so fucking good.

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