HarperTheFox – Please Daddy fuck me so hard – Family Incest HD [720p/2018]

When I did all the housework, my father came into my room and said that it’s time for me to grow up, and I need to study sex, he unbuttoned his trousers and ordered that I sucked his cock, I blushed, but could not refuse my father and started sucking him I liked this exercise and he lifted my dress, at that moment I was without panties, and he inserted me several fingered into my virgin vagina, I immediately experienced an orgasm, and I very much liked the lessons of my father

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The Tabooddhist – Penny Lay – Daddy’s The Boss FullHD [1080pp/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 10/13/17 11:40pm

Penny can’t find her tablet and is freaking out looking for it frantically when her daddy comes in and sees her in a less than conservative school girl outfit. Angered he storms in and grabs his little slut, lifting up her skirt and spanking her while he yells at her. He pulls up her shirt and sees her nipples are pierced as well and this drives him into a frenzy. Grabbing his little lady, he pulls out his cock and makes her suck it for punishment. Still angry he pulls her onto the arm of the couch and bends her over, holding her down, he takes her pussy, fucking her to let her know just how bad she’s been. He holds her by the hips and pulls her into him, making her take his whole length. He cums when he knows she has been sufficiently punished. Daddy is the boss.

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Bad Santa Family Humiliation – Rape, Incest, Rough Fuck HD mp4[720p/2018]

Peaceful Christmas full of love and happiness? Let’s just forget that! Christmas this year will be a terrible nightmare. Mad Santa came on Christmas Eve and picked a family that will receive his gifts. The dad got a beating, the mother got tied to the radiator and they both had to watch him violating their innocent daughter. The merry old guy, beloved by everyone, showed them his dark side. He fucked the beautiful daughter with his huge cock and destroyed her virgin asshole with a baseball bat. Brutal and twisted Christmas! Be advised, this is only for courageous people!

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Mandy Flores – Daddy, I want you all to myself: Taboo Blackmail HD mp4 [720p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 1/27/17 12:00PM

Young daughter has just had sex education at school, and realized all the special “cuddles” that daddy gives to mum. Daughter is so close to daddy that she now wants to have him all to herself (even though she is too young to think such things).
Scene starts with dad coming into daughter’s room to find she is dressed in mummy’s short skirt and high heels. Dad is so shocked and goes to leave, but daughter convinces him to stay. (I love the idea that dad genuinely starts out good and well behaved, but ends up giving in to seduction). Daughter talks about what she has learned in sex education and that she can’t believe daddy would want such an old bucket pussy like mummy. She shows her legs, high heels (I love heels!) and boobs seductively and suggests she can give daddy what he wants.
Daddy goes to leave and daughter apologizes for being so brash. However, she suddenly realises that daddy is incredibly hard. She reaches out and grabs the cock and starts to play with it with her hands. Daddy is so hard. Her hands are so good. She teases daddy that her young mouth could suck it if he gave himself fully to her, never to touch mummy’s pussy again. She could replace mummy. Whenever daddy wants to cum she will make him cum, no matter how many times per day. But he can only cum for this daughter, no body else…….Mandy Flores

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Fell-On Taboo Passions – Anastasia Rose – Gamer Stepdaughter: Level 69 taboo fantasy FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 7/15/17 11:39am

My daughter is addicted to gaming. So when I went into her room she begged me to let her play to level 69. “Please daddy I am almost there! Can I do something for you, anything so I can keep playing?” “What are you going to do for me?” I asked. Then she started caressing her tits and flashing me. What if you and I have some fun together since mom is not here. You can touch me and I will keep playing my game.” She got on her knees and bent over in front of me with her big ass hanging out of her short little shorts. Damn, she is hot! She looks so much like her mom. Fine, I will let you play your game while I play with your pussy.

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Jerky Wives – Ashley Adams, Luke Longly – Blackmailing my Daughter Blowjob, Handjob HD [720p/clips4sale.com/2016]

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Scene One: Angry with you

“How did you get that?” your daughter asks you when you show her the video of her cheating. “Just delete it please, I’ll do anything you want” She begs you. You tell her to strip. It takes her a moment to think about how fucked up this is, but with a deep breath she stands up. “So this is what you want me to do?” Ashley asks taking off her top and shaking her head. “Your so gross” She tells you, getting naked. “Happy?”

“You want me to… oh my god” She says with a desperate voice and gets to her knees reluctantly. “You’ll delete the video?” she pleads and pulls down your pants. Angrily she strokes and sucks on your cock looking at you with venomous eyes. You’re so gross, I can’t believe you want me to give you fucking head. You’re such a fucking pervert. You take a picture of your cock in her mouth to remember this moment. You fucking pig. I hope mom finds that on your phone

Scene Two: Angry with herself

The disgusted look on her face as she sucks you turns you on. Are you going to cum already? She says angrily. You make her suck your balls as you take another picture. I Fucking hate you Ashley closes her eyes tight and wishes you would just cum and this would all be over. She strokes you with her purple fingernails and wishes she was never born.

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Fell-On Taboo Passions – Melanie Hicks – My Horny Daughter big tits, big butts FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2016]

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Melanie was visiting her parents from college. She had been sleeping with her professor during school, but now she is alone and cannot stop this yearning between her legs. She has a taste for older men now, so her younger brother or his friends will not do it for her anymore. She needs older cock! One night she could not stand her urges or sexual starvation so she decided to sneak into her parent’s room. She started playing with her pussy as she fantasized about her professor and then tip toed over to her fuck her stepdad. She did not care that her mother was sleeping right next to them. She grabbed her dads cock and sucked and fucked it until he cum all over her big beautiful breast. They were so hot for each other that they did not even realize that mom had woke up.

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The Tabooddhist – Pervert Daughter Norah Nova – I want that Cum Daddy FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 10/20/17 11:09pm

Da sits on the couch reading his magazine when his slutty little girl Norah comes in hopping her spritely body up on the couch. She tantalizes her da, lifting up her skirt and shirt to show him her matching bra and panties. It isn’t too long before she is pulling out her Da’s cock. She lowers her whore mouth down the shaft of her da’s cock. She sucks him hard, feeling the girth of his dick expand in her mouth as it becomes engorged in her mouth. Da bends her over on the couch and gives it to her, grabbing her hair and pulling her back to an acute arch. He thrusts into her, going faster and faster the closer to coming he gets. She loves his fuck rod driving into her, and soon she feels the pulse of him as he unleashes himself inside her. She gyrates her hips on his twitching member as he comes down from orgasm, and giggles as da leaves her there bent over on the couch.

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Daddy’s Little Pervert (Part 3/3 ) – Unsuspecting Dad gets DeepThroat & Fucking from his Pervert Daughter FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 10/7/17 01:29PM

My Daddy still believes I’m his little girl who has no idea about sexual matters and, probably, still plays with toys! Smile) Well, I do, but nowadays I prefer big hard “toys”. He is always busy, doesn’t care about my constant need of attention and I have to insist to make him even look at me! In most of cases he is just reading, so it’s not like he’s doing something important, anyway… I wanted to show him that I’m more than the little girl who is easy to ignore, that I’m a young woman who craves for sexual attention, admiration and compliments. So I got the brilliant idea to masturbate in front of him, while he was reading, pretending that I didn’t know what I was doing, that I didn’t realize it was something sexual or Taboo. He was outraged but I was playing dumb, continuing to touch myself while he was explaining to me that it’s not appropriate to masturbate in front of my father, duuuh! Afterwards I think the dumb one was him instead, for believing that I simply learned how to masturbate from a friend who showed me and I have no idea about privacy, when to do it and when not to! Haha! I am good at appearing naive and mind-fucking people like this! As I expected, he got a boner quickly, bothered and in the same time incited by seeing me fingering myself and asking “that little thing here, do you see it Daddy?” Smile)) I easily convinced him to show me his erect penis, promising I won’t bother him anymore. I lied, of course, and he bit the bait! I was playing with his mind all along and he just didn’t realize! I wanted to touch it, shortly thereafter it was in my mouth and I was sucking it with passion. Well, it’s not a ordinary day, The Day you convince your Dad to take off his pants and engage in a sexual activity with you, his young daughter, I told myself. Unfortunately, I exposed my pretended naivety when I started to perform DeepThoat on his cock! It’s kinda hard to have “no idea” but master DeepThroat at the same time. It was too late, though, his cock had already been in my mouth for a while, he liked it (I’m starting to believe Mom doesn’t suck his cock at all) and didn’t want to stop for a “minor detail” like this. I grew hornier and hornier sucking his cock, dedicated and excited. I bet he knows that I really enjoy it. I love giving head: wetting the penis with my saliva, my hot tongue caressing the tip and from time to time rubbing it with my hand just to make him want to be again in my warm skilled mouth. After successfully fooling him, I wanted a little something for myself so I just stopped and began to ride his dick. I was doing the reversed cowgirl position that really highlights my perky ass bouncing up and down on his cock. I thought he would refuse to put his dick into his little girl but I think the idea only aroused him more in the end, because there was a lot of fucking, reversed cowgirl position, then doggy-style and laying on my back. I’ve had two orgasms with the great help of my Daddy and his almighty cock! Daddy has a big hard cock I cannot forget easily, it’s the best cock I sucked so far. Well, it’s Daddy’s so this makes it even hotter! I want to ride Daddy’s cock every morning before school from now on. If Mother catches us I’ll invite her in, but I know Daddy, he will do his best with me and only me! I made him cum all over my boobs and neck, it even got in my hair too! Now I am really proud of myself, of my womanhood and assets and, of course, of my ability to play mind games with unsuspecting adults. (It was so hot that I masturbate thinking of big Daddy every day, even in classes I slip a finger inside and think of Daddy). He is such a good Daddy!

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