Little Hope Harper – I forgot Daddy’s Birthday FullHD (1080p/

So after work the other day I got invited to a bar with some friends and got home pretty late. For some reason I stumbled into Daddys room and he was sleeping on top the covers. I went to move him over and he woke up then reminded me it was his birthday. I felt bad but I was kind of tired and tipsy so I rolled over. Daddy grabbed me and threw me on the bed and started fingering me.
Next thing I know Daddys pounding me hard on the bed and I came like crazy. Daddy came not long after and I stumbled off to bed. It’s a good thing I put in these hidden cameras though, that was pretty hot.

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Little Hope Harper – I’ll Get Them Up Daddy FullHD (1080p/

The other day I was in Daddys room masturbating and I must have been pretty distracted. I opened my eyes after a massive orgasm to find Daddy standing there looking pretty upset. It turns out the school sent another one of those stupid reports saying I’m failing. Needless to say I did what and bad daughter would do and distracted Daddy with my sexy body. I started sucking his cock and he seemed to forget all about my grades. I rode him for awhile then Daddy got really aggressive. He pulled my hair and spanked me while fucking me pretty hard. He fucked me so hard we both lost control and he came all in my pussy. Lets hope I don’t end up a pregnant schoolgirl, that would suck

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Little Hope Harper – I Win Daddy FullHD (1080p/

I was getting ready to go out the other night and figured I’d shoot a game of pool to loosen up a bit. Daddy walked in and busted me about to play without permission. I decided to have even more fun for the night by making a little bet with Daddy. If I won I got to fuck him on the pool table and if he won I’d have a week of butt sex every night. Daddy did pretty good at first and I thought it was gonna be buttsex until I started distracting him. Next thing I knew Daddy scratched on the 8 ball making me the winner. We stripped and I made him lay on the table and wouldn’t let him touch me…. at least for awhile. I rode Daddy til I came a few times then gave him the ok to fuck me back…… Daddy pounded me with his stick until his balls were emptied in my pocket. Now to get ready for my date, poor guy won’t get lucky tonight though Daddys stick was more than enough, at least for now!!!

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Little Hope Harper – Daddy I Want A Treat FullHD (1080p/

October is one of my favorite months cause Halloween is close and I get lots of treats. Yesterday I wanted a treat from Daddy so badly I waited til he got out of the shower which made me a bit
late. When Daddy saw me on the bed he chastised me for being late so I just grabbed his zipper and asked for a treat. Daddy can’t resist when I’m in that kind of mood and soon I was riding his
hard cock. I came several times riding him then Daddy laid me on the bed and took control. He fucked me hard and fast until he filled me with a huge creampie. Thats just the treat I was after

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Taboo Diaries – Sadie Holmes – Do It Again Daddy FullHD (

After having the baby things have been pretty hectic here but they’re starting to settle down. When I do get time for myself I catch up on notes and of course masturbate. The other night I was playing with myself and thinking about Daddy knocking me up again. I grabbed my hitachi and the next thing you know I was squirting everywhere.

I was so turned on by the fantasy I went in and woke Daddy up for sex. I got him hard pretty quick and soon his hard cock was deep in my wet pussy. I needed his seed so bad I rode him hard and fast til he exploded inside me. Daddy was shocked when he discovered I did it on purpose but I got what I wanted!!

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Taboo Diaries – Alice Merchesi – Deflower My Butt Daddy FullHD (1080p/

Daddy and I have been getting pretty risky with our encounters and I really didn’t want to get pregnant. I overheard some of the girls talking about anal sex and I started doing research. Turns
out that it’s a perfect way to avoid pregnancy and some girls even like it. I was a bit afraid it would hurt but I’m sure it will be worth it.

That night when I told Daddy my idea he was really thrilled. I guess Daddy likes anal sex or something. Anyway he loosened me up with his fingers and tongue but when his cock started to go it it
was intense. I’d never had anything in my butt before so it was a mix of pleasure and pain.

After I relaxed a bit I started to enjoy it a lot. Daddy picked up the pace and even though it hurt at times I actually came from buttsex. Daddy fucked my virgin asshole until he exploded inside
me. That was so hot I want to do it again.

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Family Manipulation – Alice Merchesi in “Dad…. Will it hurt?” FullHD (

I walk into my daughters room wondering why she’s calling me. She seems stressed and upset about something. Could it be about school maybe? I know her finals are coming up soon. I ask her
“What’s wrong sweetie? Are you ok?” I’ve never seen my daughter so anxious but she finally explains to me what’s going on in her mind. After she tells me that she’s a virgin, I’m absolutely
shocked! Is this something that I should have her mother talk to our daughter about? Honestly I had no idea if she was having sex or not, but I did know about her boyfriend. “So you and Brad
haven’t had sex yet?” I asked her. “No we’ve never done it… “My daughter and I have a very strong relationship so of course I would do anything to help her.

“I know you wouldn’t hurt me and I’m really comfortable with you, and I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I want my first time to be with someone I trust. I really trust you Dad, and I
thought that maybe my first time would be with you!”

Was I hearing this right? Does my daughter actually wants to have sex with me?! I love her no matter what but I don’t think that this is very appropriate. I asked how far she had gotten with
her boyfriend, and she tells me about a handjob she has given him. My head is spinning what do I do?!?! I start thinking about how much she has grown as a woman and it starts to turn me on!
I then begin to rub my daughters nipples, watching them get harder and seeing her get more excited…

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Hope Harper – Daddy We’re Fucking Tonight FullHD (1080p/

Daddy, my boyfriend wouldn’t stay out late tonight so I’m horny. You’re going to fuck me and I’m not taking no for an answer… Like you’d really say no!! You know how much you like it when I suck your cock! Daddy you feel so good inside my tight pussy I’m gonna cum. Watch my ass bounce up and down on your cock Daddy, you like that don’t you? Cum all in my pussy Daddy and give me a nice creampie before bed. Thank you Daddy!!

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