Lily Rader, Carolina Sweets, Kenzie Reeves – Daddy’s Cure: Part 3 – Lucky Daddy gets Triple blowjob FullHD 2018

Part 3: Lily invites her friends Carolina and Kenzie over to try some of Daddy’s cure. Soon they find themselves lost in a haze of pleasure unable to stop touching themselves. Lily suggests they touch each other and soon they’re feeling even better. “Say please kiss me” Lily instructs Carolina. “Please kiss me” she repeats instinctively and soon the three of them are kissing and licking each other.  

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Mind Under Master Lily Rader – Daddy’s Cure: Part 2 – Taboo dirty talk FullHD 2018

Lily’s no longer sick but she’s still begging her stepdad for more…more medicine and more cum. Whenever her mom is away she’s right there ready to pleasure her stepdad. He fucks her on the sofa in her school girl skirt as she tells him all the ways she wants to be his good girl. How he owns her body. How he purpose in life is to bring him pleasure. How she wants him to cum inside her so she can feel it dripping out of her while she sits across from her mom at the dinner table. That night she just can’t wait and begs her stepdad to sneak in her room so she can taste him again.

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Tia Tizzianni – 19YO Nyxi FUCKED 2X after Halloween Club FullHD [American / Chicago, IL/ Nov 03]

19YO Nyxi FUCKED twice by her Daddy after Halloween Clubbing. See her transformation first. When she comes home from clubbing on Halloween she wants her Daddy to use her like the cumslut she longs to be. Daddy goes along with her wishes and FUCKS her DOGGY STYLE and ON HER BACK all while COLLARED and LEASHED. Nyxi is super hot in this video! See her now! ~ transformation by Tia Tizzianni ~ ~ directed by Mr. Smith

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Lily Adams – Stepdaughter wants Daddy cock – Daughter Rewards Dad with DeepThroat & Fucking FullHD 2018

I always suspected my stepdaughter Lily was a slut, but when she sneaked into my bathroom completely naked and begged to suck my dick I had no idea this bitch had a kinky plan. She took a selfie while giving me head and later talked me into eating her pussy and eventually fucking her. Damn this new generation of sex freaks, but even though it was completely inappropriate I really enjoyed fucking my stepdaughter’s tight young pussy.

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Mind Under Master – Lily Rader – Daddy’s Cure Part 1 – My Daddy hypnosis Me againg FullHD

Added: 7/30/17 7:00pm

Lily’s been sick and finds herself stuck with her stepdad who works from home. He makes her a home remedy promising that she’ll feel better soon. It looks and tastes awful but she takes her medicine like a good girl.

Her friend calls as the medicine start kicking in and Lily finds her thoughts drifting to her stepdad as her hand slips into her panties. She catches herself and hangs up, but she still can’t rest. Her pussy is just too wet and she needs to cum. “Why can’t I stop thinking about my stepdad?” she says as she plays with herself.

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Mind Under Master – Alex Blake Sucks her Therapist’s Cock HD 2017

Added: 7/30/17 07:00PM Alex Blake – Hypnotherapy 001 studio/118498

Session 1: Alex Blake is in need of some stress reduction and her sorority sister recommended a little therapy. The doctor explains that he’ll be more than happy to help. She stares into his light as she asks her name, age and sexual orientation. Confused she asks “Why do you need to know my sexual orientation?” The light pulsates and she becomes much more trusting. She says she’s straight but the doctor suggests she likes to fool around with girls to turn men on. She nods in agreement as the light pulsates again. He explains that “Turning me on turn you on and it relaxes you”. She agrees “Turning you one turns me on and relaxes me”. He instructs her to dress sexier for him next time. (ASMR – Headphones recommended]
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Alix Lynx – Slutty Schoolgirl Sex With Stepdad FullHD [American / Unicorn Mountain/1080p/May 28]

Categories: Virtual Incest, Porn, XXX, BLOW JOBS, SCHOOL UNIFORM, RIDING, TABOO , Daddys Girl, Doggystyle, Naughty Schoolgirl, POV, POV Blowjob, Riding, Schoolgirl, Step Dad, Step Daughter, Virtual Sex

You’re my stepdad…you see me dress like a slut and you’re not having it. If I’m going to be anyone’s slut, it’s going to be for you…and your naughty schoolgirl stepdaughter is happy to oblige. Let me strip out of this outfit and suck and fuck you until you cum in my tight pussy, Daddy. CUSTOM

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Taboo Fantasy – Nadia – Daddy Daughter Affair – Lucky Daddy fuck Daughter HD

Added: 5/4/17 09:01AM


Nadia confides to her girlfriend, that she is having a steamy Affair!! But….she is very evasive about “who” the guy is!!! Once she hangs up with her girlfriend…it becomes apparent who it is….it’s her Dad!!! That’s right….Nadia and her Dad are having a steamy, lusty Affair!! Once they realize that Mom is out…both Brothers are out…the two lovebirds start to kiss passionately….and then they suck, lick and fuck each other’s brains out!!! This is one HOT FUCK!!!

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Taboo Diaries – Hope Harper – Daddy Deflower Me Please – You’re The Only One I Trust FullHD 2017

Added: 2/27/17 06:26PM

Dear Diary,

I’m getting ready to go home from school for the holiday break and I’m really nervous. See being a virgin in a coed school is really hard. All the boys chase me around trying to get in my pants and the girls are always talking about intense orgasms making them go limp. I really want to experience these things but I want my first time to be special and with someone I trust. This may come as a shock but I think Daddy should be the one to deflower my virgin pussy. I hope he’s willing to do this, I am 18 now after all!!!

Dear Diary

OMG I convinced Daddy to do it with me. I’m not sure how but first he taught me to suck cock then he got me ready. When he entered my vagina I shuddered with a tiny orgasm. Daddy was gentle for quite awhile then he did it. Daddy fucked me til I came hard and collapsed on the bed limp. He kept fucking me til I came around then he made me cum again by cumming inside me after pumping hard and fast. After I came from it I was limp for quite awhile. Daddy came back later to check on me and we did it again. I even rode him for a bit until I came and went limp. Daddy finished me off with another intense orgasm then he came on my socks. Thats all I remember until the next morning…….. I can’t wait to do this with the boys at school now.

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