Sami Parker – Forgetful Father Forgiveness SD (FamilyStrokes/2017)

Sami Parker’s forgetful stepdad was late to pick her up from girl scouts. She waited there for almost an hour pantiless in the hot blistering sun! She wasn’t too upset though, but her stepdad still felt like he had to make it up for her. Sami was more upset that she didn’t sell any cookies today, but stepdad had a few pointers for her. He insisted she hike her skirt up and loosen a few buttons on her top. It made her look a bit slutty, but it was sure to make her cookies sell. If all that didn’t work, she would have to put her hand on the man’s crotch. This would certainly break him down to buy. She felt her dads hard dick, and even took things a bit further. She began to suck him, and eventually even spread her tight labias for him so he could ram her pussy. If she did this to every potential male customer, she was sure to reach her goal! Thanks for the help stepdaddy! Oh and your creaming icing like cum too, it was delicious!

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Kathia Nobili – Daddy’s girl grown during the night FullHD (1080p/

I wish that my Daddy plays with me……that he loves my body!!! Well…I’m going to pray….please, please, please, make me a big girl, make me grow to girl Daddys wish to have. Make me a girl with nice tits and nice butt…please!!! Ohhhh…yes…….Good morning Daddy…surprise!!!! Do you like me now? Would you like to play with me now?!!! Daddy…I’m your naughty girl …come closer…touch me….What….you want to eat my pussy??? And what else…..Oh Daddy your cock is so big…..but my pussy is to small for you??? Or isn’t!?

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Goddess Kendall – Kendall Olsen: Confession for Daddy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/12/16

Dear daddy, I have to confess I’ve secretly been thinking about you. I mean being with you. I know you can love me in ways I can only hope and dream of. No other boy or man is what I want. Only you. Haven’t you noticed my body changing daddy? I know you don’t want to make love to a little girl. I’m changing for you. All these new curves. Becoming a woman for you. Please hear me out Daddy.
Taboo Older Man / Younger Women Cheerleaders Daddy Roleplay Daddys Girl

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Father – Daughter Rough Anal Sex FullHD (

Do NOT buy this video if you’re uncomfortable seeing a sluttly school girl treated rough and used as an older man’s anal plaything On the other hand, maybe you’re just the kind of person who

could enjoy seeing my ass spanked and cropped, fucked and fisted. (Okay not *fully* fisted… but he managed to fit five fingers… I’m a small girl!) But honestly this is my favorite video yet

— partly because the production quality is stellar on my brand new DSLR, but mostly because I just really like being treated like this. First he spanks my ass hard with his hand and a leather

crop, then he undresses me and introduces a ball gag and nipple clamps. Next he inserts a butt plug to get me warmed up and then fucks my throat for a few minutes. Soon I’m flipped over on my

knees as he starts to work his fingers deep inside my ass. Fortunately he lets me use my vibrator, which helps me to relax, and the orgasm that follows is one of the most intense I’ve ever had

on cam. But he’s not done with me. With his cock now fully hard, he makes me suck it in different positions before finally turning me around fucking my ass hard until he cums inside me

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