The Tabooddhist – Zoey Laine – Daddy’s Helping Hand – Ball Licking/Sucking FullHD 2017

STARRING: Zoey Laine

The man of the house is testing out his new video camera when he happens upon his darling girl, her hand between her legs and a look of pure pleasure on her face. She’s shocked and embarrassed that have her slutty performance recorded, but when she spies the huge tent pole that she inspired in her big daddy’s pants, she gets down on her knees to give him a helping hand. What a good little girl! When she looks up at him with her big, round eyes and pleads, “Cum for me, Daddy!”, he can’t hold back and covers his smiling girl with a load of hot, sticky DNA.

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Little Hope Harper – Daddy My Birthdays Cumming – Redhead Daughter, Amateur Porn HD

Added: 10/20/17 03:51PM

So I haven’t been home much since Hurricane Irma and with my birthday coming up I knew I should pay Daddy a visit. I waited for him in his room and when he got home he was genuinely surprised. He knew I was after my presents but thats not all I wanted so I started teasing his cock. Before long Daddy was pounding my pussy and I was cumming like crazy. Daddy must not have been getting any while I was gone cause he exploded inside me at the same time. I can’t wait for my birthday, I bet Daddys gonna give me a credit card or something!!

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Dani Picas – Daddys Night Time Visit – Daughter Age regression FullHD

Added: 10/21/16 12:10pm

You come in, scanning and touching my body late at night. I am cuddling my teddy bear and I look so innocent in my white panties.. But when I wake up and find your hands on me, you cannot hold back. Before I know it, Daddys big throbbing cock is inside of me! And this is so wrong, you should stop Daddy, this is wrong. But after fucking my little body nice and deep, you make your little girl cum all over your cock! I love you daddy, this will be our secret, I promise. Filmed in POV, with some moving, some still

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