First Time Handjobs Anastasia Rose – Daddy I Want Your Cum And I’m Going To Get It FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Daddy I’m so glad you’re waiting for me, theres something I want that only you can give. Thats right Daddy it comes from that big cock of yours. I want your cum so bad Daddy I won’t take no for an answer. You can’t resist when my lips wrap around your big cock anyway so don’t even try. Oh Daddy your cock is so hard and ready to explode, cum for me please!!!! Oh Daddy thats exactly what I wanted!!

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Chloe Cherry, Mick Blue, Steve Holmes – A Father Unleashed – Uncle Baits Father into dp`ing his Daughter HD [720p/2018]

SCENE opens on an 18-year-old girl and an older man, Darla and her Uncle Gus, laughing and small-talking as they are midway through enjoying a coffee at a sunny outdoor cafe. At Darla’s feet are several bags from high-end shopping boutiques, the spoils of their afternoon out together. We close in on them to catch the tail end of an anecdote, where Gus is telling Darla yet another embarrassing story about her step-father in his youth. ‘I can’t believe Dad was so wild as a kid,’ Darla laughs, ‘he’s so normal and boring now. You on the other hand…’ She trails off with a wink and a laugh before taking another sip of her coffee.

Gus chuckles and says ‘Well, I was always a bad influence on him. Just like you’re a bad influence on me!’ he says, gesturing to the shopping bags at their feet, ‘I spoil you way too much! But…you know I just can’t say no to such a pretty face.’ His compliment has a sinister undertone to it, but Darla is too enamored with her uncle to notice. ‘You know,’ she says after a time, ‘my mom’s out of town for a business trip all weekend, if you don’t have any plans you should come back to the house with me. You haven’t been over for supper in ages!’ Uncle Gus’s ears perk up at the invitation. He looks Darla up and down, hungrily basking in her features for a moment. ‘That sounds wonderful!’ he exclaims. ‘Who knows, maybe we can get you to bring out a bit of that wild side in your dad too.’

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BareBackStudios – Kenda Heart, Luke Longly – Hard Lessons From Daddy HD [720p/2018]

Added: 11/19/16 10:48am

Action starts in mid-action with Daddy and Kendra struggling on couch. Dad rips Kendra’s blouse open and panties down (she’s wearing blouse and skirt) and he forcefully fucks her vaginally while she pleads for him to her why, she fights and but Daddy is too strong. He grabs her by the throat, her eyes bug out, and he tells her to never say a word to Mommy or anyone else and walks away. Kendra is left to wonder why her Daddy has done this…

Later in the week… When Kendra enters her front door she calls out for Mom and Dad. The house appears empty as she looks for her parents. Dad is inside and grabs her and shoves her up against the wall. He overpowers her with his strength and strips her nude. He tells her to not make a sound or she will regret it. He fondles her breasts while she looks terrified, he cuts off her panties, unzips his pants and has sex with her, ramming into her very hard and grunting with every thrust. When he is finished he leaves her on the floor. Kendra is left to wonder what she has done now and if she should tell Mommy what just happened…

Kendra is trying to figure out some way to deal with her fathers uncontrollable lust. Every time he sees her he rips off her clothes and fucks her like a whore. “I forgot we had security cameras.” She whispers to herself and quickly downloads the footage. “Daddy can’t get away with this anymore, this has to stop.” She says, and calls him downstairs to confront him and blackmail him for money and a car. He grabs her by her hair and taunts her. He controls the security system and her phone, she has nothing and is powerless. “Not again.” Kendra whimpers as he pushes her against the counter and pulls down her pants. Helplessly she moans onto the cold unsympathetic marble while her dad fucks her ruthlessly from behind. She feels like such a slut, unable to stop her father from using her tiny body for his pleasure.

Her eyes roll to the back of her head and she cums against her will. “Oh daddy please” Kendra pleads with him. He roughly takes off her shirt and ties her hands with it, pressing her sensitive nipples against the cold surface of the table. His big cock fills her up and she feels like she’s going to break from his violent thrusts into her pussy. Daddy spanks her like the naughty girl she is before violently kissing her. He flips her over to play with her tits and grab her by the neck while he has his way with her wet pussy. Kendra is on the edge of total self destruction by the time he’s done. A big load of white cum covering his daughters violated pussy. He leaves her shaking and used, making her apologize to him. “Sorry daddy” Kendra in a quaking voice.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Genevieve Sinn – Bring Your Daughter To Work Day – My Crazy Family HD [720p/2017]

Added: 7/16/17 11:10am

Since summer started her Daughter hasn’t worked at all but that was all going to change. Mommy brought her into to work with her since all she was doing was hanging out at home. It wasn’t long before her Daughter became bored and started whining about wanting to do something fun. Mom told her that work wasn’t supposed to be fun but maybe she might enjoy it. “Enjoy what? I’m not doing anything!” her Daughter asked. “You’ll see” her mom said. Just then there was a knock on her office door. A few men entered her office. Mom got up and greeted them then grabbed her Daughter and presented her. Genevieve was confused. Mom turned her around and showed the men her cute little ass. Then she pushed her Daughter to her knees and told her that her new summer job was going to be sucking cocks at her office. She was going to be the new office whore. Mom told the men to get their cocks out. She grabbed her Daughter and made her start sucking a cock. She asked the man if he enjoyed having her young Daughter’s mouth on his big cock! He did and soon another man stepped in and she had to suck his cock too! In the end Mommy’s whore daughter is covered in cum just like she should be!

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Alina West – My Stepdad needs to chill – Magic Daughter`s Feets help her Daddy cum SD [July 13, 2018]

I was at home posting some racy selfies when my stepdad came into my room and started lecturing me about how I shouldn’t post those because they are going to get me in trouble. I told him he needs to chill and that he’s just too old and conservative. He doesn’t get that all the hot girls my age are doing it so it’s cool but he just wouldn’t stop lecturing. So I had to tell him that I know about the kind of porn he is watching because he forget to delete it from my browser. Oops! Being a smart little college slut that I am, I started to tease him with my dark red polished toes. I was pleasantly surprised when he gave in and started to suck on them, licking my soles and finally shoving all of my bare foot into his mouth. It was so hot, he just couldn’t resist fucking my tight little college girl pussy and cum all over my sexy feet. All these while my mom was tanning down by the pool.

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Taboo POV – Amilia Onyx – Let me make you feel better Step Daddy HD mp4 [720p/2018]

My dad hurt his leg playing basketball and my selfish mean mom didn’t want to do anything to make him feel better. I was more than happy to help. Sometimes you just need a pretty baby girl to rub it out for you. Honestly, it was the perfect excuse for me to get my hands all over him, I’ve fantasized about it for a very long time.I’ve rubbed my wet kitty thinking of him enough, it’s time I get to rub him and make him feel better…

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Bare Back Studios – Michele James, Cory Chase, Luke Longly – Free Use Family My Sister HD mp4 [2018]

Added: 6/20/18 9:45am

Scene One: Daddy neglects me

My sister Michele comes into my room to vent. Dad has been ignoring her lately and she doesn’t know what she did. She explains that in this family they have a special relationship with each other. “Whenever you’re feeling horny we can play. It’s normal we do this all the time” She says to me.

“I don’t understand…” I tell her. She takes off her top and shows me her big tits. “You’re ok, do you want to touch them?” She smiles at me. “You can do this anytime you want to. Nothing to be afraid of” I can feel myself getting hard and she notices my boner. Reaching down she tells me that this is normal as she strokes my dick and puts me in her warm loving mouth. She teases me and makes me see stars in my eyes. “Just put it all in my mouth and I will swallow it, ok?” She says and milks me dry. I’m shaking with new emotions as she leaves me to get dressed and clean up.

Scene Two: Spying on my sister

Alone in her room Michele puts on a sexy pair of pink panties and bra. It makes her feel so slutty and hot. She lays on top of her bed and touches herself telling herself how she jerked off her younger brother. Just hearing her utter the words aloud makes her shutter with pleasure. I watch everything from the doorway unable to look away from my hot sister. “You don’t have to spy anymore” she tells me.

I’ve peaked through her open door for years, but this is the first time she calls me into her bedroom. “You can help” She whispers. With a smile she pulls down my shorts and puts my dick in her mouth. She’s so happy to be with me, to teach me how to be a man. Sliding off her tight lacy panties she guides me inside of her and shows me how amazing sex can be. “Whenever you’re ready” She says and tightens her pussy around me. I feel myself shooting into her warm body and coat her insides with cum.

Scene Three: Mom walks in

“Nothing to worry about, put it in” Michele says to me. She snuck into my room to fuck me and laying naked on my bed I want nothing more. “But mom and dad will hear” I tell her. She just smiles and guides me inside of her. “I told you it’s ok” Michele says.

As I’m fucking her our mom overhears and walks into the room. I back up to leave but mom tells me to stay. “Why don’t you stick it into your sisters pretty pink pussy.” She whispers. Michele gets on top of me and rides me while mom rubs her pussy. With mom guiding us we have best fuck yet, shooting my hot load all over my sisters big tits and her warm pussy cumming on my cock.

Scene Four: Cum on my bush

Mom on daughter are on the bed in their cutest lingerie. “Have the two of you fucked on my bed yet?” She asks us. We tell her no and she’s happy to witness the first time we fuck on the big bed. Michele reaches over and grabs me. “Let’s give your little brother a bit of a show” Mom suggests.

She strips Michele out of her clothes and exposes her hot body to me. Spreading her legs and hot pussy for me to fuck. So warm, inviting and loving is her embrace that I never want to be without them. Her warm mouth around my cock, mom’s loving hands all over my body. I’m in family heaven. Fucking my big sister, making her cum again and again. I cum all over her fluffy bush and they kiss bringing me officially into the family.

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Taboo-Fantasy – Phenec – My Daddy Fucked Me In My Ass!! FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 6/30/18 11:22am


Phenec REALLY messed up this time!!! Her usual punishment for missing curfew is…..Spanked & Fucked…..BUT….since she has missed curfew 3 times this month…Dad tells her she is gonna get it up the Ass!!! Phenec begs her Daddy not do fuck her in her asshole….but Dad is a strict disciplinarian and goes through with the punishment as planned. Phenec actually cries as Dad shoves his big, fat cock in her tight 18 year old asshole…but Dad doesn’t care…he keeps going. Hopefully this severe punishment will teach her a lesson she will remember!!!

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