Carolina Sweets, Eric Johns – Small Daughter gets Naughty on Daddy`s Dick SD mp4 [2018]

Carolina Sweets is all smiles as the Erotique camshow begins, she’s looking super cute with her hair up in a side pony tail, as she chats with the live audience. The show hasn’t officially started yet so they need to keep it softcore as Eric John enters. He pulls her over and licks her cotton panties teasing her pussy beneath the fabric. Once the show starts Eric films as Carolina sucks on his big pornstar cock.

You could mistake her for a very innocent girl if she didn’t have a cock in her mouth. She works it as deep down her throat as she can manage making little gagging noises. She’s covered in her own drool not afraid to be a messy cocksucker. Excited to get fucked, she lays back pulling her panties to the side as Eric guides his dick into her. She’s a petite girl so you know that pussy is super tight. He fucks her good, she moans and loses herself in the moment. But there are two things Eric John can’t resist, a pretty girl and a sexy pair of heels. So he pulls his cock from her pussy, kissing on her sparkly shoes. He slides his cock between them fucking her heels. Then he bends her over fucking her doggystyle, that pussy is so good he drops down blanketing her and really giving it his all.

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Whitney Wright, Fallon West, Brad Newman – My Crazy Family Let Them Watch FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Brad Newman and his wife Fallon West are having a barbeque with their friends Jack Vegas, Valerie White, and Kat Monroe. When Brad’s stepdaughter, Whitney Wright, comes strutting out in a slutty outfit, Brad demands that she go change. Whitney disobeys her stepdad, instead flirting with Jack and flashing her tits at him. As Brad’s stunned party guests look on uncomfortably, Brad orders Whitney down onto her knees to suck his dick with her naughty mouth.

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Brooke Jost (CaseyScumz) – The birds and the bees FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Like I need to ask daddy something because everyone at school is talking about it and like I don’t want to sound stupid….. Ok well I overheard that ….. got a blowjob from…. and then everyone keeps talking about boobies… like what are boobies…. and what are blowjobs? Brooke asks questions and then simulated giving “daddy” a handjob and blowjob, fake cum in mouth, also simulated creampie

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Princess Rene – Console Me Stepdaddy – Femdom Family POV Fun HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Oh, stepdaddy, I’m glad you’re home! I had the WORST day! My boyfriend broke up with me! Can you believe that? And now I have to go to the dance this Friday by myself. Is it because I’m not pretty? Oh, I am pretty? Thanks, stepdaddy, that makes me feel better! Maybe its because my boobs aren’t big enough? Do you think my boobs are nice? Hmmm… well, maybe he dumped me because I’m not sexy enough. What do you think? Oh, wow, step dad, you DO think I’m sexy! Look how flustered you’re getting. Why don’t you go ahead and stroke it… I won’t tell a soul! Promise! Well, if I can get a grown man turned on like that, why even bother with my stupid boyfriend?
[Includes cock tease, JOI, masturbation encouragement, taboo, stepdaughter, upskirt, femdom pov, blackmail fantasy, 18, ass worship, crying, sensual domination. Shot in

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Ariana Marie asian schoolgirl for Daddy FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Las Vegas, NV/2018]

Daddy I know how much you love it when I get all dolled up and put my asian schoolgirl outfit on for you, I can see how excited you get. Do I look pretty Daddy? I am not wearing panties Daddy just like you told me, may I please have your cum for being such a good girl? Daddy I want to be a good girl and make you cum with my little mouth. Please Daddy I have been so good….please give me some of your precious cum Daddy…. your so good to me Daddy

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Soft Fetish Hard Sex – Jennifer Blue Sucks Her Daddy’s Cock – Education Lesson From Her Dad FullHD mp4

Jennifer tells her dad that she’s having really bad nightmares and if she can spend some time in his room. Her dad let’s her get on the bed with him. He tells her that mommy would be very angry to see her in bed with her father but she tells him that mommy isn’t there right now. She then asks her dad if he likes her big natural tits and he says he does so she takers off her bra and then puts her dad’s hand all over her luscious tits. She then starts rubbing her dad’s cock over his underwear and then gets between his legs and starts licking his underwear covered cock. She then pulls down her dad’s underwear and starts giving him one of the best blowjobs he ever had. She shows her dad every oral sex skill she knows including deep throat action. She puts her father’s huge cock all the way down her young 18 year old throat and makes her father’s dick feel so good. Eventually he can’t hold back any longer and shoots his hot load right into his daughter’s mouth and like a good daughter, she swallows every drop. Can’t leave any evidence for mommy to find, this has to be Jennifer and her daddy’s little secret.

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Daughter With Daddy Issues Fucks Her Dad On Father’s Day – Selena Stone HD [720p/2018]

Starring a newcomer to the scene; Selena Stone; Father’s day is at the door! It’s that time of the year again where you have to find the perfect gift for the man brought you to life. Ok, maybe he’s not your real dad, but he’s been taking care of you, right? Selena is a young, healthy and sexy teenager who likes nothing more than to please her daddy. She’s nice and eager, always ready when it comes to helping around the house. She only wants to show her gratitude to the man who raised her, or is that really what she wants? She’s been eyeing him for some time now, having naughty thoughts about what she’d do to him, even touching herself thinking about his long, fat cock. Since father’s day is closing in she decides to give him a gift he would never forget. She gifts him the classic “Happy Father’s Day” card, with a wrapped package containing a surprise; a pair of her sexy undies.

Surprised, he goes and confronts her about the seemingly inappropriate gift. It doesn’t take long that she blames her daddy issues while showing him her beautiful tits, flaunting her petite body to the man of the day. The real gift is herself, giving him the best blowjob and fuck he could ever dream of. That’s one more happy father of the day of dads!

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Amedee Vause – Daddy Spanks his little Whore – An OTK spanking and fucking Taboo Story! FullHD mp4 [East Pole/2016]

Added: 7/17/16 04:10PM

When Daddy’s Little Princes goes clubbing against daddy’s will and behind daddy’s back she inescapably becomes Daddy’s Little Whore. And all little whores must be punished in oreder to teach them a lesson about life and rules… This time there will be a good old fashioned, over-the-knee spanking… but, to Daddy’s great surprise, the little whore likes her spanking and she becomes wet down there! So the good Daddy decides to teach another lesson… about sexuality and, you know, stuff like that!

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