Piper Perri, Tyler Knight – Fuck Me First Daddy HD (720p/spyfam.com/2017)


A teen girl Billy (Piper Perri) has a huge crush on her step-dad Mr. Fox (Tyler Knight) and fantasizes about having him take her virginity. He has no intention of doing this EVER but then she finds a letter of termination stating that he was dismissed from his job four months ago. When she realizes he’s been lying about going to work, she arranges an evening alone with him and threatens to tell her mother. He needs the daughter to help him keep his secret and she agrees … so long as he fucks her first.

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Jealous Daughter Fucks Dad FULL VERSION Free Incest Video SD (clisp4sale.com/2014)

Added: 6/15/14

My little girl just found out that I had sex with her best friend the night of my daughter’s birthday part sleep-over! I couldn’t help it! We were all drinking that night and one thing led to another when everyone else was asleep! My daughter makes me strip off my pants and sees that just talking about what happened with her best friend got me hard! She won’t let me get away with it! She grabs my cock and sucks it until she is wet enough to let me fuck her!!! What should I DO???? I push my cock inside my daughter as she moans for more!

I can’t admit how much I want to make my little girl cum all over my cock! She asks me more questions about her best friend! She makes me promise to never fuck anyone but her again, and I agree to it! Her pussy is so perfect and tight! I bend her over and pound her while grabbing her ass! She wants me to cum inside her! I have to give my daughter the creampie she deserves! I love her blackmail!!!I WILL NEVER FUCK HER FRIENDS AGAIN!

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I Caught My Daughter Masturbating with a Dildo in her Brother’s Room and Fucked Her aka CONFESSION SD (clisp4sale.com/2015)

Added: 11/9/15

My daughter loves to sneak into her brother’s room when he is away at school so she can remember how much she loves fucking him. She uses her dildo and cums SO hard on his bed. I catch her and make her confess EVERYTHING to me. I can’t take it! She is so sweet and I want her to myself. I make her play with herself and the dildo before I plunge my hard cock inside her! I love fucking my slutty little daughter and cumming inside her!!! My cream pie looks SO GOOD INSIDE HER!!!!

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Astro Domina – Pinch-fucking for Daddy FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Sydney is getting ready for a Skype session with her black boyfriend. Suddenly, she catches her white BF’s son peeking at her getting undressed. Sydney got caught cheating on his father and guaranteed, he will sing like a bird and they will get rid of her. But Sydney thinks of a way to make him shut up. “I know you’ve been having a hard time finding someone in college. Girls don’t really like boys without any experience. But I have a solution. I think I can help you in that department” she says. Sydney grabs the boy’s crotch and starts to rub it. He quickly gets a boner and becomes embarrassed. Sydney whispers, “You don’t have to be shy. I have lots of experience. Just promise that you won’t tell.”

The boy agrees and Sydney immediately unzips his pants. His penis springs out and she slowly slides it inside of her. Sydney starts moaning and riding him hard and loud. Finding different sex positions and different angles for her own pleasure. “Don’t you cum inside boy. We don’t want that.” she says. It was very hard for him to hold and not explode yet he manages. Suddenly, Sydney brings out her phone and starts video recording. “Just in case you don’t hold up your end of the deal. Remember, keep that mouth shut or else.” she exclaims.

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Joseline Kelly, Marcus London – I Like Older Men FullHD (1080p/Family.xxx/2017)

Date Added: July 29, 2017

Joseline asked her stepdad Marcus where her mom was and found out that they had the house to themselves. He asked about her boyfriend and she confessed that she dumped him because she likes older men more. Afterwards, she went to clean her room and he couldn’t help to watch her as she stripped down to try on her lingerie. She caught on and decided to tease him by asking what turned him on. Soon one thing led to another!

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Daddy Knows Her Secret – Modern Taboo Family SD (clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 1/19/16

Dad was very upset. He received a email with a video link from one of his co workers. The email said that it looked like his son and daughter had become porn stars! When he watched the video it did look like them! But he thought to himself that would be impossible. His daughter was such a good girl and his son would never touch his sister like that! Then again it really looked a lot like them! And the room looked just like his Daughters! He was in shock! How could they do this? And everyone at work knows about it! He was ashamed and angry. He called Chi in to the living room to see if was indeed her. His Daughter walks in and asks what’s up. He doesn’t know quite how to approach the subject so he just shows her the video on his phone and hopes it’s not her! Within seconds he sees the reaction on his Daughter face and his heart sinks! It was them! She tries to explain but Daddy just get’s more upset. She tells him that it was just for some guy and no one else was supposed to see it. And he paid them a lot of money and they needed it to buy Christmas presents for Mom and Dad! SO it was really Dad’s fault for them doing the video! He did not see it that way and told her he was very disappointed in her and her Brother. And worst of all he would have to tell her Mother about it. This is just going to break her Heart. Chi freaks out and begs him not to tell Mom! That there was no reason to let her know about it. Dad said that they tell each other everything. His Daughter looks at her Daddy with big teary eyes and says she will do anything he wants just so he won’t tell Mom. She stands up and removes her clothes right in front of him. She then sits down and begins to touch herself. She tells Daddy that he can have her. He can do anything he wants to her. She then takes his big cock out and asks Daddy if it’s all right if his little girl sucks on it?

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