Amedee Vause – Auntie Sexy Time (Part 1/4 ) – Hot Aunt teaches Nephew all about DeepThroat BlowJobs & Fucking! FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/6/17

It’s hard for me to realize that I am actually an Aunt! Just as hard as it is to imagine my sister fucking! I mean, she’s such a prude… always with the moral high ground and the principles and the long talks about abstinence, oh my god! She can really be such a boring, stuck up cunt! But she actually has a son, and hes cute too!… I know what you’re going to say: “You can’t have sex with your nephew, that’s like Taboo!” but why the fuck not? I can’t let my preachy sister ruin such a cool guy like my nephew, he’s got his whole life ahead of him! I certainly can teach him a thing or two about girls and BlowJobs and Fucking… his sex life is simply not safe left in the hands of my sister. I’ll simply pay them a weekend visit, wait until my sister is not around and pull the boy aside for a little “talk”. I just know he’ll be down for it, I’ll start with a HandJob to warm him up, then, when he’s nice and hard for his nympho auntie, I’ll show him what a true BlowJob is really like! Nobody can match my DeepThroat Skills and it will be good practice for the boy to learn how to hold it in, how to refrain from premature ejaculation. It’s hard for an inexperienced boy his age, but I know he can do it! I’ll teach him how to fuck my throat while pulling my hair too, girls love that and I’ll not have my nephew be a little boring pussy! And, of course, I’ll teach him how to fuck, how to make a girl cum, how to make her scream! If he does good, I’ll make him cum on my Big Natural Boobs as a reward, but if he cums to fast, that’s not a big problem… he can try again until he makes me cum! I will make a man out of that bot, just you watch me!

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Lucy Heart Booty – Tara Lynn Foxx – POV sex with Mom HD (720p/

Added: 1/20/17

This is the second half of the video we shot with my Mother Tara Lynn Foxx. In her first clip, she demostrates her amazing deep throat blowjob skills (see our deepthroat catagory), but in this clip she shows us her round and juicy booty getting fucked doggystyle. The clip is mostly shot in POV, but there are a few moments taken from a side angle to show her gorgous curves and pretty face. Mother starts off the clip sucking his big dick and then turns around to put that big fat ass in the air. She gets pounded hard and begs for more until he blasts a huge load of cum all over her meaty ass cheeks. A big booty lovers dream!

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Mum Plays Doctor HD (720p/

Added: 3/18/11

Today is the day you go for your medical check up with that pretty lady doctor. Last time you had an embarrassing experience, didn’t you? You got a stiffy in front of her and she kind of laughed at you. Mum will help ensure that doesn’t happen again. I’ll milk you so you’re not as horny…and in the spirit of the day, I’ll even wear LATEX MEDICAL GLOVES.

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Fucking My Sister’s Big Tits HD (720p/

Added: 9/22/17

Fantasy includes: taboo, titty fucking, cumshot, blackmail, sports bra, virtual cock stroking, bratty sister, pov

It was the perfect plan. You found out what your big sister was up to at school, what she let those boys do with her juicy tits. It was her secret, and you’d hold it against her until she gave you what you wanted. You just couldn’t get the image out of your head, not that you wanted to. Countless cocks sliding into her cleavage over and over. All of that cum drenching her chest. Now it was your turn.

But your sister wasn’t at all surprised when you barged into her bedroom. The slut had you all figured out, she knew the score… It didn’t help that you couldn’t stop staring. Her milky tits looked so good pushed together in that tight tank top and sports bra. Your raging boner gave you away… and she took full advantage of it.
She your perversion, pushed you deeper into your arousal, teased you, made you feel so wrong for even conjuring this sick plan to use her for your pleasure. She was your sister after all… but that wasn’t enough to stop her either. Not when she could get something out of it too. Oh, you’d get to pump your rigid cock in and out of her cleavage just like the other boys… but not for free.

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Taboo-Diaries – Anastasia Rose – Alone with my Uncle FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/16/17

Is Where I Love To Be
Dear Diary,

Ever since my uncle Jay came to visit us in Vegas, I couldn’t get him out of my mind. Every time we get ready to visit him I get really antsy and pretty horny too. I touch myself and imagine what it would be like to be alone with him again. Oh I can’t wait for this trip!!

As soon as everyone got settled in most of the family went sight seeing but not me. I stayed behind to be alone with my uncle and I’m so glad I did. Uncle Jay was relaxing in his room when I walked in. As soon as he heard we were all alone he seemed to get really excited.

Before long his cock was deep in my throat while his face was buried in my sweet young pussy. Uncle Jay made me cum really hard with his tongue but I needed him inside me too. I rode him hard and soon came hard again. Uncle Jay laid me on my back and really pounded me good until he exploded all over my bush. Thats such a hot feeling when you have a creamy hair pie. I hope we get more time alone while were here, once just wasn’t enough!!

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LOA Productions – Mother seduction – Please Cum For Me Son HD (720p/2017)

Hi Son!! I’ve been craving something all day and it’s something only you can satisfy for me. Son you know how much I love sucking your cock right? Well today I’ve been craving a big load in my mouth and it just has to be yours. Well it looks like you aren’t going to disappoint your big Mom since you’re cock is already growing. Oh Son you have no idea how much this turns me on. The harder you get the more aroused I become. I bet my panties will be soaked by the time you give me that yummy mouthful I’ve been craving. Wow Daddy that was a big mouthful you gave me and I was right my panties are totally soaked.

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LOA Productions – Oooo Daddy Cum on My face HD (720p/2017)

Daddy I’ve been thinking of that big cock of yours all day. Lets get it out of those pants and where it belongs, in my mouth. I love how it gets so hard in my mouth as I lick and suck your shaft slowly and teasingly. Oooo Daddy I can feel your cock throbbing and ready to explode. Thats it cum for me daddy just like that.

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Slutty Sister Asks Brother For Money aka Brother Pays Sister For Sex FULL VERSION SD (

Added: 5/25/14

My bitch sister knows I have been saving for a new videogame, but she wants to go out with her slutty friends and suck some guys’ cocks! She starts touching herself in front of me so I can’t say no to her! She teaches me how to finger a girl and make her cum, but now she is touching me and I want to feel what her pussy is like on my dick! She wants another 20 bucks to let me fuck her!!! GOD, MY SISTER IS A WHORE BUT I NEED TO FUCK HER NOW!!!!

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Sister With Bad Grades Blackmailed By Brother FULL VERSION SD (

Added: 7/17/14

I finally get home from work and find out my sister got another F in math! I know that mom and dad are paying her tuition and everything else, but they won’t if she keeps failing! I grab the paper and threaten to tell them everything! She begs me to stop and I tell her I will if she gets naked and masturbates for me. I WANT TO SEE HER NAKED! Now I am going to make her get into it. I pull my cock out and she says she doesn’t like it, but I make her touch it and I can tell she does! I want her to suck my cock! She acts like she doesn’t want it but she puts it in her mouth anyway! Oh, she is so wet and ready for me to fuck her! Once again, she acts like she doesn’t want it, but she does. I slide into her tight little pussy easily! I love fucking her!!! I have to pound her just right until she cums all over my cock! I know she loves it! She can’t help it! I love filling her full of my cum! It’s creampie time!!!! YES!!!!!

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