April Snow – April Gets Her Stepbrothers Attention SD (Family.xxx/2017)

April Snow is tired of her Stepbrother always talking about his girlfriend. Danny got her some lingerie and really wants Danny to pay attention to her instead! She sneaks into his room and tries on the gift Danny got and thinks it looks much better on her super fit body! Danny walks in and tells her to stop but can not take his eyes off that sexy body! April can please her brother better than any other girl thinks giving Danny’s hard cock just the attention it deserves! Danny fucks her hard and thanks her for being such a great sibling to him!

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Ava Koxxx – Taking Control Of This Crazy Situation SD (MomIsHorny.com / BangBros.com/2017)

Ava Koxxx finds a huge mess in her stepson’s room and freaks out. She yells at him and takes him by the ear to make sure he cleans his room. She tells him how she notices him looking at her tits and shy sam does his best to ignore the question but she wasn’t having it. She’s an aggressive milf and she takes charge here. She shoves his face into her giant tits before she reaches for his cock. She gives him a great sucking and tit fucking before she fucks him. Aggressive Ava sucks and fucks in between having some rimming fun with him until she takes his load in her mouth and face.

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Nina Nirvana – At Your Service Sis HD (720p/BrattySis.com/2017)

Nov 24, 2017

Bambino is stuck behind the washing machine, and instead of helping her stepbrother out Nina Nirvana laughs and takes pictures. She puts her pussy in his face, then leaves him there to wait until their parents get home. The next morning when Nina is doing laundry in a miniskirt with no panties, she gets stuck in the dryer. Bambino helps her out, but not before sliding his dick into her from behind.

When Nina lets him know that she wants him to keep going, Bambino starts rocking his hips in time to her loud moans. Freed from the dryer, she holds on while her stepbrother fucks her. As her moans grow loud enough to attract Nina’s mom’s attention, she stuffs a thong into her mouth to muffle her cries.

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Maya Bijou – Maya Fucks Her Best Friend’s Step-Brother SD (bkb16224/BrownBunnies.com / BangBros.com/2017)

Maya Bijou is staying over her best friend’s house. in the middle of the night she runs into her friend’s step-brother, Peter Green, whom she’s always had a crush on. She flirts with him in the kitchen, she even bends over to show him her ass. Maya was turned on by just seeing him, so she headed straight to the bedroom and started masturbating. Peter heard her moaning from the kitchen, so he decided to spy on her. He walked in and soon after, she was shoving his cock in her mouth. They secretly fucked in the room behind his step-sister’s back.

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Violet Star – Violet Star Horny Teenage Cheerleader FullHD (1080p/baddaddypov.com/2017)

After horny teenage Violet Star sneaks into her parents bathroom to shower, she creates a situation that gives her everything she wants. Violet knows her step father loves to fuck her mom while she is in the shower and that he will most likely mistake her for her Mother. She is right, and once her all natural teenage body is seen by the grown man she knows he is putty in her hands. Later that night after cheer leading practice they have a family talk about what was seen earlier. Violet spreads her legs and shows off her tight shaved pussy, then makes it clear that her step daddy is going to fuck her anytime she asks. Violet has been getting hornier as she gets older, and she needs more cock then the boys at school can provide. Even her cheer coach can’t satisfy the insatiable teen. Now Violet Star can get her step father’s cock deep inside her horny cunt any time she feels like it.

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Missbehavin26 – Mommy Wants to make a Baby FullHD (1080p/manyvids.com/2017)

Oct 7

Script: You are a single mom to one son, but you want a daughter as well. You enter your son’s room wearing a sexy nighty with a lace thong on underneath . You tell your son that there is something you want to talk to him about. Sit on the bed cross legged, ‘accidentally’ giving your son a view of your panties. You talk to your son about how much you appreciate him helping you out after his dad left all those years ago. But you ask him if he feels a bit lonely, just mom and son; you tell him that you do. You ask if he would like a sister? You talk about how it would be extra work, but it would make you and your son feel more like a family. He agrees. Now you start to act a bit teasing. You say you have something else to ask him, but you want him to promise not to freak out. You try to hint at it first, and play with your clothes around your tits, and fidget to move your hips and draw attention between your legs. You realise he isnt getting it so you just tell your son: you want him to be the one who gets you pregnant. He is a feels a little odd about it but you notice him get hard talking about it. You tease him more, maybe flash him and say ‘it seems like you have thought about mommy before, huh, ‘oedipus”! At this point you pretty much start to dirty talk to your son, mentioning breeding and how it turns you on, while stripping. Suck your sons cock a little, to get it super hard, and then fuck him with lots of dirty t talk. At some point say ‘This is what mommy did with daddy to make you’, and ask ‘so you like the idea of inbreeding your mommy?’ I dont know if you like the word ‘cunt’ so I wont insist, but it would be hot if you use it. Again this is up to if you are willing, but I would love to see you riding reverse cowgirl, and slip a finger into your ass while dirty talking about son fucking it, saying stuff like ‘maybe next time’. It would also be hot if you talk about maybe having a threesome with mom, son and daughter when she is grown up. Ill pretty much leave this up to you though, you are the queen of dirty talk

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Missbehavin26 – Mom and Son Bedtime stories SD (manyvids.com/2017)

Feb 7

Since most can’t watch a preview and there’s not much of a description here’s what happens. Mom walks into the room and get into bed with her son. He wakes her up and they start to play. MissBehavin’s body where they’re at on top or riding verse cowgirl is something you need to see! Oh my assss! 😮 Hot m/s taboo talk with a tasty finish!

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Princess Leia – While Mommy is Away FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 9/17/17 5:30pm

Daddy! Time to wake up. Mommy just left. Yeah, I can do that for you. You want me to? Do you want me to be your little slut again while mommy is out? I’ve been waiting to practice. I’ve been doing some research. You want to see what I’ve learned? I remember last time you told me how much you love my tongue. You like it when I slowly run it up and down your shaft. I love licking your cock Daddy. I don’t know if I can fit it all down my throat but I’ll do my best! I’m your naughty girl.

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