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Scene One: Daddy never knocks

Daisy is sleeping peacefully in her bed when her father walks in. She hears his heavy footsteps enter her room. She thinks, if she just stays asleep he’ll leave her alone. But she can feel his strong hands pull down her blanket and pull at her clothes. Her body exposed to the cold air and his squeezing hands. If she just keeps pretending to sleep he’ll leave her alone.

Then she feels something hard press against her pussy and before she can yell his hand covers her mouth and his cock forces it’s way inside her. She feels like she’s going to rip apart. Daisy doesn’t know what to do, she’s confused and scared as her father fucks her tight young pussy. She feels his cock pulse and cum begin to ooze inside every part of her pussy. “This is our little secret” Dad whispers to her and leaves her to terrified to go back to sleep.

Scene Two: Hurt Me daddy

Daisy just doesn’t want to go back home after school. She hangs out with her friends all night until they go to bed and leave Daisy to walk home. She tries to sneak up to her room and lock the door but her wasted father catches her first. “Do you know what time it is! Stand up.” He yells at her.

With a blank face Daisy stands like a doll while her dad kisses her neck and pulls up her shirt and bra. He strips her naked against the wall, drunkenly kissing her body. She’s thrown to the floor and made to suck her father as punishment. With his cock raging hard he fucks her right there in the living room. As he fucks her Daisy shutters and cums in shame. With her bright eyes watery and her mouth open wide she takes her daddy’s punishment all over her face.

Scene Three: Daddy’s Girl

Dad, in blue jeans & wife beater. Drunk. Heavy Southern accent, shouts out to the yard from the front door to the yard, “Get in here Daisy, right now.” Inside he talks to her, “What are you doing with those boys? Huh?” She tries to explain that they were just talking. He yells at her and she bursts into tears. He says, “I know what you been doing. You’re a whore just like your mother.” He pulls off his belt and swings it at her legs. She high steps it back; crying and begging, etc.. He tell her to, “Take off that t-shirt and let me see them titties” and “Now take off them shorts and let me see that little pussy of yours and then, “Come over here and pull out my pecker and play with it til it gets hard.” She masturbates him while on her knees and then he has her give a him a blowjob and then fucks her all over the couch…He forces her to never mention this to anyone…

Scene Four: Shutting my daughters mouth

Daisy feels like her hair is going to rip out of her head as her daddy yanks her across the house and onto his bed. He pins her to the bed and slaps her ass. How could she be so dumb, she’s in so much trouble. She left her phone unlocked and now her father knows about her texting boys at school.

She whimpers as dad makes her perky tits bounce with his cock drilling her pussy. He looks for any excuse to fuck her and now he has the perfect reason to make her cum. Dad’s cock pounding away at her hurts so much but feels good at the same time. She moans in frustration at being used like a fuck doll. Her daddy tells her to suck his cock as he jerks his big load into her face. Only daddy gets to fuck her, only daddy gets to cum on her face.

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Anya Olsen – She wants Daddy’s special gift SD – Roleplay, Submissive Daddy, Porn Incest mp4 2018

I’m Daddy’s little filthy slut. I make his cock throb so hard with this little booty. I make Daddy so so weak… But it’s our dirty little secret. I’m still a virgin and can’t let him fuck me yet…However that doesn’t stop me from teasing him. I love making Daddy lick my virgin pussy. He serves me and does whatever I say because no one can make his cock as hard as his little girl. I make Daddy my bitch because he’s always been so weak for his B*** girl’s pink little nipples. Daddy will always be there for me and I’ll always make his cock hard.

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Chloe Night – Riding My Brother Till Creampie – adult content, Porn Incest FullHD [1080p/Canadian / Western Canada/]

Apr 05

This cock is so good to me, I just had to show my appreciation. We exchange oral attention, but I can’t seem to stay off of him throughout the entire video. Spring fever has made me eager to bounce and grind on top of my baby. I ride him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl till I squirt and he responds with a beautifully hot creampie. I loved being intimate with him among flower petals, I hope you think it’s pretty too. xoxo

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Taboo-Fantasy – Daddy`s Daughter Fantasy – Shower fuck, Daughter, Incest FullHD


Tara’s Dad walks by the bathroom door…and sees Tara in the Shower. Tara is a VERY Nerdy girl….but when she takes her clothes off….she has a smoking hot body!!! As Dad watches her in the shower….he fantasizes about being in the shower with her….having sex with her!!! Later that day…Dad’s conscience gets the best of him….and he wants to rid himself of his guilt and shame…so he calls Tara into his bedroom, and confesses his Fantasy to her. Tara, of course is stunned by this disturbing revelation….but also somewhat “flattered” by being the object of his Fantasy. Tara is VERY inexperienced…and somewhat “Gullible” so horny Dad tells Tara that Daddy’s having sex with their Daughters is quite common. Tara questions her Dad…but blindly believes him….so when Dad asks if Tara would like to make his Fantasies come to life…and have sex with him….Gullible Tara agrees!!! Tara and Daddy have a steamy Fuck….ending with Tara Jerking her Daddy’s hot cum load onto her pert young tits!!!

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Taboo-Fantasy – April – Daddy`s Relaxed – Incest, Taboo Roleplay, Drunk Daddy FullHD


Boy oh boy….talk about “Taking One For The Team”….you will NOT believe what young April has to do to Protect her Mom!!! It’s 4:00 am…..and April is up watching the late Movie on TV…when her Dad comes home Relaxed……Relaxed as a Skunk!!! He is staggering all over the Living Room….still Relaxing….and demanding to know where April’s Mom is. When April’s Dad gets Relaxed….he gets Horny….REALLY Horny…..and he needs to Fuck his Wife. April tells her Dad that Mom went to bed hours ago….and that she was not feeling well….and there is no way he can wake her up and demand sex. Dad doesn’t care if she’s tired….or sick….he’s Relaxed and he needs to Fuck….so he tries to go into the Bedroom to wake Mom up. Being the good Daughter that she is….April prevents her Dad from going into the Bedroom….and offers up herself instead!!! Relaxed Dad is confused….”Do you even know “how” to do it???” he asks his young Daughter. April tells him that she knows what to do….and begins to take her shorts off. Dad tells April that the first thing he likes to do when he is Relaxed and Horny is to eat Pussy……so April reluctantly opens her legs as her Dad slobbers all over her young Pussy. “Daddy this is disgusting!!!” she says. After her Dad has devoured her Pussy…he demands a Cock-Sucking from the young girl….and then….he begins to Fuck her!!! Dad Pounds April very hard…over and over….while still Relaxing!!! April must remain still and quiet (she doesn’t want her Mother to wake up)….as her Dad pumps away….until finally….mercifully…..he finishes. Dad rolls off of April…and immediately falls asleep. April is almost in tears, as she says ” I hope Mom appreciates what I did for her….”.

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Fetish Cartel Katie Cummings – The Fuck Doll – BBW, Real Doll, Sister Brother sex FullHD 2017

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Katie is getting ready to head out to the beach to meet with her friends. Her brother, Nito, is anxious for her to leave. She asks about the package on his bed and nearly pushes her out the door. He then heads to his room, where a large package awaits. It’s a life size doll. He starts to open it. What the fuck? He ordered a redhead, not this. He finally peels away all the wrapping and sees the face. It looks like his sister. He will have to return it. But….he will try it out first. He plays with it on the bed and starts taking off it’s clothes. He fondles the doll’s ass and tits. And then finger fucks it a bit. Man, that is life like. Then he puts the in doggy position and begin to fuck it. Later, he fucks it missionary. Then he decides to play with it again and tit fucks it. So life like!! He decides to try out the mouth option. Oh boy, that feels good. And then he uses the hands so it strokes him again. He fucks it missionary and then doggy. Then he pulls out and cums on its ass. Right then, Katie comes through the front door and heads to the room. What will she think of this?!

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Zoey Monroe – Stepfathers Over Friends – Horny Step Daughter, Step Mom SD mp4 []


Zoey Monroe loves her stepfather Johnny. Not only is he the sweetest but he also always has something nice to say about her. Her friends think she’s weird because she would rather spend the night cuddling with her stepdad instead of going out and partying with them, but fuck them! There’s nothing like hopping into a warm bed with your stepdad for a night of tickles. On this particular night mommy fell asleep on the couch and we decided to fuck right next to her. She has been mean to us lately, so I helped stepdad cum into her drink so she could finally get a taste of her own medicine. Nothing is stronger than the love I have for my stepfather, and no one can ever take that away from us!

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Summer Brooks – Stepsister Confidential – Brother, Family Roleplay SD mp4 []

I have to be careful because I’ve been grounded… My mean Brother took away my computer and everything when he found out I was taking videos and posting them here for all you perverts to watch. But… I’m back! And… I have a new neighbor! I can’t wait to tempt him with my hot tight little body. The same way I do to all of you. Did you miss me? I missed you guys…. Here, let me strip for you… I sure hope my Brother doesn’t catch me being such a very Summer Brooks….

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