Maternal Seductions Sara St Clair – Breaking the Ice with Mommy pt1 – All alone with Mommy FullHD [1080p/]

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Scene One: All alone with Mommy
Dressed in lingerie your mom comes in to talk to you about your father leaving. “It’s just you and me now, ok?” She says rubbing your leg. She’s there if you need anything you need she is there for you. She knows boys have urges, and you can talk to her about them if you need too. “What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t take care of my son” She says stroking your legs. She touches your penis and feels how hard you’re getting. She asks if you want to touch her breasts and slides off her top. Taking off her panties she shows you her pussy. “I don’t want you to get overwhelmed” She says seeing how nervous you are and gets dressed. “I love you” She says giving you a kiss good night.

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Father wake up his Daughter – Intense Anal fucking and Gaping HD avi [720p/LolitasStar/2018]

Pretty submissive and diapered ‘Daddy’s Girl’ gets her cute little ass hole licked, fingered and then fucked with a pink dildo, as she masturbates trying to take her mind off her incredible apprehension. Then finally when that tight unused hole seems ready she gets fucked in the ass by a nice cock. Not hard fucked deep and pounding though, just gentle and for as long as she can stand, this si her first time and we want to do this right, plenty time for all of that. After that because she’s bee such a good girl she gets a nice face full of ‘Daddy Dom’s’ Taboo cum, how satisfying, ah at last.

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Nightmare Daughter! Daddy can I sleep with you today? HD avi [720p/LolitasStar/2018]

Poor Audrey is distraught. Her newest boyfriend has cancelled a Date with her….and she is sick of all these stupid young boys!!! As she seeks consoling from her Dad….it turns out that Dad has discovered a very interesting website, that he shows Audrey. The site is “The Daddy Boyfriend”…and, according to this website….in some cultures….it is customary for Fathers and Daughters, to also be Boyfriend and Girlfriend!!! Audrey asks if they could try that…since she knows her Daddy would NEVER cancel a Date with her. Dad agrees to try it….and Audrey asks him if he likes to have his cock sucked. Dad, of course, does….so Audrey gives her “New Boyfriend” a spectacular blowjob!! Audrey complains that all her other boyfriends were selfish….and wouldn’t lick her pussy for her….so when Daddy says that he would LOVE to lick her pussy….Audrey tells him that he is going to be the best Boyfriend ever!! Daddy gives Audrey a really good, hard Fucking….and then uses her as a cum dumpster!!! They both promise not to tell Mom….but Audrey has found the perfect Boyfriend!!

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Anal Daddy Dom ? HD avi [720p/LolitasStar/2018]

Sweet little ass, no scrub that the hottest tightest sexiest little ass I’ve ever seen, beautifully soft peach of an ass, with a lovely tight puckered little asshole. We really love thins video, making it and doing it, ok its not a girl getting pounded deep and hard, but she’s trying and you can see, and hear it hurts still. Personally speaking I don’t even care if that day never comes, breaking her in slowly in videos like this is wildly erotic beyond anything I’ve seen, but there will be more.

So if you want to see some fantasy ‘Daddy’s Girl’ role play that is absorbingly natural and hear the sounds of real older mans cum as it leaves her tight ass and dribbles down her legs the the next 25 mins will be a real treat.

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