Jerky Wives – Olivia Blu in Mom the Unwilling Slut FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/4/17 06:30AM

Sleeping Beautifully
My Mom is a real bitch. She could care less about me…Always going out with her friends and not taking care of me…Tonight was no different…She already had a couple glasses of her favorite drink and she had not even left the house yet…

She tells me no internet, no cell phone, no friends over and does not even leave me anything for dinner…She finally leaves and does not come back till tomorrow morning… She stumbles into her room, dress half off and without a care about how her Son is doing…

I walk into her room, she her in bed, her tits are hanging out and she is not even wearing panties. That is an invitation to fuck her if I ever saw one…I lifted her arms, squeezed her tits, grabbed her ass and there was no movement. She is stripped and exposed while I work up the courage to stick my cock inside of her…

Once I shove my cock inside, her eyes explode open…Before she can scream, I cover her mouth and fuck Mom like the whore she is…She tries to kick me out but is still hung over from the night before…It’s okay, I will get up and leave once I am finished…

Cornering Mom
Mom is reading the paper in the kitchen. I sneak up behind and begin to rub her shoulders. She thinks I am Dad and starts bitching about what happened last night, she had no idea it’s me. After a minute of so, I am tired of her bitching…I lift her up and bend her over the table. I shove my cock in her tight milf pussy and fuck away. Mom yells at me, but I don’t care. I fuck inside out and shut her up. When I am finished, I unload in her mouth and leave her on the floor to think about what just happened…

Fucking Mom on the Couch
Mom is thrown to the couch. She is barely wearing anything and pull that off. I shove my cock in her tight milf pussy as she puts up minimal resistance. She must be starting to like this…I don’t care if she likes it or not, I am getting mine. I spin her around, onto all fours, fucker her doggie style till I am about to cum.

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Taboo Diaries – Akira Shell One Night On Webcam SD (

Added: 3/23/17

I Think Daddy Came In Me Twice
Dear Diary,

So I told you about Daddy and I getting on webcam right… We’ve been doing it a lot because it pays pretty good. Anyway we were camming the other night and we got a private show. Dude wanted Daddy to get ridden for a bit then fuck me hard. Daddy was fucking me really hard when the timer ended and he stopped suddenly like he came inside me. Someone else got us in private right away and it took a minute for Daddy to get hard. When he did he fucked me hard and fast the way we like it and soon he buried his cock deep in me as I came. I’m sure he came that time so I’m just curious do 2 creampies increase my odds of getting pregnant??

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Taboo Diaries – Olivia Kasady Fill Me Up Daddy SD (

Added: 9/14/17

Daddy I have been thinking about you all day. I really need to feel you inside me after the day I’ve had. You don’t mind do you? Oh Daddy I love feeling your cock grow in my mouth as I tease you with my tongue. I can’t wait any longer Daddy, pull my panties to the side and slide it in. Thats just what I’ve been waiting for, I’m gonna cum already. Daddy fuck me harder please, fill me up with your hardness and cum inside me. Thank you Daddy thats just what I wanted.

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Taboo Diaries – Olivia Kasady Daddy I’m Horny SD (

Added: 10/16/17

Daddy I’ve been so horny today and you’re the only one who can make me cum the way you do daddy. I want that big hard cock in my mouth getting nice and hard before you slide it into my tiny pussy. I love when you fuck me daddy your cock always feels so amazing! Keep fucking me daddy! Please don’t stop. I want to feel your cock throbbing inside of me while you fill me with cum.

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Taboo Diaries – Sadie Holmes At Least I Got It SD (

Added: 8/29/17

Instead Of My Sister
Dear Diary,

Daddy knows how bad I want to get pregnant again and it’s his creampies that I want. When I found out he was cumming in my sister too I got really upset. I went storming into daddys room like there was no tomorrow.

Daddy was shocked at how aggressive I was being so he let me take control. Within a few seconds his pants were down and his cock was in my mouth. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard and ready to impregnate me.

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Taboo Diaries – Sadie Holmes I Knew Daddy Would Cum SD SD (

Added: 9/22/17

If We Weren’t Interrupted
Dear Diary,

I’ve been really craving Daddys attention lately. There is just no reason for him to be wasting creampies on my sister. I need to get pregnant again soon.

Anyway I knew Daddy would be going to my sisters room the other night so I sent her to a movie. I waited in her room until Daddy snuck in and he was so shocked. As soon as I told him why I was there he was more than eager to please.

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Taboo Diaries – Giselle Roxx Everything Mommy Does SD (

Added: 8/9/17

I Wanna Do Too
Dear Diary,

After that first night with Daddy I started having more intense feelings. There were so many things I wanted to do with him just like mommy did. Then my mind went even further, I wanted to get pregnant and have Daddys baby.

That night mom was working late so I went in to Daddys room to make that happen. Daddy was already asleep so I woke him gently. I got him nice and hard in my mouth then started riding his cock hard.

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Princess Bambie – Daddy’s New School Uniform Facial FullHD (1080p/

American / Avalon

I come home to find clothes laid out on my bed; assuming they’re my new private school uniform I decide to try them on, but before I can get my top fully on Daddy walks into my bedroom. I scramble into my top and begin modeling the “school uniform” for him, showing off the short little skirt and my cute little nipples poking through the thin white top. I tell him I really don’t think it’s at all appropriate, and beg him not to send me a school full of perverts. I show off how you can see my panties when I bend over and ask if the panties were part of the uniform, too, because they were laid out with the rest of my uniform. I tell him I really don’t think we should send me to a school that pick out my panties for me, and ask if he’s sure that this is it. I suggest he maybe should call the principle and discuss it with him, but when Daddy says no I start to get a funny feeling. Maybe this isn’t the real school uniform… I ask to see the letter and Daddy adamantly refused, so a little while later I sneak through his room and find it for myself. I confront Daddy and tell him that the REAL school uniform is supposed to go down all the way to my knees. I let him know how uncool it is to lie to his little girl–I think the outfits pretty cute and I don’t mind dressing up for Daddy but I was really scared about having to go to school like this! I only want Daddy to see me in sexy little clothes. I tell Daddy I need to punish him, since I always get punished when I’m a bad girl, and I decide to suck on the big growing cock in his pants. As part of his punishment Daddy can’t cum until I say so. I suck his huge throbbing cock, gagging and sucking just how I know he likes it, but remind him that he can’t cum until I say so. I even try to impress Daddy by sucking his cock in a backbend. Daddy holds out, though! He builds up a big huge hot load and blows it all over my cute little face just like I ask him to
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Mommy Afton – Naughty Mommie Rides Your Cock SD (

Added: 11/6/10

Mommie is so very Naughty. Mommie uses an abuses your Cock by riding it with her wet pussy. Mommie covers your face with her pillow so you cannot watch and cut down your air supply. Momie throughly enjoys iding your hard cock son yet mommie is so naughty by covering your face. Mommie pumps her pussy up & down on your cock until Mommie cums !

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Cupids-Eden – Violet Starr – Schoolgirl Daughter gets Creampied by her Daddy HD (720p/2017)

I would love for you to reenact the I am 18 now ,so I want something special (HQ)video, but I would love to see you wearing the same outfit you wore in the “crushing you and your friends video, but wearing the bunny panties, and a pair of gray pantyhose under your shorts. I would love you too redo the same positions and camera angles as the video, but the Intercourse will be through a hole in the crotch of the pantyhose as usual with the bunny panties pulled aside.

I would like to add that in the beginning of the video, he asked his mom to show him how to put on a condom with her mouth. She says no, but after he begs her to do it oh, she says yes period after putting the condom on his cock with her mouth, he starts frantically fucking her mouth. Pulling the condom off, you start to reenact the I am 18 now ,so I want something special (HQ)video.

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