Taboo Diaries Alexis Grace – How I Fucked My Brother SD (

Dear Diary

A few years back my gold digging mom married this rich guy and adopted his son. Mom did good at getting some of his money but not the entire fortune and for some reason I was never put in the will. Recently he wound up in the hospital and when his rich prick of a son found out he rubbed his fortune in my face. It upset me so bad I devised a plan to get the entire fortune for myself and it worked out great.

That night my step-brother did a bit too much celebrating so I snuck in his room and tied him to the bed. When he realized what was going on he tried to protest so I gagged him with a pair of my pantyhose and told him what was coming. I pulled down his pants and sucked his cock for a bit then climbed on top and started riding it. The taboo of screwing my step-brother turned me on immensely and made me cum several times. My step-brother tried to resist giving me what I wanted, his hot load in my pussy, but the loser couldn’t hold out long enough.After he shot his load in me I blackmailed him into silence with threats of calling the cops, stupid bastard believed me too.

Dear Diary

The next night I crept into my brothers room and tied him down again. I taunted him for being such a loser and teased him with my big tits. This time when I pulled down his shorts he was already kind of hard so the taboo must have turned him on too. I sucked his cock til it was rock hard then slid it in my dripping wet pussy. I rode his cock slowly and teased him even more so he would give me another massive load. I turned around and rode his cock hard so he could watch my hot ass bouncing and soon he blew another load in my pussy.

Dear Diary

Today was my most fertile day so I have a really good feeling about my plan. This time after I tied my brother down he seemed to be really enjoying the thought of his sister because he was rock hard. I couldn’t help myself and had to suck his cock which really got me going. Within minutes I had to get his cock in my wet pussy. His cock felt much harder than it ever had before and soon he was blowing another huge load in my pussy. He came soo much it even leaked back out a bit. I’m sure tonight did the trick.

Dear Diary

My plan worked perfectly it seems since I’m 7 months pregnant and with a DNA test I was able to take my brother for every penny his dad left him. Who’s laughing now loser?

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Gianna’s Family Taboo Fantasies – Mommie Blows Best – Natalie Turner SD (

“I really love gagging on your cock baby”

In our latest episode of Mommie Blows Best, Natalie’s husband is in jail for 30 days and she’s the kind of woman who needs dick at least three times per day. Her stepson Brian can hear her masturbating at all hours of the day and night and it’s finally gotten to the point where he has to turn up the volume on the TV to drown it out. On this afternoon Natalie is about to go to work but she can’t go another day without some real dick in her mouth. She has a severe oral fetish and in this clip it shows. Natalie sits on the couch and explains that before she goes to work she has to gag on some dick and go to work with some warm load in her stomach. She undoes Brian’s jeans and takes out his dick and gags on it. This isn’t just a woman who lets the dick touch her throat and makes some sounds while she’s doing it. She takes it all the way to the base to loosed her throat and then starts banging his dick as far as it goes. It’s not long before Brian is shooting a huge load of sperm down his stepmother’s throat. When she’s done, Natalie zips him up and heads to work and happy (yet still horny) woman.

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Father – Daughter Rough Anal Sex FullHD (

Do NOT buy this video if you’re uncomfortable seeing a sluttly school girl treated rough and used as an older man’s anal plaything On the other hand, maybe you’re just the kind of person who

could enjoy seeing my ass spanked and cropped, fucked and fisted. (Okay not *fully* fisted… but he managed to fit five fingers… I’m a small girl!) But honestly this is my favorite video yet

— partly because the production quality is stellar on my brand new DSLR, but mostly because I just really like being treated like this. First he spanks my ass hard with his hand and a leather

crop, then he undresses me and introduces a ball gag and nipple clamps. Next he inserts a butt plug to get me warmed up and then fucks my throat for a few minutes. Soon I’m flipped over on my

knees as he starts to work his fingers deep inside my ass. Fortunately he lets me use my vibrator, which helps me to relax, and the orgasm that follows is one of the most intense I’ve ever had

on cam. But he’s not done with me. With his cock now fully hard, he makes me suck it in different positions before finally turning me around fucking my ass hard until he cums inside me

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Bettie Bondage – Saving the Farm FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/4/17

This is a continuation of Losing the Farm.
Your mother looked so sweet and gorgeous and heartbroken, on her knees sucking your cock. You loved the way it made you feel to control her like that. Her reluctance, the way she gave in and savored your cock and your cum. Her own son! You tried to hold back from taking it to the next step, but you ached to feel it. Your mother’s pussy. Wrapped around your cock, fucking and cumming inside the same sweet pussy that made you. You know its wrong but it’s all you want!
You tell her that the ten grand is hers, if she lets you fuck her. Just the once. You send her an e-mail about it, not knowing what she’ll say, but within a week you have your response. She tells you to fly down and visit again. When you arrive, she’s already dressed in just a robe, looking scared. She tells you that she’s willing, but you can’t cum inside her. She’s still fertile. You agree, knowing that she trusts you, and the pull out method. A good Christian woman. She even prays when you first enter the bedroom, asking for forgiveness for what she’s about to do. It makes your cock harder.
Once you have her lying on her back on your parent’s marital bed, though, you know you have to fill your mother with your cum. The thought alone sends strong shivers down your spine as you watch your mother fight the delicious feelings your cock is sending through her body. You watch the conflict in her face and her body, flushed with a confused arousal that makes it all the more delicious when she cums on your cock, twice. You can’t hold out. She begs you not to but you unloose your cum inside her and watch as her face drops and she squirms beneath you, pulling away as your load drips out of your mother’s well-fucked pussy.

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Bettie Bondage – Breaking Mom’s Dry Spell FullHD (1080p/

Added: 2/3/17

Your mom is chatting with you before a big date. She’s nervous – it’s been years. She’s dressed like a total slut in a tight fishnet top with just a bra underneath. She confides in you as you chat, confessing that she’s been so horny lately it’s hard to focus. She needs to get laid before she acts on some seriously dirty and wrong fantasies!! You can’t get her to admit what these fantasies are exactly, but if you’re not mistaking the situation, she’s really flirting with you. She must really need to get laid – you’re her own son!
Later that night, you hear her stumble in. It’s not too late, but you pretend to be asleep as you see her stumble into the living room. She beelines unsteadily towards your place on the couch. She lays on top of you, slurring her words as you watch her reach for the belt buckle on your jeans…
…You protest at first. Not really because you don’t want it. You totally do. You’re hard just seeing your mom’s tits pressed against your thighs. Her mouth so close to your cock. She unzips as you tell her no, it’s not right, but she’s a woman on a mission. A mission to fuck her son. You’re more than happy to oblige, giving only fake protests as she starts to stroke and suck you. She tells you that she’s going to take your virginity tonight, whether you like it or not, sitting back and straddling you to tease your cock with her dripping wet pussy. You can’t take your eyes off her as she strokes you against her wet hole before she begins to slide down onto your throbbing dick.
You can’t believe your first time is going to be with your hot as hell mom. All your friends are going to be so jealous!

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Bettie Bondage – Family Road Trip FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/21/16

I’ve been talking to you about a mother-son roadtrip for ages. You’ve finally agreed to go along! I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for this for so long…of course, I’m prepared for exactly what I’ve always wanted from you. The first night of the trip, I get out my special concoction formulated just for you and me…you see, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long, sweetie, and not just that, but I’ve wanted to feel my son’s cock explode load after load of thick cum into my cunt! This is the perfect opportunity to spike your water with something to keep you fast asleep and rock hard! It works like a charm and in no time at all, you’re to the world with a rockhard boner for me to stroke, suck, fuck and make cum inside my pussy not once, but twice! It worked so well, I think I might have to do this every night for the next week of our trip! What a good boy you’ve been. Maybe by the end of it, I’ll give you a little less of the sleeping drugs so you can enjoy the view of Mom bouncing on your dick!
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