Amadani – Sister Takes Care of Her Disabled Brother – Sister/Brother sex, Incest, Big Tits avi [720p/2018]

your sister (me) is such a little slut you have been trying to catch her in the act of doing something so you can hold it over her head… she thinks she is so cool and powerful you will show her…. She is in her bedroom when you discover she left her phone out.. you go though it and find out she has been cheating on her boyfriend.. you save the info and go into her room where you find that slut sister of your masturbating… you ask her who she is thinking about ..” maybe that guy you have been cheating on your boyfriend with” she freaks out asking how you found out and wave her phone in her face. She flips out trying to take it from you and with her wrestling on you it starts turning you on.. you make a deal with her saying she better get you off or you will tell her boyfriend what a slut she really is… she denys you at first saying how wrong it is to give her brother oral sex.. but you pretend to press her boyfriends phone nuber and she sticks your cock deep in her throat .. progresses into cumshaw facial.. but even after your slutty sister has your big cum shot all over her face you decide to tell her boyfriend anyways….. what a sneaky evil little brother you are…

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Amadani – Busty Sister showing off her Big Tits while Brother fucked Her – Sister/Brother sex, Incest, Amateur avi [720p/2018]

Your slutty sister is playing with her new strap on and harness in her room when you walk in. You ask her so very nicely if you can jerk off to her. (she has let you in the past). But today she has something different planned for her perverted little brother… She is going to take your anal virginity.. she coerced you to jerk and suck on her strap on… she then spits all over the dildo makes you turn around and pulls down your pants… she starts stretching your asshole going deeper and deeper .. faster and faster… at first you try to stop her from the pain and embarrassment but then… you start to enjoy your sister fucking you.. maybe you have a whole new world to open up for now.

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Amadani – Sexual Harassment my Sister begins – Sister/Brother sex, Incest, Amateur avi [720p/2018]

Amadani is such a horny slut. Every time her husband is at work she is looking for another dick to suck.. she craves to cheat on that poor bastard. So it is no surprise that she just happens to want to sit outside her neighbors house in a slutty little outfit basically begging for cock. Her boy toy neighbor walks out knowing what is about to happen. She takes out his big stud cock and starts giving him a slutty sloppy blowjob… her husband calls in the middle of her deep throating his cock and she still picks up the phone… talking to her husband while she takes a huge creamy facial.. Just in time for her husband to come home and kiss her whore cum covered mouth!I

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Bare Back Studios – Sloan Harper, Luke Longly – A Daughter Belongs to her Daddy SD avi []

Scene One: The First Time

Sloan enters her bedroom; trying to be quiet, dressed in a really nice outfit that someone like her would wear to a party. Daddy is in the closet watching her get undressed. She gets into bed in only her panties and bra. Dad bursts out of the bedroom closet. he pulls off his belt and says angrily, “You little tramp! You think I wasn’t going to notice when you got home?” Dad then pulls off his belt and punishes Sloan for being so late.

After Daddy is finished, Sloan curls up into a ball crying.

Scene Two: Montage

Sloan is sitting in her Therapists office, dressed neatly. She appears tense, looking like she has just been crying. Her Female Therapist says, “So this was the first time your Father had sex with you?” She nods very slowly. The voice says, “Why don’t you tell me what happened next?” The Daughter opens her mouth to speak.

– Dad screwing Sloan up against the wall.

– Christmas Morning Sex on the Floor next to the Tree.

– Sloan crying and humiliated while stripping slowly in the living room.

– Blowjob in the driveway after Sloan was found to have drugs in her backpack at school. She was attempting to self medicate herself.

Scene Three: Christmas Morning

Before the presents are opened, Daddy pulls Sloan to the couch still wearing her backpack. Her clothes are removed and Daddy begins to kiss her. He attempts to pull off his shorts and Sloan tries to run off. Daddy grabs her and continues to kiss her. He tells her to rub her pussy and get it good and wet. Sloan is forced to look under the tree at her Santa gifts while Daddy fucks her.

Sloan begs for her Daddy to cum in her mouth as her pussy is sore and worn out. Daddy unloads into her mouth and tells her to clean up and get ready to open her gifts…

Scene Four: Seeking Therapy

Sloan is sitting in the office. Her Therapist, Melanie Hicks asks, “This has obviously been very traumatic and I’m going to do everything I can to help you deal with this.” Sloan shakes her head vigorously and says, “No, that’s why I’m here at all.” The voice asks, “Then why are you here?” Sloan looks directly at her Therapist and asks, “Do you have any ideas on what I can do to please my Father even more?”

Fast forward to Sloan thrown to her Father’s bed and fucked till she loves his cock and begs for his cum in her mouth…

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Nadya Nabakova – Huge Dick Thats What I Want Daddy – Incest, Taboo, Father/Daughter Sex FullHD [1080p/2018]

Do you have a disobedient daughter? Is she hanging out with the wrong crowd? Having sex with scumbags? Partying all the time? If you answered yes to any of these questions – then I have the right product for you! I created The Perfect Daughter 4000 because of this very situation with my own daughter. Through very simple yet genius engineering, I created a light kit that can be installed in any small room and is guaranteed to produce the results you want. Email me for more details. Discreet shipping available…

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Jerky Wives – Cory Chase – Fucking My Son for the First Time – Anal, Milf, Mama HD avi []

Added: 11/17/17 09:30AM

I head out for a party with my friends during the day. While I’m gone, my mom decides to lay out in the sexiest bikini she has to tan. She’s on the phone talking to her friend about their days when the topic of their sons come up. Mom’s friend talks to her about the things she does with her son, and how she wishes that I was like that and how my mom created a taboo mom/son blog to talk about her desires with me…

Soon I arrive home, and go to chill out. I found my mom’s blog, and start to read it, as it turns me on. My mother walks in still in her bikini to talk to me about my day, but I’m not paying attention. She wants to see what’s distracting me so she grabs the phone, and sees that I’m on her blog. At first she’s upset and flustered, asking why I’m reading it and how I found it. But, then she sees that I can’t stop staring at her beautiful tits and that I’m really hard. She sees her chance and asks if I like the blog, and what I think. She begins to rub my inner thigh, and is pressing her tits together, showing them off for me. Then she asks if her boy thinks mommy is sexy, She asks if I wanna see her tits, and pulls them out. She starts rubbing my dick, and pulls it out and starts giving me a handjob.

She continues to dirty talk me like the dirty mommy she is, and asks if mommy can suck my dick. She sucks it, and titty fucks it while dirty talking me the entire time, driving me insane. Telling me how bad she’s dreamed of this, and how bad she’s wanted me for so long, etc etc etc. She asks if I wanna fuck my mom, and climbs on top of me and rides my cock. The she asks if I want to fuck her ass and I say yes! I’m loving it as much as she is. She continues for a little, tells me she wants to make her baby boy cum all over her face and tits. She gets off and blows me until I explode all over her tits and face, covering her in her son’s cum. She kisses my dick and licks up cum and cleans me up, telling me she loves me and can’t wait to have more fun with me.

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