Sadie Blake – Big Mistake my little Sister SD (

All I have to do is get you horny and you would give me anything I want. Too bad you just couldn’t help yourself telling me all your personal information, your passwords, credit cards, social security number, even where you live and your wife’s name. What a fucking idiot! I can’t believe you actually told me all that stuff. Now you’re fucked because I can ruin your life. There’s nothing I want more than to completely destroy you. You must want it too, otherwise you wouldn’t have told me so many of your secrets. Now I have everything I need to blackmail you for all that your worth. I don’t even need all your money, I just enjoy watching you crumble. I’m going to drain you of every cent and witness your life go up in flames. Just for fun!

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Kiittenymph – Daddies Anal CumSlut Kitty FullHD (1080p/

Sep 26

American / Fairy Fuck

This Is The Longest & One Of The Best/Most Thoughtout Vids That I’ve Done So Far! This is The First B/G Vid That I’ve Done That Includes Extra Long POV & Wide Angle Shot Scenes! // Firstly, I Tease Daddy By Showing Off My Tail, Flashing My Cute Princess Parts & Fucking My Ass With A Pink Glass Toy. Next, Daddy Puts Me On My Leash While I Suck & Slobber On His Big Raging Cock. Next, Daddy Fingers My Tight Little Ass Till He Decides It’s Time To Put His Thick Cock Inside Me & Fuck Me Till My Little Ass Gapes. Finally, Daddy Fucks Me In 5 Other Positions Till He Makes A Huge Anal CreamPie That I End Up Licking Off My Fingers!

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Forbidden Perversions Tammie Madison – Teen Babysitter Seduces Married Dad FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/7/16 2:02am

When you return from your night out alone, without your wife, the sexy t**n who babysits your starts to ask questions. Why are you home alone? Where is your wife? Is everything ok with your marriage? Tammie Madison decides to seduce you, after all, it is not right that a man such as yourself should be alone.
In this babysitter themed home wrecker clip, Tammie the t**n babysitter takes matters in to her own hands. She deepthroats your cock whilst she mocks your wife. She reminds you why her firm, t**n body is so much hotter than the body of you wife. Tammie is dirtier, more sexually liberated, and more willing to please than your wife. She will worship your cock as she slaps it against her face and tongue. Sucking your cock makes Tammie really wet, so much so that you can see a wet spot on the crotch of her tight white leggings. Tammie fingers her pussy and clit until orgasm, before licking the juices from her hands. She then proceeds to take your cock back in her mouth begging you to cum.
But wait! There is a twist! Tammie does not just want your cum all over her pretty face and mouth. She wants you to cum inside of her. Why should your wife be the only mother of your ?

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Kathia Nobili – Fuck my ASS CHEEKS baby…and cum all over my big butt FullHD (1080p/

Added: 2/8/17 04:00AM

You…you are the real lover of the big butts! And you can never have enough of my…huge…beautiful butt! Honey…this moments will be just yours! i’ll make you carzy to pushing that big butt on your face….shaki it and oiling it…to make you rock hard!
I want to hear from you how you want to feel that huge ass….to sqeeze my ass cheeks and to just stick your hard cock right between them!!! Ohh…yes…I want you…I want to paly with your hard cock!
First…do you like, how I’m oiling my big butt? Make it nice shiny for you….wow…full of oil it looks even bigger! You want it? You want to fuck my butt cheeks baby?
Come her…close to me…close to my ass…hold it…strongly!!! Yes you big boy!!! Now….Ufff….your cock is so stiff…so ready for my butt! Don’t keep this exitment for your self….stick your hard dick between my big asscheeks and fuck it…move your hips baby and fuck my butt until….you explode! Tha’s what my boy want and need….huge butt like my to mess it wiht the warm sperm!!! Cum baby….cum on my big butt…cum how you fuck my asscheeks!!! Mmmmm……that’s a lot of staff you were keeping for me!!! I just love your warm…white load all over my butt!!!

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Forbidden Perversions – Mom Breeds with Son FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/16/17 6:01am

My baby’s all grown up now. Look at you, about to move out into your own apartment, working a full-time job; you’re no longer my little boy anymore, you’re a man. I’m so proud of you, so strapping and strong. But, darling, I’m going to miss having you around the house. I’m going to be so lonely, this place is going to feel so empty. Having you, my little fella, helped ease the pain of your dad leaving, but now that you’re going too, I’m beside myself. Sweetheart, mommy has a plan – a way we can make sure I’m never lonely – you’re going to make your mom pregnant. Hush now my , don’t protest, you know you want to make mom happy; haven’t you always said that you will do anything for your mom? Baby, drink this and try not to worry, everything is going to be all right.

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Sweetmilktits – Peeping son spies on mom and dad fucking FullHD (1080p/

camera peeping son POV- I’ve always wondered what mommy and daddy did once we were all put to bed.Why would they lock their door after for the night…. Hiding in the closet I see mom climb on the bed and long to be with dad after a full day . She’s in her nighty and bottom less. I hear dad ” We finally get our time alone” to mom. I see mom touching daddy and finally putting his soft cock in her mouth to make it hard. Why how I wish that was me, mom is always so loving. I watch as mom goes on sucking dads cock taking it all in making sloppy sounds of pleasure and moaning. Here lips and tongue rubbing on his cock make me twitch in pleasure.Oh no I think mom heard me. I stand still and she forgets about me making a small noise and goes back to dad and takes him in her mouth. I feel so wrong watching but my cock is hard and makes me want to see more and more. Im breathing hard now as mom’s moist mouth in pleasing daddy.

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Sweet Milk Tits – Mommy gives BJ,Rides & Son cums in Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/12/17 09:17PM

My step son is home for the weekend from school and I desperately want him to relax and put all that homework off his mind. He’s so stressed out, I offer to make him feel better because that’s what mommies are for..we make everything better. Curious at my offer I lure my son into more mature ways to ease his mind. I slowly coax him into letting me touch his penis outside his pant and finally pull his cock out. “im going to put my mouth on it that ok?”I ask. “You do this with daddy”, my good boy ask. Up and down I please his cock that I havnt seen in years. Its a bit bigger then my husbands and Im enjoying taking it in my mouth. I moan as I continue to suck and tug on his penis till he is tells me how good my mouth feels. Oh how I long for his hard cock inside me so I entice him. “you know what else feels good?My pussy”. I know he wont be able to resist his sweet moms pussy juices running down her thighs. Removing my mouth from his cock I slowly hop on his erect penis and take him for a ride. “I think Im going to cum mom”…… Will I let him cum inside his mom

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Ashly Anderson – Step-Bro Hoses Down Big Titty Step-Sister FullHD (

I cannot believe that she just walked in on me stroking my dick! And now she wants to watch? She really just wants to sit there and watch me stroke my cock. This is so unreal. Maybe I can convince her to actually help. Her tight, sexy body and that cute face are irresistible…

Yes! I not only have her out of her clothes, but I have her mouth wrapped around me with mom right outside. She works my shaft like a natural even though this is only her second blowjob ever. She’s getting so wet too. Who knew my own sister would have an oral fixation. Lets see what else I can get out of this encounter…

This is by far the best pussy I’ve ever had. She probably shouldn’t mention to her boyfriend that her own brother fucked her little brains out and took her virginity. She is so hot bent over and moaning while I take her. I think to finish I’ll let her ride me for a bit before I ask her to swallow every last drop of my cum. I have to be quick or mom will definitely hear us. We both talk in this one.

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