Giselle Palmer, Sarah Vandella – Work Cums First – Boss Fuck Me and My Daughter SD 2018

When Giselle’s boss asks her to bring over some important documents that just can’t wait, she jumps at the chance to impress, having idolized her boss for quite some time. The door is unlocked when she arrives, and Giselle steps into the lavish home to find her boss (Sarah Vandella) and her boss’s husband (Stirling Cooper) dressed for a party. She demurely offers to leave, not wanting them to be late to their event, but the couple has no intention of letting such a gorgeous babe like Giselle out of their clutches anytime soon. Work may cum first, but one can hardly call the kind of fun this sexy trio gets up to be anything like work.

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Fell-On Taboo Passions – Anastasia Rose & Madisin Lee – My Slutty Daughter – Mommy know what you need FullHD

Added: 11/22/16 11:34am

Anastasia cannot wait to see her brother for the holidays. She has really missed her brother’s cock. When she walked into the living room she noticed her mother left her vibrator out. She picked it up and masturbated while she fantasized about fucking her brother. Madisin Came home from work and found her slutty daughter masturbating with her vibrator. “I can’t have her running around like a horny slut while all the family is here for Thanksgiving.” She is just going to have to fuck the slut right out of her daughter will behave like a good girl. Madisin grabbed the vibrator and started licking her younger daughter cunt while vibrating her ass. Then she put on a strap on and Anastasia rode it cowgirl until her wet cunt was satisfied. “Now, go clean up and be a good girl for mommy!”

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Ashley Fires, Genevieve Sinn, Harlo Adams – Mommys Little Helper – Threesome Family Porn HD


Gen wakes up to find Mommy sitting on the bed with her. She wonders why Mommy is sitting there and dressed like she was. But she was happy to see her. Mommy has been working so much lately she was hardly at home. Mommy tells her that she was going to have to start helping her big brother around the house more. Mom was going to be too busy now so she would have to be the woman of the house. And with that title, comes great responsibility.

Gen was exciting to do more around the house and Mom could totally count on her for anything! Mommy told her that her Brother was going to need some special attention from her. That Mommy usually takes care of all his needs and now it was up to her! She told Mommy that she knows how to make a PB&J the way he likes it! Mommy smiles and brushed back her hair “that’s good baby but your Brother need something more.” Gen look puzzled. Her Mother explained that she was old enough now to help take care of her Brother in a sexual way.

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Jessica Rex, Mindi Mink – Stepmothers Muff For Dinner – Lesbian Mother/Daughter game SD avi [pervmom/2018]

Description: Dinner with my stepmom later that night was business as usual. Mostly silence until she decided to scold me on my eating etiquette. Could she just shut the fuck up and keep her opinions to herself for once? It got to the point where she was so upset that she commanded me to lick her pussy. It tasted much better than the food she had made that’s for sure! She instructed me on how to use my tongue to pleasure her. I think she was starting to like me 🙂 No need for dessert tonight!

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Genevieve Sinn, Harlo Adams – Banging My Virgin Little Sister HD

Added: 10/23/16 3:20pm

Now that Mommy has taught her sweet eager daughter Genevieve to suck her big brothers cock, Mommy feels she’s now ready for the next step in her training. Now it’s time for Genevieve to experience her big brothers cock. It’s so exciting because it’s her first time.

Mommy is so proud of her little angels. They seem to have great chemistry. Mommy is happy. Especially when she screams out during her first cum from a dick. “Yes Mommy Yes right there” Mommy tells her baby boy to cum on his little sister’s cunt after he pumps her pink gash long and hard. He is a good boy and does as he is told. He pulls out although he wants to stay in. Splattering her tan pussy and tummy with his white gooey load of spooge. Mommy quickly sucks up all of it and spits it in her daughters mouth and kisses her deeply. – FULL HD VERSION 1080/30p.

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Jerky Wives – Nikki Brooks – Loving Blackmail – Neighbor Affair – Initial Encounter – Erasing Evidence – Tasting Mommy HD 2017

Scene One: Neighbor Affair
Son learns Mom is having an affair with the neighbor Cory Chase. Son sees them walking into Cory’s house, kissing and touching. He walks around to the back window and records Mom and Cory in various positions of sex, licking nipples and pussies…ect…
He plans to use this recording to later blackmail his slutty Mom for sex and more…

Scene Two: Initial Encounter
Later on, Son comes out to the living room to talk with Mom. She’s sick of his lazy ass, just like his father, and it’s time that he moves out. He’s out of school and doing nothing but partying and sleeping all day. Son says I have video of you and the neighbor, etc. Son says he’s not leaving unless she wants to explain to dad why she was sucking on the neighbors tits. Nikki gets enraged. Son says she belongs to him now and will do what he says or her cushy little suburban housewife life goes bye-bye. Son says now that you’re mine, take out your tits. Take off your dress, come give me a handjob. Better be quick before Dad finds out. Which she does. Mom complains the entire time while she strokes his cock.

Scene Three: Erasing Evidence
Next day – Mom tries to sweet talk him into erasing the tape. Says she knows what he wants and she will do it if he erases it. She slowly takes off her top and starts to blow him. Halfway through she says erase the tape and I will swallow everything. Son erases a video from the phone. She finishes him off. Afterwards he says that was fantastic but since he made a dozen copies of the video, tomorrow he wants her to come to his room in a skirt and no panties since he’s always wondered what she tastes like.
Scene Four: Tasting Mommy
Mom shows up dressed how he wants. Says she can’t keep doing this. She doesn’t want to hurt his father and she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship with him (her son). She says please just erase them and they will talk about continuing this for a few more weeks. Son says that’s an option but it will only work if she gives him the best blowjob of his life. She does reluctantly and he again erases a few more videos then assures her there are no more copies. She starts saying what a dumb little he is and his ass is gone from the house tomorrow. He shows her a new video of her blowing him while saying he knew she was trying to manipulate him and says dad gets it tomorrow unless she is in his room naked when he wakes up. He says that her ass belongs to him and he’s going to enjoy every bit of it tomorrow.

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Karma Rx, Cory Chase – Mom’s Massage – Mommy Daughter Secret – Mothers Homecumming Massage SD 2018

Added: 2/25/18 9:20am

Scene One: Mom’s massage

It’s been years since Cory has seen her daughter Karma. She’s not the girl she was when she left. Breast enlargement, tattoos, belly ring and a smoking hot body has turned Cory’s little girl into a bimbo barbie doll! “Look at you!” Cory says in shock. Cory would be angry at her if she wasn’t just so turned on by it. “I’m really tired from the trip, I’m going to go rest” Karma says and leaves for her old room.

Cory knows that Karma is tired so she offers her hot daughter a nice relaxing massage. “Thanks mom” Karma sighs and lays on the bed. Warm oil is poured over her as Cory’s hands glide over her daughter’s back. “You know sweety, it may be better if you take your clothes off” Cory says. Weirded out Karma takes off her clothes, it is her mother after all. God Cory’s hands feel good all over her body. Cory rolls her over and begins rubbing her daughter’s big tits. “Just relax” Cory whispers.

Scene Two: I want a promotion

“I thought maybe we could talk about my promotion?” Karma says to her boss. She’s dressed extra sexy today in hopes she can convince her boss of her worth. Normally she has men wrapped around her finger, but Cory is a bit harder to convince. “I’ll give you a promotion when you deserve one” Cory scolds her. “I’ll do anything, I really need a promotion” Karma pleads with her.

“Strip out of your clothes” Cory demands. Karma is shocked, but what choice does she have. Cory makes Karma takes off her clothes just the way Cory want’s, doing a sexy little dance and humiliating herself. Cory gets off on making straight girls into her little lesbian whores. “Touch yourself” Cory tells her. Taking off her clothes Cory makes Karma masturbate to her hot body. She’s going to earn that promotion.

Scene Three: Tasting Karma

Pushing her back on the desk Cory wants to taste Karma’s shame. “I have a boyfriend” Karma pleads with her. “You’re going to enjoy this, and you will do anything I say” Cory kisses her big pouty lips. Putting her face into Karma’s wet hot pussy, Cory licks her better than anyone has before. Even though she’s disgusted by it, Cory’s tongue feels so fucking good.

“Spread those legs” Cory commands and puts her tongue deep into Karma’s sensitive pussy. What the fuck, Karma thinks as her body begins to shake and she cums like a horny slut. “Do you think you’re gay, letting your boss lick your pussy?” Cory taunts her. “It’s your turn” Cory commands. So turned on Cory cums faster than she could imagine all over Karma’s hot face. Does Karma get the promotion or is this just the start of her new job description?

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Cameron Canela – Mother and Father help Daughter learns about sex Before College – Threesome sex HD [Las Vegas, NV/22 year old/2018]

I’m a young, tight, 18 year old girl wanting to learn about sex to please the guys at school. So I ask my step-daddy to help me learn and he happily obliges. But Mommy walks in just as I’m learning how to suck cock the right way, and slide it down my tight throat!! Thankfully mommy wasn’t too upset and she actually agreed to help me learn, so she shows me just how to handle a good cock and set of balls in my mouth. After a bit of practice she teaches me how to put on a condom and put it in my tight pussy.

Step-daddy makes me squeal a bit because he’s big… After it starts to feel really good, mommy wants it in her ass and she shows me how to do anal. She then has me climb on top of step-daddy and put it in my ass, this makes me squeal A LOT (yelp, actually). I fuck his dick hard and deep in my tight asshole and mommy films it, telling me how proud of me she is the whole time. I turn around and face daddy so he can see my beautiful face while I ride him. He’s ready to cum and mommy shows me what comes out of a dick. She has him put it on my stomach and then shows me how to clean up the mess properly….

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Fetish Bizarre – Payton Hall, Hope Harper – Mommy Cant Resist! – Sleep Fetish, Lesbian Family Game HD 2017

Added: 2/14/17 05:16AM

Categories:Payton Hall, Hope Harper, Mother, Daughter, Teen, MILF, Granny, Big Tits, Big Ass, Roleplay, Cheaiting, Wife, Female Domination, Passed Out, Lesbian, Cunnilingus

Payton Hall is a happily married woman who lives with her husband and he18-year-oldar old daughter Hope, Payton holds a sordid secret; ever since the day Hope turned 18 Payton has felt strong incestuous lesbian urges stirring deep inside her, resulting in an equally strong desire to eat her daughter’s pussy. Payton has managed to suppress these urges for many months but now they are so strong that she can’t deny them any longer!

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NASTY FAMILY Payton Hall, Paige – Daughter Seduces Her Mom – Finger Fucking, Pussy Eating and Kissing HD

Category: Mother and Daughter, Lesbian, Big Tits, Mother, Daughter, Teen, MILF, Granny, Roleplay, Cheating, Wife, Female Domination, Passed Out, Netorare, Lesbian, Cunnilingus, Anilingus, Helpless, Big Tits, Big Ass, Small Tits

Paige comes home and finds her mom on the couch because she was drinking too much wine. Paige wants to watch television so she helps her mom into the bedroom. She starts to take her mom’s clothes off and when she gets to her mother’s bra she takes a few seconds to actually feel her up. Payton is still very much out of it but she does feel her daughters hands on her breasts. She tells Paige to stop it but this only seems to make Paige more aggressive. She stakes of Payton’s pants and begins to manipulate her pussy. Payton is slowly coming out of her stupor and tells Paige again to stop it because it’s not right they are mother and daughter. Paige takes off her clothes and puts her head between Payton’s legs and begins to eat her pussy. Payton is caught in the awesome situation. She knows that what her daughter is doing to her is absolutely wrong but she can’t and no longer wants to stop her. Payton and Paige enjoy some amazing mother and daughter sex

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Payton Hall & Zoe – Mom & Daughter Make A Porno Blowjob – Mother-In-Law, Only Blowjob, Only Handjob HD

Category: Mother and Daughter, Lesbian, Big Tits, Cheating, Chubby, Cum on Tits, Daughter, Deepthroat, Female Domination, MILF, Mother, Mother-In-Law, Only Blowjob, Only Handjob, Payton Hall, Swallow, Teen, Threesome, Wife, Zoe Rae, MILF,Blowjob,Dirty Talk,

When twisted milf Payton Hall catches teen Zoe jerking off a nice looking dick she wants in on the action too. Since her hubby is away she makes Zoe film her while she sucks his big cock.

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Family Manipulation – Tara Ashley and Vienna Rose – Mom and Dad Help You Get Off? MP4 SD [studio/110082/]

Added: 1/23/18 3:15pm

My wife and I got a call from a poilce buddy of mine that our daughter has gotten into some trouble. There’s a small chance that she could face jail time, but I can easily get her case thrown out of court… My daughter knows I’m the only person that can help her out, and I know she’ll do just about anything for my help…

This is the perfect time to do this hunny! She’s vulnerable and desperate…

Are you sure we should? She is our daughter after all…

I know you want it just as bad as I do, we’ve been talking about this forever!

The thought of you going down on her does turn me… Are we really doing this?

Yes! She’ll do anything for us right now since we’re the only ones that can keep her out of jail!

After talking it over with my wife, she convinced me that it would be easy to manipulate her young mind to allow us to have our way with her… We pulled up her shirt and made her promise not to tell anyone about this… She was hesitant at first… but finally gave in and let us have our fun… as a family. Watch as my wife and I screw and creampie our despairing daughter!! After I came in my daughter’s 18 year old fertel vagina, my wife licked my cum out her dripping spread pussy. I wasn’t too worried about her getting pregnant, cause as a good mother, she said she would take her to the clinic to get a plan B pill. I have the best wife in the world, so thoughtful!!

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Chanell Heart, Osa Lovely – Step Mom and Daughter Share Cock – Incest Threesome SD [ /]

Hot Ebony MILF Osa Lovely is cleaning up her step daughter Chanell’s room, then she hears her come into the house with her boyfriend. Not wanting to be seen she hides in the closet. To her surprise, they start undressing and getting hot and heavy. As she watches her daughter suck on the big black dick, she gets turned on and decides to join in on the fun. Don’t miss these two getting wildy fucked in a hot threesome.

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