Jayne Cobb – Stepmom Fucks Naughty Stepson HD (720p/mavyvids.com/2016)

Jul 26 2016

We were out and about today and you just wouldn’t listen. You kept doing things I asked you not to, you even embarrassed me while we were shopping for my new lingerie! I’m so mad right now! It’s time for you to be punished! I want you to sit down, and take what’s coming to you! I’m going to tease you with my hot MILF body, and make you crazy jealous of what your dad gets to fuck! My perfect soft milky white tits with pretty little pink nipples! They’re so hard when see that bulge in your pants! My pussy is so juicy! I can see you trying to fight it. Your dick is getting harder by the second, your balls ache and your dirty mouth waters at the sight of my pink pussy. How did your dad get so lucky! I play with my wet pussy, making it wetter until it’s dripping down my smooth thighs. I love the taste of my own pussy. It’s just so sweet! But then your cock is so hard you can’t take it. You knew you wouldn’t be able to hide it forever, and now I’m touching you with my feet while wearing those stockings you like to sneak into my bedroom and sniff. You’ve even used them to jerk off before. They feel so good and I know it’s torture for you so I wrap my feet around your throbbing cock, getting your precum all over them and start stroking you. Your heart is pounding, your knees are weak. You’d do just about anything for me at this point! Now that I’m so turned on by how bad you want me, I tell you to get up, it’s time for you to make it up to me. So you take your big dick and start rubbing mommy’s pussy with it.Teasing my clit and making it swell. Take your dick and press it inside me nice and slow. First just the head, you can already feel how tight I am. You’d always wondered why you could hear me moaning when your dad’s out of town. Now you know! It’s because his cock is so small, I’m practically a virgin. You’re better in every way, including your bigger dick! It fills and stretched my pussy until it almost hurts! You can see me blushing now, my pussy creaming more and more with every thrust! I want it bad! I want you to fuck me and show me how good you feel inside me! I can’t take it anymore, you’ve been pounding my pussy and it just feel so good! I start cumming and screaming your name and you can’t hold back either. My tight pussy squeezing your cock and milking your cum right out of you! I beg you to cum in my pussy! It’s okay, baby, no one will know! Just do it for Mommy! Cum in my pussy

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Butt3rflyforU Fantasies – Mommy Dresses Up In A Sexy Christmas Outfit For You! HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 12/9/15 9:00am

You are always masturbating secretly to me but this time I am going to dress up in a special holiday outfit and actually encourage you to stroke that cock right in front of me! I want you to show me what you do and what you think about when you think of me! I am flattered you love my tight body and huge tits! I want that hot load ALL over my huge tits at the end of this video! ENJOY!

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Butt3rflyforu – Milf Humiliates Cuckold For Uncut Cock Fullhd (1080p/clisp4sale.com/2017)

Added: 1/16/16 9:00am

First hardcore Video with Rae Knight / Butt3rflyforu

You are traveling and have not had any sex with me for awhile. I can’t keep my secret anymore! Your uncut cock disgusts me! I have been going to our neighbors house almost daily so I can suck and ride a perfectly cut and BIG cock! I just can’t take your small, disgusting floppy foreskin cock any longer! I want you to watch how a real hung stud pleases my pussy! I even saved the cum filled condom for you to have sloppy seconds! ENJOY!

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Butt3rflyforU – Full Moon Transforms Frumpy Mom Into Hot Milf Fullhd (1080p/clisp4sale.com/2017)

Added: 2/3/17 3:00pm

You come over to my house and you are a terrible influence on my son! Whenever you are around, my son is lazy and does nothing but watch video games and TV!!! You guys waste the entire day!!!!!!! I will even pay you to NOT be his friend!!!! I notice the sun going down and getting darker and darker….and little do you know, when the moon is full, I transform from a conservative , frumpy mother into a Hot a fuck MILF that you just want your cock in every hole….I beg you to leave…telling you take my money…call an uber…JUST LEAVE!!!!!! But it’s too late…the moon is out and it is FULL!!!!! Slowly you see my frumpy flats and ankle socks transform into black thihg highs and hot red bottomed heels……then buttons start popping on my ugly, long polka dot dress and by huge , fake double d’s pop out!!!! Your eyes are bugging out of your head!! Your dick is beginning to throb and to your disbelief, I start complimenting your body…and telling you how good you look and that I LOVE young boys that come over!!! My ugly dress is now a RED HOT TIGHT club dress that is so tight I can’t even wear panties under it….I start bending over and showing you my tight, hot milf body and telling you how I love seeing your cock grow in your jeans! I demand that you take it out and start to stroke it to me….I bend over and insert my finger into my wet pussy from behind and you can hear the gushing and how wet I am….I am begging you to stroke…telling you how fast and asking where would you like to cum!?!?!?!?! This is a dream come true for you!!!!! You now know only to come over just as the full moon is exposing itself!!!! You know that I will expose everything to you!!!! ENJOY!

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Butt3rflyforU – Mommy’s Handjob In Her BMW Fullhd (1080p/clisp4sale.com/2017)

Added: 1/24/17 3:00pm

Daddy is out of town and you have been wanting to test drive my new car. Mommy has a huge soft spot for her baby boy and basically gives in to whatever you want. I hand you the keys and tell you don’t tell Daddy I’m letting you drive. We decided to go to the guy together too….I have never had you as a workout partner and I am so looking forward to letting all the young boys in the gym know that my hot son is with me today…I am sure no one will hit on me with you by my side!!!!! We get into the car and you cant take your eyes off my tight yoga top…my tits are spilling out…we back out of the driveway and you keep staring…..We get about 1 mile away and I notice you have a HUGE erection in your gym shorts…I begin rubbing your hard, young cock through your pants…and tell you to turn around….we need to take care of this in the driveway at home before we go to the gym….you can’t be working out with that big boner…..I didn’t know my tits had that affect on you honey…..Mommy’s big tits make my baby boy’s dick so hard…here….sweetie…take it out…..recline the seat and let mommy relieve that raging hard on Smile ENJOY!

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Butt3rflyforU – Breed Me College Student FullHD (1080p/clisp4sale.com/2017)

Added: 3/3/17 06:00PM

There’s something different about professor Knight today. She asked you to stay after class so she could discuss something..you’re worried…..Once everyone left, she starts asking you questions….personal questions….it’s hard for you to focus. You can’t help but to stare at her cleavage and sexy black panties under her short skirt. It’s almost as if her pussy is calling for you….She is also tallking very seductively to you….there is just something about her. You can hear it in her voice…you can smell it in the air….she is horny…..horny as hell!!! She is asking you about your family history, diseases….illnesses…..You can feel your cock start to swell up as she comes closer….she asks you one more thing….”I need to know…as she gropes your dick through your pants, “I need to know you’ve got a nice cock in case we have a baby boy..I want him to have a big cock like his daddy”…your cock grows harder and harder…she also tells you she stopped taking birth control when she saw you were in her class…she knows she is ovualating today….she is so fertile….You know she is fertile….You have the same hair color as my husband so he will never ask for a paternal test and I don’t want his genes pasted on….he has a small, useless cock..I need a nice , big , young, and extra fertile boy to impregnate me!!!!!! You can enjoy watching my belly grow while in my class too!!! She turns around, you unzip your pants and release your rock hard manhood out….she turns around and sits down on you…begging you to shoot your seed deep inside her cervix, fertiziling her..inseminating her…breeding her!!!! ENJOY!

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Jerk Off Instructions Syren De Mer – Syren’s big Mommy`s titties HD (720p/clisp4sale.com)

Added: 10/13/11 10:33AM

Your friend’s mom is waiting for your mom, but she is nowhere to be found. You decide to hang out and chat with her. You have always had a thing for her, since she is a hot redhead. She seems ready to pounce on you and you would not mind that at all. Yeah, she is older, but these older women know exactly what they want. You like the thought of that and it is clear that she is hot for you. Can you keep a secret? Okay, then, tell Miss Syren what you like. You like long hair because you can pull it as you are fucking her. There is no time for that, so she decides to take the lead and show you her titties. You have to show her what is in your pants, though. She likes your big dick and she wants to see how you work it. Her boobs are big and soft and she talks about your dick rubbing between them. Your dick gets harder and you stroke with more force. Syren shimmies down her skirt and her body is better than you thought it would be. She has a flat stomach and some sexy tattoos. She wears a black thong, but it soon comes off as well. Keep stroking that dick for MILF Syren, but do it exactly as she tells you to. Her pussy is clean shaven, save for the landing strip she has. She touches her pussy as she watches you jerking off. You should speed up because your mother will soon be home. Where will you cum today? Miss Syren wants your cum all over her big MILF titties and you do.

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Missbehavin26 – Mommy / Mother Wants to make a Baby FullHD (1080p/manyvids.com/2017)

Script: You are a single mom to one son, but you want a daughter as well. You enter your son’s room wearing a sexy nighty with a lace thong on underneath . You tell your son that there is something you want to talk to him about. Sit on the bed cross legged, ‘accidentally’ giving your son a view of your panties. You talk to your son about how much you appreciate him helping you out after his dad left all those years ago. But you ask him if he feels a bit lonely, just mom and son; you tell him that you do. You ask if he would like a sister? You talk about how it would be extra work, but it would make you and your son feel more like a family. He agrees. Now you start to act a bit teasing. You say you have something else to ask him, but you want him to promise not to freak out. You try to hint at it first, and play with your clothes around your tits, and fidget to move your hips and draw attention between your legs. You realise he isnt getting it so you just tell your son: you want him to be the one who gets you pregnant. He is a feels a little odd about it but you notice him get hard talking about it. You tease him more, maybe flash him and say ‘it seems like you have thought about mommy before, huh, ‘oedipus”! At this point you pretty much start to dirty talk to your son, mentioning breeding and how it turns you on, while stripping. Suck your sons cock a little, to get it super hard, and then fuck him with lots of dirty t talk. At some point say ‘This is what mommy did with daddy to make you’, and ask ‘so you like the idea of inbreeding your mommy?’ I dont know if you like the word ‘cunt’ so I wont insist, but it would be hot if you use it. Again this is up to if you are willing, but I would love to see you riding reverse cowgirl, and slip a finger into your ass while dirty talking about son fucking it, saying stuff like ‘maybe next time’. It would also be hot if you talk about maybe having a threesome with mom, son and daughter when she is grown up. Ill pretty much leave this up to you though, you are the queen of dirty talk

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Meana Wolf – Make Mommy Pregnant HD (720p/clisp4sale.com/2017)

Added: 11/10/17 11:43pm

Sweety it’s no big deal… your step father and I just are a little on edge right now. I’m sorry you overheard our argument. The truth is… we’re trying to get pregnant. I know it’s crazy right? But I’m still young, and having you was the best decision I’ve ever made… and now that your step dad and I have gotten married it only seems right to have another baby. Can you keep a secret though? You know I love him… but I’ve been lying to him about when I’m ovulating… I know it’s wrong but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I love him but I chose him because I knew he would be good to us and love and take care of us…not necessarily because of his genetics. Not like your dad, I know you never met him but he was so handsome and strong. You remind me so much of him. Your perfect body… your full thick hair…I’d want my second baby to be just like you. Son, I know this is a strange thing for a mother to ask… but maybe you could help mommy? Maybe you could help our family… if you made mommy pregnant than everyone could be happy. You’ll get a little sister or brother, your step dad gets a son or daughter…and mommy gets the perfect new baby, just like you. It will be our little secret… just this one time baby… just make mommy pregnant.

Clip Contains: Your ovulating mother will do whatever it takes to get pregnant again… but she doesn’t want her new husband’s sperm. She wants her son to fill her up with his young, healthy, perfect cum. She wants you to fertilize her fresh eggs and put a baby in her tummy. It’s so natural… you can smell that she’s ready to be inseminated… you shoot your giant load deep inside your mom’s creamy pussy as she cums on your rock hard dick. It’s your little secret.

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