Jerky Wives – Andi James, Luke Longly, Nicky Rebel – Falling for Nonna – Full Incest Video SD mp4 2018

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Back Story – Andi is in dept up to her lovely natural DDD breasts and owes many creditors. Her Son Luke has acquired her debts but she must pay him back with sex and blowjobs anytime he wants. She hates this arrangement and is willing to do anything to break her contract, including seducing her grandson Nicky to do something terrible…

Scene One: Grandma Has a Secret

The summer rainy season came early this year. Andi was trying to tan but the weather turned nasty. She walks in the house only wearing a robe and a need to rub some lotion on her body. Andi hears Nicky walking in his room and calls him over. She sweetly asks her Grandson to rub lotion all over her body and drops her robe a bit. Nicky begins to massage and rub in the lotion. Andi looks back and begins the the seduction…

Just as Nicky goes too low for a family member to lotion, Andi tries to tell him a secret but Dad walks in and pulls Nonna away. Nicky is left with a look of shock and follows behind to see where everyone went.

He works up the nerve to look thru the crack of the open door and sees his Father fucking his Nonna. Andi is taking the dick from behind and looks over to see Nicky staring back. Dad finishes and walks into the Bathroom…Nicky cannot believe what he has just seen…Andi is left crying on the bed and all Nicky can do is walk away with his mouth open in disbelief…

Scene Two: Morning after

Stressed and confused Nicky’s in his room trying to figure out what the fuck he just saw. His grandmother comes in to check on him and talk to him about it. There’s only one way she knows how to fix things. Andi opens up her robe to her curious grandson and lets him see her body. Seeing his dick push against his sheets she reaches down and touches his strong legs and big cock. Just then his dad calls for her to make breakfast and she leaves him even more confused than before.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come home” Andi says, on her grandson’s bed with her body exposed and her legs open she touches herself. Calling him over she pulls down his pants and makes him do as he’s told. He’s not sure what to think as she strokes and sucks him until he’s hard. Guiding him on top of her she moans as his young cock makes her feel sexy again.

Scene Three: Dad is out

That weekend the family goes out to the park. When they get back home Andi prepares a very special lemonade for her son and lets him get the rest he needs. Now that Luke is sleeping peacefully on the couch she brings her grandson into the living room.

After being blackmailed by her son for so long it’s empowering for her to take control again. A ultimate act of revenge to fuck her grandson in front of him. Sucking his big cock and taking control of his inexperience to use him. She fucks him everywhere on the couch until they’re both soaked in sweat and lust. Making him shoot his big load of cum all over her tits and making her feel like a sexy slut for the first time in years.

Scene Four: Secrets revealed

Morning coffee in hand dad heads out to work unknowingly leaving his son and mother to make out in the kitchen. They waste no time striping each other giving into their pent up lust. Moaning and touching Nicky licks his grandmother’s pussy and makes her shudder with pleasure.

“Oh fuck” She moans from deep inside her body as he bends her over the counter and rams his dick inside her. Now with a little more confidence he fucks her better than ever before. “I want you to fucking cum in your Nonna’s cunt!” She screams and tightens down on him milking him inside her. “I love fucking you” She whispers to him catching her breath.

Now that she has him under her control she reveals her plan, use him to end her son and break her blackmail….

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Taboo POV – Raven Hart – Step Mom Caught me Jerking off to her HD mp4 [720p/2018]

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My stepmom looks like a pornstar! She’s so fucking hot! She has these amazing huge fake tits that I want my dick between so bad. She showers with the fucking door unlocked. Come on! She has to see the way I look at her. She knows how hot she is. She flirts with me and my friends all the time. She wants young cock and I’m happy to give it to her…

After she caught me, she got dressed for work but couldn’t let it go. She came in the front room and said she saw me jerking off watching her. She said that she thought the right thing to do would be to let me finish. WTF! Thanks Mom! She was eager to pull my cock out. I knew mommy was naughty. Her soft hands stroking the tip and then sliding to the base. She took off her shirt and bra showing me her beautiful mature pierced rack. Getting down low and stroking me hard mommy was getting me close to cumming. I was trying to make it last. This was amazing! She pulled, stroked and jerked until I dumped my load in her loving motherly hands.

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Family Therapy Satin Handjob – Mother Son Family Game FullHD mp4 2018

Custom (no name): “A young man is sent to a psychiatrist because he’s been caught by his mother masturbating with her panties. He is lying on the couch & explains to the therap1st that he has a satin fetish. She’s never heard of that fetish before but she happens to be wearing satin: a sating blouse, a satin chemise, and satin panties. She decides to experiment & take notes, showing the young man each satin layer & observing his reactions. As she strips, she asks about his fetish. Finally, she puts her satin blouse over his young cock & gives him a handjob with the smooth material. His cock is covered by the satin blouse the whole time, and she is in control & “cold” about the act but he still enjoys it very much.”

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Virtual Femdom Porn – You’d Jerk Off to Me No Matter What I Was Wearing SD mp4

So, you want more? How badly do you want it? I have a feeling… no, I KNOW… that you adore me so much that you would jerk off to me no matter what I may be wearing. Isn’t that so? I can tease you… and you’ll worship me. I can hint at what I have in store for you… and you’ll just beg me to give it to you. Oh, and I will… teasing you at first, then putting my big, plastic diapered ass right in your FACE. Jerk for me, come for me, tell me how badly you want it.

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Syren De Mer – Mom’s Day Off – Cheating Mom Blackmailed HD mp4 2018

Damn! Mom is wearing those tight short shorts again! What is she doing home so early? I could not help but stare at her big ass while she bent over. She makes my cock so hard. She knows exactly what she is doing to a young man my age with all those curves. She caught me looking, but instead of scolding me like any other mom would do, she teased me instead. She took off her shorts and grabbed the electrical cord and played with her pussy. She drives my cock wild. Then she told me to come clean her pussy. No problem mom!

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Mallory Sierra – Son Wants This for That – Crazy Mommy`s Tits Fuck FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Mallory is so excited about the arcade at the hotel. She can’t wait to go in and play all the games. She excitedly shows it to her Son …who just can’t stop checking her out in her skimpy clothes. They’re supposed to meet the rest of the family, but Son gets a nasty idea. He promises Mallory that he will bring her back to play all the games in the arcade if she’s willing to play with him first. Mallory knows exactly what Son wants and eagerly agrees….

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Taboo Mom Natasha – It’s Magic – Family Vintage Porn FullHD mp4

Straight laced mild mannered mom loves her son and husband and dotes on the both of them. After she kisses her husband goodbye she raises her son for school. He seems to be very interested in magic and wants her help to perfect a trick. Little does mom know, se is about to fall into a deep sleep…one that sends her into a world of sexual heat and firey lust like shes never known. She becomes aroused with her son and slowly the clothes come off and the dirty words ensue. This erotic story is shot in cinematic mode to capture the mood perfectly. You wont want to miss what happens while mom is under her sons spell… this is the clip to top all others.

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Katie71 – Mom Makes Sons Bad Date Better FullHD mp4 [American / Texas, USA/Jun 04 2018]

Son is home from his date early and is really upset as it went bad and he didn’t get any action. Mother could feel his pain and related as her date stood her up. She started expressing her sexual frustration and was very lightly touching herself. She sees her sons cock getting big in his pants and so she asks if he wants to cuddle and spoon like old times. After getting naked and showing him her naked body they begin to touch each other and it leads to sucking his cock and hot passionate sex. They both end up coming and the son comes deep inside his mom.

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