Tiffany Brookes, Jay Smooth – Tiffany’s Mouthful of Pleasure – Mommy love Deepthroat HD [1080p/2018]

Mommy Blows Best

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Tiffany Brookes is back and ready to suck on some hard cock. Horny milf Tiffany is so excited to wrap her soft lips on Jay’s stiff cock. She grabs it with both hands and shoves it deep down her throat. Then gets on her knees for a tasty surprise. This is a oral only scene featuring a blowjob in various positions with some face fucking and deepthroating.

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Stop and Go as the Deck Decides Your Fate – Mommy Orgasm Control SD mp4 2017

Added: 4/11/17 05:55AM

We both love a good challenge… especially when I’m the one controlling YOURS! Now, get that cock out, have your hard-on ready… it’s time to play. I’m in a spunky mood… are you?? I’m layering on the flirting, the fun, the TEASE… oh, how I enjoy TOYING with you. Meanwhile, it’s the cards that determine just how long you get to stroke before it’s time to STOP. Hand after hand, I’ll randomly draw, and you’ll stroke along as I count your handful of seconds to ecstasy. No coming until the very end!

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Mrs Mischief – The Devil in My Sons Dick Mp4 [ American / Pacific Northwest/1080p/2018]

Of course I’ll say your night-night prayers with you tonight, son…that makes Mom’s heart so happy! You’re such a good boy, still saying your prayers after all these years, on your knees with your hands clasped beside the bed…you look so sweet down there, baby.

You have a special prayer you want Mom to help you with tonight? Sure son…but you know that jesus doesn’t need you to do it any special way, right? As long as you have goodness in your heart…what’s your special prayer, baby?

What’s that? Son….did you just say that you need god to bless your penis? Why would you be praying for your penis, baby…did something awful happen to your penis?.. Show Mommy right now!.. Oh, you’re not hurt…so why would you want Mom to help you pray for it, son? It’s inappropriate for you and me to be talking about your penis…jesus doesn’t like it, really, for Mom’s and sons to talk about penises..

You think what? That the Devil is in your penis? Oh baby…that’s just silly! You can’t possibly have the Devil in your penis, son.

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Annabelle Rogers – Mom Pegging Son With Strap-on FullHD [American / Midwest/1080p/2018]

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I am in the kitchen, wearing only an apron. I realize you are watching mom, and that your naked with a little “stiffy” – I admire it. I lift you up onto the counter, and pull the apron aside to tease you with my breasts a little. Smear a little jam on my nipples and we lick it off together. I tell you to open your legs wide, and start playing with your cock/balls/butt. At times I use my fist to pretend it is your asshole (as shown a bit in the trailer). I show you that Mommy has a stiffy too – I am wearing my strap on under the apron. I rub your stiffy against mommy’s, then gently fuck your butt with it, while encouraging you to stroke yourself. You cum all over mommy’s boobs and we clean it up together

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Taboo-Fantasy – Alura Jenson – Son’s Morning Wood FullHD


Sonny is crashed, late on a Saturday morning, like young boys tend to do. Sonny’s Mom is going through the house, collecting dirty clothes….as Saturday morning is when she does the Laundry. When his Mom comes into his bedroom…she notices that Sonny has a Massive erection!!! Mom knows that the best Hard-On in the World is…..Morning Wood!!! She has been enjoying Sonny’s Dad’s Morning Wood for years….and Son or not…..Mom doesn’t want to let this magnificent Morning Erection go to waste!! Being careful not to wake him….Sonny’s Mom pulls down the covers and begins to masturbate him. The site of his big, hard, young cock in her hands makes Mom very horny….and she begins to strip her clothes off as she continues to masturbate Sonny. When she senses that her Son is going to make a “Nocturnal Emission”…..Mom leans in and takes Sonny’s load onto her Gigantic Tits!!! Mom cleans Sonny up…and goes back to doing the Laundry, as Sonny remains out of it…never the wiser. We can only imagine what he may be dreaming about

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Ashley Masons Play House – Mommy Son Creampie 3 – Therapist is Your New Mommy HD

Added: 12/15/16 08:36AM

My son has been very sexually active from an early age. A year or so ago we started talking openly about his sexual partners. The talk really turns me on, I get so turned on I have to make him fuck me. He always has one last creampie for his mommy even if he has fucked 3 girls that day. I put in my butt plug then I sucked his cock just the way he likes it. next I climbed onto his cock and rode it until he pumped my tight pussy FULL of his cream.

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