Maternal Seductions – Andi James – Mommy Is All I Need – Mommy By Day FullHD [1080p/clips4sale/2018]

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2) Mom is sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, still in the previous night’s bathrobe. She looks up at me as I enter the kitchen. She gets up and the bathrobe falls open showing she is wearing nothing underneath. She walks up to me, grabs my face with her hands and kisses me. She the steps back, lets her robe drop off, kneels and starts giving me head. After this, I pull her up and place Mom on the Table. She plays with her boobs, stares directly at me, breathes short fast breaths until we both cum. When she cums, she lets go of her boobs and slams her on the table.

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Katya Rodriguez, Tia Cyrus – Share With Mommy – Son licking Mom`s Pussy, Big Ass SD 2018

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Katya Rodriguez and her dad are preparing a dinner so her parents can meet her boyfriend Lucas Frost. When Lucas knocks, Katya’s stepmom Tia Cyrus answers the door. The second she lays eyes on Lucas, though, Tia knows she needs to have him. The moment Katya’s back is turned, Tia drops to a crouch and whips out Lucas’s cock so she can suck his big shaft. Putting her big knockers together for a titty fuck, Tia is in the process of working Lucas into a sexual frenzy when Katya spots them.

It takes some fast talking, but Tia convinces Katya to join them instead of ratting her out. Soon Katya is happily sucking away at Lucas’s cock as her stepmom rubs her tits. When Tia settles on the bar stool with her skirt hiked up, Katya leans forward to feast on her stepmom’s pussy. Meanwhile, Lucas slides into her from behind to deliver a proper pussy pounding. Not to leave Tia out, Lucas steps up to fuck her landing strip snatch as well while Katya makes sure to muffle her stepmom’s moans.

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Mommy’s Asshole Will Make You Feel Better – Ass Worship, Mommas Boy FullHD 2016

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You can be in bed and invite me into your room. You notice I’m having a bad day, and I’m feeling anxious. You tell me everything’s ok and that “mommy can help me relax”. You begin to tease me with your body, showing me your sexy legs and toes in those open toe heels. You tell me to start to jerk off slowly for you. You’re saying it with a cute and encouraging tone in your voice and the look in your eyes show me that you’re getting turned on by it too.

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Seducing My Son Before the Wedding – Virtual sex, Seducing Son FullHD

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Honey, I brought your wedding gift a little early… I wanted you to take a peek at it and see if you like it. Hmmm… it sure would be a shame if the size wasn’t right. Your wife to be and I have just about the same type of body. Maybe I should try it on real quick just to make sure it fits… I’ll be right back! There… see? I knew it was the right size and it is SO sexy. It’s more of a present for your future wife but you’ll definitely get some fun out of it! Son, why do you look so…. down? What’s going on? Do you have cold feet about your wedding? It’s normal to get cold feet honey…. oh, you aren’t nervous about the wedding? Well…. are you nervous about your… wedding night? Oh son, why ever would you be nervous about that? You are going to be great, I just know you will! Wait… you are nervous because it’s your….. first time? Your first time to ever have sex? You’re a virgin? Oh honey, well that explains everything. I think I know of a way to take away those pesky pre wedding night jitters. Honey, would you feel any better… any more confident about your wedding night if you had a little experience? I think you would feel much better and mommy can definitely help you out. Why don’t you lie back on the couch and let mommy show you a few things…

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Krystal Star – Mommy makes him Feel better – mommy/son handjob HD 2017

Mommy heard about her Sons terrible breakup with his girlfriend. She tries to talk to him and let him know that Mommy is there for him. He is so upset and can barely talk. She tells him that he will find another girlfriend and there are plenty of fish in the sea for such a good looking boy! She even let’s him know that when she was younger she had a tough time dating. That made him feel some what better. Mom tells him to see the good in the relationship. That at least he got to have sex! He starts crying again. He tells her that he didn’t get to have sex with her! In fact he didn’t even see her boobs! And now he was never going to get another girlfriend ever and would probably be a virgin for the rest of his life! Mommy felt so bad for him. How could a girl not want to be with her beautiful baby boy. Mom decided it was time he at least got to see some boobs even though he was just his Moms. She starts to take down her top and her Son asks her what she was doing? “Mommy is going to make you feel better. I am going to show you my fantastic breasts!” she says. He couldn’t believe what was about to happen. He had always wanted to see his Mom’s boobs. Last time he saw her tits he was too young to appreciate them! But now she was going to present them to him! Mom moves her hand and they are huge and perfect! She notices that her son was visibly excited by the rise in his sheet! She knew it was wrong but she knew it would make him feel so much better. Showing him how desirable he is! Mommy is going to take care of you now. She tells him to be quiet as she slowly strokes his cock. She jerks him as she puts her boobs in his face. He shoots his load all over! Mommy is impressed with how much man juice her son gives her. She play with it and rubs it on her massive breasts. By this point Mommy is very turned on and asks her Son if he would like to see Mommy’s butt! She does a little strip tease for him and he cock gets rock hard again! She rubs her full round butt all over his cock. “Mommy wants more cum! Will you cum for Mommy again?” she asks. Of course he says. She starts to suck her baby boys cock! She makes him shoot his cum all of her breasts! As she is rubbing his cum all over her boobs she asks him if that helped him feel better? She made her Son CUM TWICE so he’s feeling much better now!

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Ashley Masons Play House – Mommy Son quality time – Blond, Incest Porn HD 720p 2017

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I had just come back from the gym and noticed my son out in the sunroom by himself. I went out to talk to him and found out he was very horney. I was feeling kinda horney as well so we decided to have a little bit of quality time. I stripped infront of him, sucked his cock until it was nice and hard. I then made hime fuck me doggy until he was ready to blow a huge load all over mommies tits.

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Alyssa Reece in Skype With Mommy JOI – Mother/Son Fantasy, Taboo Porn FullHD

Hi honey, can you hear me ok? Oh good, I know it’s late but I’m sill up and your father is downstairs watching TV. What are you doing up so late? Looking at porn? Haha I’m serious. It’s ok, everyone does it. Why don’t you show me what you do when you watch it? I’m not kidding. Oh come on sweetheart, it’s not a big deal. Mommy wants to see your cock. Do you want to see mommy? Oh wow it’s so big, I haven’t seen it since you were a little boy. What do you think of your mother? Are you turned on by mommy? I can’t be too loud, we have to make sure your father doesn’t hear us. I want to watch you stroke it for me. Do you want mommy to bend over so you can see my ass? Mommy wants you to stroke it baby, I want you to cum for me. Do you like jerking off for your mother? Mommy loves watching you stroking your hard cock for me, it’s so hot. I want all of your cum baby. In this clip your mother calls you late at night on Skype with your father downstairs. She talks about her day and then asks you if you were up late watching porn. You start to deny it but your mom surprises you by saying it’s no big deal. Then she asks you to show her your cock as she undresses for you. She tells you she wants to watch you jerk off for her.

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