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My son and I have always been very close and the days he comes home for the holidays are such a joy, I always miss him so much.

Our family Friday nights are movie nights where we all sit down in front of the tv in our pj’s and watch a film and share some good quality family bounding, but like always my husband fell asleep as soon as the movie started and my son and I were left alone having fun and commenting about the awkward and funny scenes of the film.

I noticed that night my son had on some very revealing silk pj pants where if you wanted or not, you couldn’t NOT notice the long thick shape of his penis sliding around under the shimmering material. I felt very intrigued and surprised he would dare to wear something like that without any underpants to hide his privates in front of me so I was trying to not give it much thought and went along with it.

But the more a peeked I swear it started to grow in size ever so slightly maybe he wanted me to look or notice, maybe the hot scenes were getting him aroused a bit or maybe I was just thinking too much and making up sick ideas in my head…Why would my son do something like that?…

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Real sex on film is awesome! This video is totally unscripted! I was doing a photoshoot for my Cybersex Monday sale (runs 11/27/17-12/2/17) and randomly decided to blow the photographer. He decided to switch his camera from stills to video. The rest is history! THERE IS NO AUDIO IN THIS CLIP. There is, however, a hell of a lot of cock sucking. This guy loved having his head licked and sucked. I had him trembling by the end of this session, practically begging me to let him cum. I draw things out a little bit, edging him for a while with my hands and mouth. Just when he can’t take it any longer, I suck the cum right out of his body and he explodes, dripping over my lips, tongue, and chin. You can’t deny I’m the queen of sucking cock.

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Added: 11/3/17 3:00am

I can’t believe it! You’re still a virgin? But you’re so cute and totally sexy! Maybe it’s because you’re too shy to talk to pretty girls yet. Well, come here, shy-boy. I don’t need you to do any talking. I’m a little more – shall we say, experienced – than most girls our age, and I’m happy to show you the ropes. Just lean up against this wall, undo your pants, and I’ll take care of the rest. I pull your hard cock out gently, and stroke it with one hand while fondling your balls with the other. God, your balls are so heavy! You really need to cum, don’t you. I wonder how you’ll react when I start teasing your cock with my extra long tongue. Feel it flickering against your balls and under the tip of the head. I can tell you like it. Without hesitation, I wrap my lips around your dick and begin to work the shaft with my lips and tongue. Mmm, feels good, doesn’t it? Don’t be nervous. Just enjoy the sensation. I’ll suck and lick you to my hearts content before ramping up the intensity and driving you to your first orgasm with a real live girl! I’ll even let you cum in my mouth. Hell, since you’re a virgin, I’ll even swallow it – every last drop.

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Added: 8/9/16 04:08AM

You come into your stepmom’s room and you can tell she wants to talk so you sit down and listen to her. She is still in shock about the fact that your father left her. He started cheating on her with one of his interns and then decided that he didn’t want to be married anymore, not to her anyway. You can’t stand to see her upset, you’ve been in love with her since she moved in with you and your dad. Of course you’ve never told her how you felt, she was married to your father after all. You’ve always been very close, you’ve tried to best to ignore your inappropriate feelings towards her. Now everything was about to change, you can be the man of the house now. You want to comfort her, to take care of her. You tell her she’s beautiful and that she deserves so much better than your father. You tell her that you would do anything for her, that she deserves someone who truly loves her. You tell her that if she were yours that you would never do anything to hurt her. You confess that you’ve wanted her for so long. At first, she is surprised but she can’t say no to you. She’s fantasized about you too, she had no idea how you felt. She wants your young cock inside her wet pussy. It’s been so long since she’s felt desired by a man.

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WCA Productions – Coco Vandi – Son Poses Nude For Mom Complete Series FullHD (1080p/

Added: 12/10/17 12:43am

Added: 12/10/17

This is the complete series of Son Poses Nude For Mom, it stars Coco Vandi and is a Taboo Pov series. you can buy both parts together for a discount.

Part 1

My mom went back to collage and is taking a photography class and today she asked me to help. she has a big project due but her model canceled on her at the last minute and she needed me to model for her…… nude! I said i would help and we got the shoot started, after a little while she had me get naked. when i hesitated she asked if there was anything she could do to make me more comfortable, i said she could get naked too and she agreed! in between each set of pictures mom took she would text her professor and asked what other pics she needed for her assignment. each time he would have me and then us doing something a little more wild until finally my raging hard dick was in my moms mouth!

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Makayla Divine – Stepmom Tans Topless Wants You To Lotion HD (720p/

Added: 6/10/16 12:10pm

What would you do if you walked in on your stepmom topless trying to get a nice tan? She has big,luscious tits and they’re glistening in the sun. She wants you to rub lotion on her back.Would you make a move on her? What if you knew she was interested? Would you whip your cock out and go over to her? Would you let her make the first move? She seduces you, her young, naive stepson, the seduction ends in you getting a tittyfuck from her big tattoos

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Son Impregnate Me or Die HD (720p/

Added: 11/27/16 12:51pm

It’s Fetish Night again, and this might just be your last.
Custom (no name): Scene 1: We’re lying in bed talking & I bring up the fact that I want you to impregnate me. You say no & I get angry. I say I’m not on going on the pill & I’m not having sex wearing a condom. You say you’ll just pull out. I smile & say “If you think you can!”

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ConorCoxxxClips – Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 5: Rumor Sparks Taboo Encounter with Syren De Mer – PART 3 FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/4/17

Then suddenly Mom says: “Fuck me doggy. Fuck Mommy doggy, baby.” Mom is now spread out on all fours. Her ass on the end of the bed and up in the air. Conor is shoving his cock into his mother’s cunt doggy style.
After she’s re-accustomed to her son’s girth she guides his finger towards her asshole and instructs her son: “Fuck Mommy’s ass with one finger first then add another finger when I tell you.”
After a few minutes pass of Conor gently fucking his mother’s tight pussy and fingering her ass, Mom starts to hump back towards her son matching his strokes. She then moans out: “Ok, Mommy wants her son’s big dick in her ass now! Go slow..”

Conor slides his big cock out of her pussy and sets it against his Mom’s ass. Conor presses the head of his cock against his moms pink and tight ass hole and she slowly but steadily inches back towards him. While sliding back gripping her son’s love stick with her asshole Mom lustfully says: “Oh my God! You’re huge! Go easy, baby!” As Conor sinks deeper and deeper, Mom starts to pant louder and louder. Finally she has engulfed the entire length and girth of her son’s big cock into her ass. She says: “Ok, baby, fuck Mommy’s ass softly..”
Conor starts releasing his length out of his moms ass and right before the bottom tip of his head slowly inserts it back. These slow strokes between Mom and son continue for a bit and Mom tells her son to lube his dick up with some more spit. Conor slobbers up his dick and easily slides back in his Mom’s now gaping ass.

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