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Custom (no name): You come home early from running because you pulled a muscle in your leg. Mom tells you to lie down on the couch so she can massage it. She wants you to take off your pants so she can find the exact spot that hurts, but you’re reluctant. She insists, and she presses on the affected area to convince you. It hurts real bad, so you do what mother says. She’s obviously excited the moment she sees your big cock, but she tries to play it cool. She does her motherly duties & attends to the sore area. As she’s massaging you, she has to keep moving your cock aside, and you can’t help but get harder each time she touches you.

Finally she can’t resist & starts stroking it. She can tell by your expression that it feels good & is taking your mind off the pain. So she starts sucking it too. You want to be insider her, but obviously mom can’t actually let you fuck her. She decides it’s ok if you fuck her ass cheeks. She rubs oil all over herself so your cock will glide. You sigh with pleasure as she wraps her ass around your cock, then she shakes it at you & invites you to lie down on the floor so she can squat over you. She tells you to cum for her, she thinks it will relieve some of the pain. You shoot a big load all over her round ass, and a little of it even drips onto her foot. Yes, that really did take your mind off the pain. Mom knows best.

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Nina Elle – Mommy love pussy fingering – Remote Controlling My Hot Stepmom SD mp4 [2018]

08/16/18 new!!!

Description: My stepmom is literally addicted to her phone. She cannot even take a shower without being on it. Since shes always distracted by it, Im going to prank her. I find her mini vibrator pouch in her drawer and put it in her panties. When she gets on a call, I use the remote to control the orgasmic vibes on her pussy and she cant help but moan. I did not realize she would get so horny though!

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Taboo-Fantasy – Mom Stacy, Son Andrew – Naked Step-Mom FullHD mp4


Stacy is out of the shower….bare naked….and rubbing lotion on her body. Stacy can’t reach to put the lotion on her back, so she calls for her Husband to come in and do it for her. Stacy calls and calls for him…but he doesn’t respond. Eventually, her Step-Son Andrew comes upstairs to see what all her yelling is about. Stacy is horrified that her Step-Son has walked in one her while she is completely naked, and she covers up.

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Ava Addams, Xander Corvus – Son Getting Mother`s Beauty Peep HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Ava Adams’ husband can’t keep up with her high sex drive, she just wants to fuck all the time, and he want her to spend some time with her stepson. Xander Corvus was just strolling through the living room when he finds his new stepmom lounging almost fully naked on the couch! She tell shim to grab her big tits and he does as he’s told. After giving her a mouthful of big dick to suck on, Xander bends her over and stretches out her MILF pussy with every inch of cock she can take! After fucking her all over the living room Xander can’t hold back any longer, pulling her to her knees and glazing her huge boobs in a creamy load!

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Christie Love – The Mail Order Stepmom – Mother fuck Son when Daddy watching TV mp4 [1080p/2018]

Christy Love is not afraid of stereotypes. She is literally wearing a kimono and massaging her husbands feet like a good obedient Asian woman would be expected to. But what can you expect from a mail order bride. She has to earn her cash! Our studs stepdad loves pouring on the advice hard. He tells our stud he needs to get some experience, but our stud is a bit of a pussy. So, this loving dad comes up with a solution. He asks Christy to offer his son a guiding hand. Like a good mail order bride, she obeys. She rubs her stepsons cock with her hand, but eventually gets so excited that she needs a good ol meat injection. She lays down on her back, pulls her kimono up, and lets her stepsons cock slide deep inside her. Then, she gets fucked from below while she rubs her clit like a DJ at Ultra. They finish up with her stepson squeezing out a hot one onto her tongue. Looks like this submissive Asian had some tricks up her sleeve after all!

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