Cock Ninja Studios – SmartyKat314 – Jealous Mom Competes With Aunt For Son HD avi [720p/2018]

Added: 6/4/18 1:14am

Ever since my mom and aunt were born, they’ve been competing against each other. They are twins. My mom has been antagonizing her for a long time now, so my aunt finally breaks down and tells her she fucked me. My mom is upset and can’t believe it happened. She breaks in on me masturbating and asks me if I fucked my aunt. I admit to her and she tells me how she wishes that I had gone to her instead. OMFG, my mom is touching my cock and telling me she can’t let her sister steal me away from her! She spits all over my cock and sits down on it! I tell her she is better than my aunt and make her cum over and over! She asks me where I came when I fucked my aunt. I told her in my aunt’s mouth. My mom wants me to cum in her asshole!!!??? I love giving my mom an anal creampie!!!

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Cock Ninja Studios – SmartyKat314 in: Cheating Mom Recorded and Punished By Son HD mp4 [720p/2018]

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My mom is always going out at night while my dad is away working. He loves her so much and sacrifices everything for her and she’s just a cheating little slut! I catch her this time coming home at 3am. I am recording her on my phone for proof. She tries to bribe me with more money and I am NOT having it! She agrees to sit down and talk. I throw her a hitachi and tell her to masturbate for me and tell me all about the guy she’s fucking. She doesn’t want to do it, but I threaten her with this evidence if she doesn’t. Dad will take her to divorce court if he knows the truth! She starts masturbating and telling me how she loves her lovers hard cock. I can’t take it anymore. I pull out my cock before she starts cumming and stuff it inside her tight wet cum filled pussy. She loves it! She can’t believe I’m fucking her but I tell her if she is going to cheat on my dad it’s going to be with me from now on!!! I love fucking my mom!!! I cum deep inside of her and make her promise me I am the only man in her life other than my dad from here on out!!!

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Cock Ninja Studios – SmartyKat314 in: I Notice You, Mom Mother Son Family Porn HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 6/6/18 10:20pm

My mom is always going out of her way to look sexy for my dad and he never notices. Well, he’s gone too far this time. My mom went to the beauty salon and got her makeup and hair done perfectly. She even went out and bought new lingerie to turn him on with but he’s just out with his buddies drinking at the bar instead of making my mom feel good. I tell her it’s okay and that I notice how gorgeous she is. I touch her and she says I shouldn’t. I can’t help myself. She wants it too. It’s been a long time since she felt good sexually. I pull out my hard cock and she strokes it gently. She knows we shouldn’t but it feels too good to stop. She sucks on me and I make her so wet she is sopping. I take her to her bed and fuck her until she cums all over my cock again and again. I make her admit we can keep doing this as long as dad isn’t noticing her. She lets me cum deep inside her pussy and watch it drip out as I finger her asshole with the cum. I love fucking my beautiful mother!!!

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AlluringAli25 – Mom needs Sons cock FullHD mp4 [American / East Coast/1080p/May 12, 2018]

It’s mom’s special day, mother’s day. You are such a sweet son for spoiling mom today. However, you can tell mom is disappointed since her husband isn’t taking her out. What can you do to make her feel better? Mom starts talking dirty, wanting something filling, long, and hard…of course she means massage. She lotions her legs after asking you to, but you just stare since you could have sworn mom was talking about something else. She teases you as she rubs her legs, again, talking dirty and coyly. Eventually, she comes around to saying she wants her son’s cock, especially since she sees that you are worked up. Before you know it, Mom is stripping down and telling you to do the same. She grabs your cock and starting sucking your cock before riding you. Both of you cum, but she begs for you to stay inside. Mom is going to get you hard again. Mom rides and then shows off how much she came all over you. She sucks before telling you to fuck her, show her what a man you have become. Mom gets fucked missionary, even after Father messages her on the computer. Fuck him, her son is pleasing her better than he ever could. Since you have came in Mom’s pussy, Mom wants to swallow your second cum load.

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SydneyHarwin – Sex starved Mom gets fucked by Son FullHD mp4 [ British / Devon, England/Jun 06 2018]

Why are you always waiting in mommy’s room when she get’s out the shower? I told you before, it’s not going to happen again… it was a one time thing and it was wrong. We shouldn’t have got close like that on your Birthday last year… it was just a coming of age thing… mommy was a little horny and your father was away… It can’t happen again… take that pillow from your lap, I’m your mother, I know your hiding a hard on… Oh gosh, your so much bigger than your father… and he’s out for the day, leaving me sex starved once again…. Okay, I’ll touch you, but only if you let ME be in charge this time. Last time you was sober and I was… this time we’ll play a little game, yes? How about, you can’t cum until mommy does, and under no circumstances can you cum inside mommy, I don’t wan’t to get pregnant… especially since your father had a vasectomy years ago, there would be no way to explain it. You could always just rub your cock against mommy’s clit, but I doubt it will be long before you slide yourself inside mommy’s warm pussy slit… that’s it… you know how to please mommy don’t you. Remember… don’t cum inside your mother!

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Taboo Mom Natasha – Mom’s date – Wank for your mum FullHD mp4

Mom is ready to go out on a hot date. She poses in front of her son and knowingly taunts him with her long legs and sexy outfit. Telling him she dressed this way in order to get laid , she realizes he has a boner…in a twist she decides to tease him and convince him to show her his raging cock, she decides to cancel her date and instead stay home and have some fun with her son.

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Butt3rflyforu – Caught Watching Mommy Porn mp4 [German / Florida/Dec 18]

I walk in to your bedroom thinking you were asl33p and I overheard odd moaning noises coming from your phone! I come in your room and ask to see your phone. You give me your phone and I am shocked to see what you are watching!!! Mommy son porn!! What?!?!?! This turns you on? Is this how you look at mommy everyday? Do I make you hard? Umm I can see that it does! Is this how you look at mommy’s tits everyday? Do mommy’s huge fun bags make your cock swell? Would you like to feel mommy’s huge breasts stroking your cock? Would you like to cum all over mommy’s big balloons? Here sweetie, put your phone down, honey…you don’t need this …mommy is here….I want to satisfy you honey….after all, you are my boy!

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Mindi Mink – You Don’t Need A Girlfriend FullHD mp4 [American / N. California/1080p/May 01 2018]

Mindi comes home to find her stepson sitting on the couch. Mindi wants to talk to him about sex and being safe… she also wants to make sure he is ready to have a sexual relationship with his girlfriend. She does not want him to rush into it. She thinks he should not rush and he needs to be with the right woman… Mindi. She starts a slow seduction of her stepson by lightly touching herself and taking off her clothes. She shows him her thick ass and legs, all the while slowly stroking them… she has him right where she wants him as she moves on her knees across the floor to rub his hard young cock.

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