Cherie Deville – Put Your Cock Away Dad Is Home – Mommy`s Boy, Son Fantasy SD [PervMom/2018]

Stepmom was very pleased with me for helping her attempt to get pregnant. She approached me in my room not to just fertilize her for pregnancy, but simply because she was craving my large teenage cock. She really rode me unlike any girl ever has. Her huge tits were sure great to look at as I tried my hardest not to cum. It got to the point where I could finally explode and got it all inside and around my dirty stepmoms cunt. I have never seen her happier. I am a very good boy.

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Penny Barber – Virgin Diapered By Mommie – Little Son, Family Secrets HD [1080p/clips4sale/2016]

Added: 8/18/16 11:57PM

I’m lying outside in a slutty swimsuit when you just can’t control yourself anymore. You come ask me to help you with…something inside. I’m pretty sure that I know what you just want me to talk you off and tease you about your cock—until I actually see it. I’m so impressed that I masturbate along with you, exposing my big, beautiful breasts and rubbing my clit, telling you what a gorgeous, perfect dick you have. I tell you how I want you to jerk it in order to get me off, touching yourself all over and getting me very excited. I tell you exactly what my pussy feels like as I finger myself. I’ve changed my mind; you can cum “bother” me whenever you like!

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Penny Barber – Diapered For Accidently Cumming On Mommie – Dirty Talk, Stepson FullHD [1080p/clips4sale/2016]

Added: 11/5/16 12:44AM

Hey sweetheart, what do you think about ordering a pizza tonight? Sweetie, is something wrong? You are making a strange face…oh my god! Did you just ejaculate in the kitchen!?! It is all over me! Just the sight of your own Mommie in bra and panties makes you lose all control of your little erection!?! I can not believe this! Oh it was an accident, huh?? Well naughty boys who can’t control their widdle thingies and have accidents probably belong in diapers, don’t they? No whining! I don’t care how old you are, you are going in a diaper right now. If you have any more “accidents” you will be grounded and diapered for a very long time!

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Princess Berpl – When Seducing Stepson Goes Wrong – Virtual Sex, Anal, Double Penetration HD 720p 2018

This video is very similar to my “Twitch Slut” videos and it is the solo version of “Blackmailing Stepmom Into Anal.” So there’s lots of blackmail & roleplay that is not meant for the faint-hearted. – I put on this bikini to show off for my stepson. I thought he’d want a simple handjob or maybe grope my breasts – I had an idea it would turn into sex! Now my own stepson is taking photos of me while I’m overflowing with creampies to try to gain even more leverage. If he sends them to my coworkers or husband I will never be able to live it down. My entire life will be ruined. So, for now, I have to be his perfect fuckdoll and do as he says… I’ve never even had sex with the lights on before and here I am trying anal for the first time with my own stepson. I’m so ashamed.

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Taboo Milf Kristi – Mommy Kisses and Much More – Handjob, Blowjob, Stepson FullHD 1080p 2017

Added: 12/15/17 08:11PM

Your dear sweet mother has come to tuck you in for bed. She can tell that you are worried about something so she asks and you tell her that you are nervous about kissing a girl. Your hot mommy tells you not to worry about that… you will be fine, she says… and if it would make you feel better she can show you how! You are excited! Your mommy is actually willing to show you how to kiss? That is so awesome… not only is your mom super hot but she probably has a ton of experience, too. Your mother leans in and plants the first kiss right on your mouth… wow! She keeps kissing you and soon she starts using her tongue! You never expected that but it has definitely stirred up something else inside of you. You feel something getting hard… and it’s starting to throb. Your mommy finishes kissing you and gets ready to tell you good night when she feels what happened to you from her kisses! She pulls the blanket back and sees how hard you are and mommy says she wants to kiss you somewhere else now! You can’t believe this is actually happening… you always wanted to do this but you never expected your first time would be with your smoking hot mother! Best. Night. Ever!

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Sofie Marie – Yummy Step Mom Episodes 1-4 – My Mother Cosplay, Handjob, Blowjob HD [720p/]

Added: 12/23/17 7:17pm

Ep 1 Swordfight
Sofie Marie is every boy’s favorite step mom! She like to play dress up and tucks you in at night. Johnny still wants to play at bedtime, so Sofie plays “sword fight” on last time before bed. Then she puts Johnny’s sword in her mouth and blows him so he can get to nite nite before his father gets home.
Ep 2 Tickle Me.
Sofie is Johnny’s fun step mom. Her daughter, Cindy, Johnny’s step sister is off to college with Johnny’s dad, so his step mom is tucking him in. She misses her daughter so she puts on her “Tickle Me” panties. She and Johnny have a tickle match and she pulls out his penis and sucks him dry with a messy cum load on her face.

Ep 3 Caught Jerking Off.
Sofie walks in on her stepson David jerking off to a Playboy. David is very embarrassed, but Sofie is kind, to him. She toys to make him feel better by taking about the girls in Playboy and asking him if she could have been a Playmate. She strips for him to show him her shaved pussy. She then offers to help him finish his masturbation by blowing him. David blows his big load all over his step mom’s face. She loves it!
Ep 4 Nocturnal Release.
After a night out partying without her husband, Sofie Marie is checking on Brian, her stepson. She notices he has a boner in his pj’s and this turns her on! She can’t not touch herself looking at her step son’s big dick, and she gets off fingering herself by the bed. She feels Brian needs help with his nocturnal release, so she gets on the bed and sucks her son’s cock dry. Sofie is unaware that her husband has installed a Nanny cam, so that is one view of the action. Brian does wake up, but doesn’t tell Sofie.

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Sofie Marie – Yummy Nanny Episode 1-3 – Mom Son POV sex, Massage HD [720p/]

Added: 8/26/17 10:53am

Ep 1 Johnny’s sexy nanny, Sofie Marie comes to check on him before bed. He is laying on the bed in his Batman pjs, and can’t sleep. She starts to help him fall asleep with a leg rub. Then Johnny’s penis gets hard so she offers a hand job, then she kisses his penis with a blow job to cum in her mouth, and she swallows almost all of his load! Johnny will sleep well now! Lucky Johnny to have such a thoughtful nanny!
Ep 2 The sexy Sofie Marie is the ideal nanny. Tough, but loves to have a good time. Watch her strip down to her bat girl underwear and play with Johnny’s utility belt to help him fall asleep! She licks and sucks on his Bat Cock until he cums!

Ep 3 Sofie is reading a magazine when she is surprised by Johnny saying he is ready for bed. In her surprise her nightgown is up around her waist and she is not wearing panties. Instead of being embarrassed, she lets Johnny, who is clearly fascinated by her girl parts, touch her. Then, she remembers to check to see is Johnny showered before bed. She smells him, then checks his boy parts. Since his is hard, she sucks his cock clean and Johnny makes a big mess on Sofie’s face.
Ep 4 Sofie Marie is a hot nanny taking care of Daniel, and the are playing army. She is sitting on the couch in a crop top and short jean shorts, and they are playing together, when Daniel starts to get a little too friendly with his toy missile. Sofie starts playing with Danny’s missile until it explodes on her face. What a great nanny!

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Come let Mommy take care of you – Step Mom & Step Son Fantasy FullHD 2018

Mommy molly walks into your room .. she is pissed that you are not ready and you are going to make her late. You blow off her discipline and it really sets her off… she starts swearing at you and calls you a “mother fuck3r” When she calls you that you can’t help but starting thinking about actually fuck1ng your mother. In her sexy tight work attire and her perfect sculpted body in her tight nylons starts to excite you. She sees that being called a “mother fuck3r turns you on.. “is that your penis getting hard in your pants.. do you like when you mom calls you a mother fuck3r? you little pervert that is so wrong…. do you really want to fuck your mother sweety.. this is a big problem.. we are going to have to get this “mother fuck3r fantasy” out of your head.. the only way we can do that is by actually having sex… lets do this just one time” … you dirty little mother fuck3r you. fucking,anal,cream pie.

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Mother takes your virginity – Step Mom & Step Son Fantasy, Taboo FullHD 2018

I had a long week at work and decided to relax by climbing in bed and watching some hot porn. As I began to rub my tits and my clit, I heard a noise. I looked up and there was my son, spying on me! At first I freaked out, I was embarrassed that he caught me masturbating. But I was so horny and I could see he was getting excited too….so I told him to take out his hard cock and stroke it for me. He ruined my alone time so now it was going to be up to him to make me orgasm like I deserve!

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Housewifeswag – Mommy’s christmas present – Big Tits, Dirty Talk FullHD [1080p/American / Boobs Of The Year/2018]

LOTS of really wonderful roleplay…this is a solid video. The video quality is great — it’s shot incredibly vibrantly and intimately which fits perfectly with the excellent performance. Worth the money for sure,

You’re home from college and you still haven’t told me what you want for Christmas! I need to know. Me? Oh, sweetie, I don’t need anything. You being home for Christmas is all I want. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of redecorating your room so you can have my bed and I’ll go rest on the couch. I know you had a long trip so go get a nice, hot shower and when you’re back, you can get some rest in my bed and I’ll leave. All set? Good. Okay, well… I’ll be out on the couch if you need anything. There are more blankets if you need them. By the way… while I’m here… I did accidentally come across something on your laptop while you were in the shower. You left it open so I just glanced at it and I saw… mom and step mom porn? Were you watching that? Are you into that? Oh… well… um… it’s probably my fault, to be honest. I… know that I dress more promiscuously than most the moms you know. I’m really open sexually. This isn’t your fault at all. Later I wake you up by climbing on top of you. Look, I’ve been thinking… all I *really* want for Christmas is you, son. I know you’ve looked at my huge boobs. Would you like to see them? Mommy loves to tease you. Now if at any point you feel uncomfortable or want to stop just let mommy know.

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