Bettie Bondage – Your Best Friend’s Mom has a Secret FullHD (1080p/

Added: 4/1/17

You’re sleeping at a friend’s house, on the couch in the living room, when you hear a loud bang. You open your eyes to see a figure in the dark living room. Your first thought is that its your friend’s mom, home from her shift as a nurse but when see what she’s wearing, you think again: a tight leopard mini dress, fishnet stockings, and sky-high lucite stripper heels. She’s creeping across the room, trying to be quiet. You clear your throat to make your awakened state known and watch her flinch. She grimaces, clearly embarrassed as she slowly walks over.

“Shhh. We have to be quiet. We can’t wake up my son. And you can’t tell him you saw me like this…”

You think maybe it was a date or a hookup but she smirks, “No. I was at work. C’mon. You’re a smart boy…you must know what’s going on.” You look at her outfit, her makeup, the way she leans forward so you get a great view of her gorgeous cleavage. You know what’s going on alright. Your best friend’s mom is a stripper. And she’s flirting with you.

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Bettie Bondage – Free Use Family Mommy’s DP FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/20/17

Ever since Dad enacted a “free use” policy in the home, you and your brother have been spending a lot of time with Mom. Every day after school, you both go into the living room and get your cocks jerked, fucked, and sucked by your gleefully subservient mother. Today is double penetration day: your mother mounts your brother and slides him into her ass while she faces you, fitting you into her tight snatch while she tells you how happy she is to be a free use mother. She rides and bounces on your cock until you fill her with cum, letting it drip out onto your brothers dick until he too fills her ass with a huge load.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom’s Debt Resolution FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/28/17

Your father passed away…and you should feel bad, but he was a real asshole. Your family is better off without him, and you think your mom is relieved to not have to deal with him anymore but when you find her in bed crying, you wonder if maybe there was more love there than you ever saw. “No,” she tells you through tears, “it’s not that he’s gone…he left us in terrible debt with some dangerous men…and I don’t have that kind of money! He ruined our credit so I can’t take out a loan or even a new credit card…and now the bookie is telling me I can pay it off…by making a move. With you. A dirty one. Can you believe that?!?” Maybe it’s the highly emotional situation you’re in but your cock swells at the mention of it. You try not to sound too eager – the man is , and he was your father…but fucking his widow, your own mother…well, you’re practically dripping down your thigh you’re so excited at the idea. And videotaping it? Icing on the cake. You act disturbed, watching your poor mother struggle through telling you, before you tell her you’d be willing to do it. To save the family. You’ll do it, for her. She objects at first but as you lay it out for her: you’ll move away, free of debt. She can use you to apply for a loan, you’ll help raise your little sister. You can see the wheels turning in her mind as you spin a tale of hope, all with the intent to get your cock wet inside your mother’s holes. By the time you’re done laying it all out, she’s smiling and happy, ready to do this – for the family! Wow. There’s an outline the creep gave her, and you’re happy to see it has your mother spreading for you and talking dirty before riding your cock doggy style, dirty talking about fucking her son the whole time. Maybe it’s the fear of this dangerous man coming after her if she doesn’t do it right, but she seems really into. Really into it. She keeps stealing glances at you over the camera, and you can see a certain glint in her eye that makes you think maybe she’s enjoying this. When she cums on your cock, you’re all but convinced your mother is loving riding her son’s cock. The instructions are to finish across her face and tits, and you are proud when you hold out, only cumming when your gorgeous mother strokes you while begging for your cum…

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Erotic Fetish Films – Mommy Goes All The Way HD (720p/

Mommy walks in on her son jerking off with a pair of her panties. She is shocked but can’t help notice how big her son’s cock is. After all, it’s been several years since she seen his private parts. She becomes aroused as she licks and sucks on her boy’s hard and horny cock. So much that she mounts her dear son and rides his unit until she orgasms. Now it’s his turn so mommy strokes his cock with a firm grip whilst wearing her rubber gloves. In the end she allows him to secretly keep her panties for being a good boy and cumming so hard.

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Bettie Bondage – Cheating Mom Caught on Cam and Blackmailed FullHD (1080p/

Your mother is sleeping around behind your dad’s back. You know it. You decided to set up a hidden camera in her room over the weekend while your father is away on business. You even lie and tell her you’ll be sleeping at a friend’s house for the weekend, setting up the camera and watching it remotely from the library. When you see her appear on screen, you can’t help but watch the grainy black and white footage. You see your mother start to undress as she sits on top of some guy in your parent’s bed. She’s dirty talking and telling him all about how your dad is away and so are you. You can’t believe her – what a slut! Despite your anger you feel your cock grow in your pants. You almost take it out and jerk off right there in the library but then, you get an idea…
You arrive back at home once you see them finish and get dressed. Looking in the driveway and seeing only your mother’s car when you get back, you walk in with your tablet in hand. You have the video saved, queued up for your plan. Your mom is so surprised to see you! You can tell she hoped to have the house to herself for her little rendezvous. Not if you can help it.
You confront her, showing her the video and telling her you know everything! She acts all upset, sorry and sad – telling you that she can’t believe you’ve spied on her like this. Before she can recover from being found out, you tell her what you need: you want what that guy got. You want her. You watch her face as she realizes what predicament she’s in. Either fuck her own son, or get revealed for the cheating slut she is. You know she has no choice, and even the little sobs she lets out as she begs you not to do this won’t make you stop. You’re going to make your mom fuck you.
At first, she’s so reluctant, begging you to take anything else: a car, money, anything! But you’re persistent. You want her mouth, her pussy – everything. It doesn’t take long before she’s getting into it – your own mother, drooling over your cock, dirty talking her son and begging for cum!
The best part? Your hidden cam is going the whole time, capturing your mom taking your cock! The ideal ammo to insure your mom stays your blackmailed cumslut.

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Slow, Quiet Wet Dream For Mum’s Boy HD (720p/

Added: 11/22/12

Sexy Mum (MILF) finds her boy in her bed. He’s so still & quiet, but warm…& naked…& hard…she hushes him & moves slowly as to not disturb him. Mum’s soothing voice & light touch…it’s like a dream…Mum’s pussy…Mum’s hand…a messy climax and he’ll always wonder if it was real or just something he imagined… (FUCKING, OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN, FAMILY FANTASIES, TABOO, SEX ED, MILF, HANDJOBS)

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Gianna’s Family Taboo Fantasies – Mommie Blows Best – Natalie Turner SD (

“I really love gagging on your cock baby”

In our latest episode of Mommie Blows Best, Natalie’s husband is in jail for 30 days and she’s the kind of woman who needs dick at least three times per day. Her stepson Brian can hear her masturbating at all hours of the day and night and it’s finally gotten to the point where he has to turn up the volume on the TV to drown it out. On this afternoon Natalie is about to go to work but she can’t go another day without some real dick in her mouth. She has a severe oral fetish and in this clip it shows. Natalie sits on the couch and explains that before she goes to work she has to gag on some dick and go to work with some warm load in her stomach. She undoes Brian’s jeans and takes out his dick and gags on it. This isn’t just a woman who lets the dick touch her throat and makes some sounds while she’s doing it. She takes it all the way to the base to loosed her throat and then starts banging his dick as far as it goes. It’s not long before Brian is shooting a huge load of sperm down his stepmother’s throat. When she’s done, Natalie zips him up and heads to work and happy (yet still horny) woman.

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Bettie Bondage – Saving the Farm FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/4/17

This is a continuation of Losing the Farm.
Your mother looked so sweet and gorgeous and heartbroken, on her knees sucking your cock. You loved the way it made you feel to control her like that. Her reluctance, the way she gave in and savored your cock and your cum. Her own son! You tried to hold back from taking it to the next step, but you ached to feel it. Your mother’s pussy. Wrapped around your cock, fucking and cumming inside the same sweet pussy that made you. You know its wrong but it’s all you want!
You tell her that the ten grand is hers, if she lets you fuck her. Just the once. You send her an e-mail about it, not knowing what she’ll say, but within a week you have your response. She tells you to fly down and visit again. When you arrive, she’s already dressed in just a robe, looking scared. She tells you that she’s willing, but you can’t cum inside her. She’s still fertile. You agree, knowing that she trusts you, and the pull out method. A good Christian woman. She even prays when you first enter the bedroom, asking for forgiveness for what she’s about to do. It makes your cock harder.
Once you have her lying on her back on your parent’s marital bed, though, you know you have to fill your mother with your cum. The thought alone sends strong shivers down your spine as you watch your mother fight the delicious feelings your cock is sending through her body. You watch the conflict in her face and her body, flushed with a confused arousal that makes it all the more delicious when she cums on your cock, twice. You can’t hold out. She begs you not to but you unloose your cum inside her and watch as her face drops and she squirms beneath you, pulling away as your load drips out of your mother’s well-fucked pussy.

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Bettie Bondage – Late Dinner with Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/10/17

You’re in the kitchen when your mother comes in, wearing only a pair of tight jeans, heels, and a push up bra…strange. She’s smiling and bending over a lot, too. She tells you that she’s sorry dinner will be late, but Dad was helping her in the bedroom with…something. She smirks at you. Is she saying what you think she’s saying? No…but she is wearing just a bra in front of her own son…this is all very confusing.
“Oh hi sweetie…..I’m sorry I’m not completely dressed, but I was in a hurry to make you dinner. Your father will be gone for a while.” She bends down to get an apron from the cabinet, teasing you with her ass. She moves closer as you start to get hard, “Honey,” she says, “your dad and I just had sex, and my pussy is still wet and full of his cum…I love it when you stare at me and fantasize about fucking me. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck you!!” You can’t believe what she’s saying…she tells you that she always loved the way you got so interested in her privates when you were young and would follow her into the bathroom. “Come watch, sweetie, aren’t you still that curious boy?” she struts to the bathroom, teasing you with her cum filled pussy as she pees and touches herself. You’re hard as a rock as she tells you she wants you to add a load to her messy cunny. You practically run to the bedroom as she lays down and begs you to come fuck her.
As you start to stroke your cock against her wet pussy, she tells you how badly she’s always wanted this, wanted you. She tells you about how you’re going to fill her pussy first with your cock and then your cum. She’s a total cum slut, she confesses, and she needs both her husband and her son to fill her! Pulling you in deeper and urging you to cum, she admits that she isn’t on birth control but she wants you to flood her fertile hole. “Besides,” she purrs, “there will be no way to tell whose it is…you might as well give me your cum, son…”

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