Msparisrose – Mommy Son anniversary FullHD mp4 [American / Clearwater, FL/Apr 04 2018]

Mommy and son have a “sex” anniversary and dad is leaving town so Mommy and son can celebrate. Mommy starts off buy giving a morning blowjob where her son cums all over and in her mouth and she swallows. Later than afternoon Mommy fucks him cowgirl and gets a messy creampie. Lastly, Mommy gets caught masturbating and having an orgasm but wants her son to come fuck her missionary from the side of the bed. After a minute though, she decides to let her son fuck her in the ass till he needs to cum and blows his load all over mommy’s pussy.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy wants your cock FullHD mp4 [British / Devon, England/Mar 11 2018]

Mommy loves the flowers you bought her this Mothers Day, and she thinks that the card you gave her was beautiful and you put so many thoughtful comments in there for her… But… even though mommy loves her gifts, she want’s a different kind of present… a special present… a special present that involves her being allowed to make you feel good… down there. When your father walked out, it left mommy feeling ever so lonely and desperate to feel love again. She asks you ever so sweetly to unzip yourself and she is kind enough to place her hands around you and take you out of your underwear… “There… isn’t that better now that mommy can see your cock…?” … Now she just has to reach down, place her warm hands around it and help you to release all that pent up stress

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Maggie Green – Jealous Step Mom Wants Your Dick – My Mother so hideous HD

Your Friends Horny Mom Catches You Spying and Blows You

Timmy?? Is that you? Oh , I’m topless! What are you doing out there, are you spying on me? I know that your parents own this health club, I work out here every day but I’ve never seen you here. I thought you and my son were going on a canoe trip or something this weekend, what happened to that? Well that doesn’t matter, why are you watching me change?

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Carmita Bonita – Stroke to mommy’s phat ass and pussy HD mp4 [American / Hawaii/Nov 13 2017]

You’re Mommy’s good boy aren’t you? I’ve been so lonely son. You know what would make me feel really good? Watching you stroke your hard cock. It’s okay..don’t be shy. Mommy is here and Mommy knows best. Be my good little boy and stroke off to me. Look at my pretty phat pussy and juicy big ass. You’re so much bigger and sexier than your father. Look up my dress, son. See how sexy I am. Make Mommy feel good and stroke harder, faster-that’s it. Cum to Mommy’s ass.

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Annabellecums – Son blackmails cheating Mommy FullHD mp4 [American / Midwest/Apr 02 2018]

Mommy is coming in from the pool looking for a refreshment when she notices you sitting there going through her phone. She playfully takes it out of your hands and in panic see’s that you have been going through her dirty sexting messages with a man who is not daddy. So I admit to cheating and even delete the mans number and promise to you that it is only an one time thing. You are not happy with me and say that Dad should know.

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Dallas Diamondz – Mother Gives Me Blue Balls – Mother/Son Incest Fantasy

Dallas had always taken great pleasure in mothering her son, Joe. Now that he had grown into a virile young man, her love for him had taken a taboo turn. Having already taught and guided him in a great many things, she had started to fantasize about initiating him into the world of sex and loving. She could see Joe was inexperienced when it came to women, and she did not want him to be hurt or taken advantage of. Despite the kinkiness of her intentions, she never felt a shred of guilt. Hers was an incredibly horny and open-minded nature. And it was not long before she got the chance to act.

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Misty Stone – StepSon Fucks His Way Out Of Punishment – Black Mommy want white Dick SD

Juan sneaks into his house and not so sleepy Misty Stone catches him. She tells at him to find out why he was out and that she is not a push over. She tells him that she is taking his new car away from him and he freaks out and begs that he will do anything. Misty’s power move is that he should kiss her feet and he does. She then starts having her way with him as she shoves his face into her pussy. She sucking him hard and sloppy before she climbs on top to fuck him hard. Watch this hot MILF fuck long and hard until she makes this cock cum all over.

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Fetish Fuckery – Mum’s Little Hand Humper – Mom Grinds Ass Against Son


This is a very special clip. I realize my devoted Mama’s Boy’s will buy any of my vids catering to their fetish but obviously some are better than others for certain reasons. THIS ONE is especially erotic & mesmerizing. It’s more of a ‘loving’ M0mmy theme with similarities to “Mum’s Ejaculation Test’ with great up views of Mum’s asshole, which you are instructed to sniff and lick while you jerk yourself off. I lovingly but sternly guide you to your climax before the babysitter arrives so you won’t embarrass me with a stiffy in front of her. I watched this video several times myself (I love it that much) and I know you’ll enjoy it over and over again too. xo M0mmy T

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Mommy’s Before School Milking – Good Morning Mama’s Boy HD

Hello Adult Mama’s boys and MiLF lovers! Climb into bed this morning with us. Mama’s friend spent the night in my bed and now you can get some snuggles before we get breakfast. Uh-oh! Morning wood? Don’t worry hunny, we’ll help you get rid of that. (Light small penis humiliation and a lot of luv, tickles, kisses and encouragement as we hold your in our laps in bed and help you cum. Lots of breast worship too!

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TABOO – Rylan Rhodes Full Family Album – Family Orgy – Nympho Mommy Want sex all time FUllHD 2018

Added: 12/19/17 09:00AM


When Mom has big, bouncy, beautiful Tits…the World can be a “distracting” place for a young boy!!! Rylan’s Family Album includes full, bouncy versions of : “Homework” “Horny Berries” “Fuck Your Mother Not Your Sister” & “Practice Having Sex With Mom”.

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