Virtual Family Porn – Dina Sky – Let Mommy help you FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

This is a roleplaying as your mommy who notices your hard on, and can’t help but insist on letting me help. Mommy gets on her knees to be a good slut and suck your hard cock, slipping off my robe and sucking it deep & good. I am getting so worked up submitting to you and making your cock feel so good in my mouth, I ask you to get on the bed so mommy can fuck it. I show off that big ass of mine as I ride you, talking dirty, and enjoying myself with you. You ask if you can fuck me, and I happily insist, spreading my legs, I let you get on top and give it to mommy, making my big tits sway up and down, until your ready to blow that big huge load mommy’s been waiting for, I get on my knees and happily take it all over my face, mommy is so happy to help you with that hard cock & receiving that extra nice load.

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Penelope Peach – Mommy’s Sex Ed BJ FullHD mp4 [American / Fetish Friendly Customs/2018]

Added: 2/8/18 3:52pm

Mommy heard you were asking your father about the female. Shes sure he was thorough but a woman’s take on her own pleasure is so much different. Mommy will show you. She teaches you all about her nipples, getting wet, and how good rubbing her clit feels. She can see you getting hard and ensures you its normal. She wants to see you stroke for her. You watch her cum with her vibrator on her clit and she notices you’re still hard. Don’t worry. Mommy will help you. She gives you an amazing blowjob and begs for you to fill her mouth with cum. You watch it drip out of her mouth and she encourages you to come back with any more questions you have.

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Anna Bell Peaks – Making My Step-Mom Squirt – Premium Incest Video SD mp4 2018

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Anna Bell Peaks is one hot step-mom. Her step-son, Tyler Nixon, was spying on her as she was changing. However, he got a little too close and got caught. This is when she went all in, Anna Bell Peaks shoved her step-son’s face into her tits. From there, she made him eat her pussy and soon after she was choking on his cock. Anna Bell Peaks got her pussy stretched by her step son in several different positions before receiving a giant load all over her face.

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The Venus Girls – Milf The Cock, Make you eat – Beautiful Step-mommy Nyomi FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Mother, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Roleplay, Ebony, Cheating, Wife, Interracial, Female Domination, Blackmail, Only Handjob, Bisexual, Stockings, POV

Nyomi knows you have to eat, today it is going to be your own cum. She keeps your cock and balls on a leash and sticks her long fingernails into them. She makes you hard, She controls your cock. You plead with her to let you cum and maybe she will. But only after She has had her fun. Spitting into your mouth and making you swallow it. Spitting and slapping your cock. Keeping your cock on the edge. When you beg to cum and beg to eat, She has tricks to coerce you to satisfy both needs, and still make you suffer. She is going to feed you your own cock filth. “You are dirty, Junior, that why you like My Spit and your own Nasty Man Juice.” She has made it all creamy inside your balls. Now She is going to make you jizz in your own mouth and while She makes you swallow it all, She makes your cock hurt by jerking it even faster. “CUMMING HURTS JUNIOR. SWALLOW IT ALL.”

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Real Incest Porn – Royalexi – Mommy Takes Ur Virginity UltraHD mp4 [2160p/American / Outer Space/Jul 24 2018]

Custom: “Shower spy”- -Mom comes home after workout and tells son she is going to shower. Son spies on mom strip, stretch, and shower. Notice him, but play coy and sexy, pretending to ignore him as you lather up w/soap. Keep throwing glances at son. Son gets nervous when you begin to masturbate and leaves. -Next 5-10 min- “the massage”- -Mom comes to son’s room/bed in towel claiming to be sore after working out and asks son to massage her. Begin innocently, keeping towel on (low cleavage/ underbutt).

“Mommy’s neck… shoulders…back etc. are sore.” Things progress more promiscuously as you begin to expose yourself more(“rub mommy’s feet and thighs” Grow aroused by son’s touch and remove your towel. “Son, the massage will feel better for mommy if you’re naked too. Don’t be shy it’s just mommy. Son begins to get hard with his cock and balls resting against his mother’s naked body . Mom turns over to confront son. -Last 10-15 min- taking mommy- –Mom gives son ‘the talk,’ confronting him about spying on her in shower, but she becomes aroused by his “huge saggy balls and massive boner.” He is embarrassed , but you Comfort him and offer to take his virginity. (Lot of dirty mom talk, profanity, and lots of fake cum/slime please) Start doggy, asking him to eat your ass. “Don’t just stare sweetie, shove you fucking face between mommy’s ass and munch on her holes.

–Fuck Doggy, w/tits smashed against mattress and swinging so they are visible the from behind pov. Son only lasts 1 or 2 min for his first time because he is nervous and pulls out, accidentally spraying his load all over mom’s ass and back.(feel free to clean off off cam) “It’s okay sweetie, that’s normal. Try again baby.” — Fuck MISSIONARY (camera like being on top).

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Today, You’re the Luckiest Boy on Earth – Mommy`s big breasts, Handhjob SD mp4

Oh, my poor boy is laid up in bed, thanks to your skateboard stunts. Now, you’re confined all summer long with not one, but TWO, broken arms! No worry, I’m at your side to nurture you back to perfect health. We’ll have you all healed up in no time! But, what’s that? A boner standing up under the bed covers?? Oh, dear! We hadn’t thought of that! What in the world are you going to do all summer long with no… well, no way to take care of it? Don’t worry dear… after all the wonderful times we’ve had together over the past few years, I couldn’t possibly let my boy suffer like that. I have just the answer. I’ll disappear just for a minute, then return in my bathrobe… with something special for you underneath. Do you mind if I lie next to you? There, dear, let me treat you to a REAL handjob, using my best technique: the perfect pressure, my soft hands, and my gentle words whispered in your ear. More than that, I may find myself really moved by the experience and shared moment myself… and when it begins to seriously turn me on, I know I’m going to keep going until I milk you completely DRY.

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Natalie Wonder – Cyber Monday – Mommy Can’t Help But Stare & Touch You Down There SD mp4

Mom’s on the phone talking to her friend. She heads to the bathroom to get a hair clip. For a split second she wonders where her son is. Mom opens the door & is stunned by what she sees. She quickly gets off the phone as she feels her face begin to get red with embarrassment. There’s her son. Standing in the shower, jerking off. Not only that, but she cannot believe how BIG his penis has gotten. She hadn’t seen it in years but never imagined it would grow to that size! All different feelings run through her body. Embarrassment, shock, anxiety, arousal. Oh my gosh, she’s getting turned on from what she’s seeing. It’s not right, or is it? She tries to look away, but just can’t. Sweetie, I’m so sorry! Why didn’t you lock the door behind you?! I didn’t know you were in here. But, wow. Ummm, I’m sorry I don’t mean to keep staring, but, wow your penis got so BIG! Your father? Oh no he was nowhere near that size. And I can’t believe your girth! Okay sweetie, mommy’s going to go now & let you finish what you started. What’s that? Stay? You want mommy to stay in here with you? You like when mommy watches, don’t you. And when I talk about how big your cock is, you like that too. Naughty boy. It’s making you more horny to hear mommy talk about your big, beautiful cock. Mommy can talk naughty & BE naughty for you sweetie. My big boy. You’re making mommy’s panties so wet. Watch mommy touch herself for you as I tell you how to stroke yourself. Mmmmm those big balls are filled with cum, I know it. Potent cum. Shoot it for me. Shoot it for mommy.

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Dirty Boys Get Dirty Punishment – Mommy denial my orgasm SD mp4

Added: 1/20/15 10:07am

You’ve watched me peel off my sexy top. You’ve watched me unstrap my high heels. You’ve watched me slip out of my mini skirt and unfasten my bra. You’ve watched me strip down to completely naked, hop in the shower, towel dry myself off… all while I didn’t even realize it. And I’m your mother. You KNOW you’re not supposed to watch your mother. You know you’re definitely not supposed to touch yourself while you look at me. But I still have to remind you. “No touching! Sit on your hands! …and you can stay.” You watch me spread creamy lotion all over my naked body. You listen to me tell you all about my date and just what happened. But you had to touch yourself. You know that’s not allowed! So, you’re banished to chastity; you’re forced to strap on your chastity belt so you can remain in the bathroom watching your mother, listening to every word, witnessing every sight… all in agony as I find myself getting more and more turned on as I fully enjoy teasing and tormenting you. Poor thing. All locked up, can’t even touch it, and mommy’s driving you crazy with desire.

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Kelly Payne – Milk time with Mom Breast pump JOI FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Florida/Apr 10 2018]

You come home from school, and mommy Kelly is home doing the dishes. She greets you, and notices you staring at her breasts, oh crap! She leaked through another top! Embarrassed she excuses herself to change and decides to use her breast pump to let out all that milk. You (son) spy’s on her through her bedroom door, before getting caught! Reluctant mom is taken back by your admiration and want to watch her continue to pump the milk out, mommy Kelly decides it would be okay and explains to you how the pump works, thinking that’s what your interested in. Mom then notice’s your aroused and when you take out your cock, mom hesitates but becomes aroused herself and decide’s to tell you just how to stroke your cock for mommy. Good boy! Mommy plays with her pussy and give’s you JOI while she make’s herself cum and decide’s she want’s you to cum all over mommy’s face. Mom get’s on her knees and begs for you to cover her with your cum.

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