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Hi Sweetie, I’m just putting your laundry away. Don’t mind me. Oh are you looking at.. my butt? That’s actually nice.. Mommy’s been a little insecure lately. You know.. I want to feel like I’m still attractive, and I just caught you looking at me. That makes me feel good. You can look if you want, I don’t mind at all.. Is that what you wanted to see?? You like Mommy’s butt? What about.. that? Do you like when Mommy squeezes it and slaps it? Go ahead sweety, I don’t mind, you can take care of that.. You really do like this, don’t you? If you’re into, you know, asses.. or Mommy’s ass.. don’t feel like this is wrong. I completely understand.. I really don’t mind if you want to indulge a little bit. If anything, it helps me.

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Family POV Porn – Jan Burton – Mummy Making Bed Gives BlowJob FullHD mp4

Mummy Jan is making the bed in her bedroom, her son walks in and watched for a while as she bends over the bed and shows off her bottom and her puss. She is unaware that he is watching her as she bends over and her boobs spill out. It’s hot work and finally she is almost naked as she busy’s herself with the household chores. But her son is aroused, and she is a good mother, a kind mother an considerate mother. She can’t let her son wander around all day with a hard on, and blue balls. So she helps him out. She loves her son, so she jacks him and sucks his fine cock till finally he spurts his young hot load onto her. Well done Mummy Jan !!

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kinkyexecutive – Breeding Mother Taboo Fantasy FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Kentucky/2018]

This horny curvy bombshell Mom only has one thing on her mind, after several drinks and very low inhibitions, she seduces her all to willing son (viewer), entices him to follow him to the bathroom where she invites him to watch as she pees, then takes him to the bedroom, where she begins stroking, sucking and fucking her son’s rock hard cock, and begging him to impregnate her. Her very naughty fantasies of incest have crossed over into reality, and she is NOT feeling remorse… and neither are you!

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Taboo handjobs – You are now my bitch boy! Silvia Saige HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Date Added: 09/04/2018

This has been a long time coming. I always knew there was something weird about you and I’m referring to a pervert kind of vibe you have. I didn’t marry your father to become a mother to anyone much less a young man like you. My instinct is right as I found one of my favorite bra and panty sets that has been missing for a month here, in your bedroom. This grosses me out so much I can’t ever wear them again. So guess what, you get to wear my panties whenever I want to make you feel like my little bitch. Unless you have the money to go get your own place to live, consider you being my play bitch your penance for a roof over your head. I want you to wear this bra and panty set for me. I’m sure your look so pretty in pink. Were you imagining my perfect MILF body while your wore my underwear? I want to see how hard your cock gets for me while wearing my pink panties. Does the silk feel good on your ball sack? I’m going to get your cock throbbing hard while teasing you with my pretty pink pussy that you wont ever be able to sink your meat stick into. I’m going to steal your cum every damn day. You won’t ever get the privacy of jerking off while you live in this house. Your cum is all mine, whenever I want it, give it to me bitch boy!

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Taboo handjobs – Stepmom made me eat my cum Audrey Noir HD mp4 [720p/2018]


Do you know how much I dread laundry day in this house? It’s not just the dirty clothes I abhor touching, its the crusty socks that continue to come out of your hamper by the washer full. I know they are crusty for reasons other than you wearing them on your feet. I haven’t told your father about your nasty sock for cum rag habit. He would probably encourage you to get your nut as much as possible. Since I am the one who has to deal with your filth, let’s show you how to properly dispose of your jizz, like grown men do. These are called tissues. I don’t care how many boxes of these you go through so long as you aren’t cumming in your tube socks anymore. I didn’t sign up for this duty when I married your dad but it looks like I’m the one who has to teach you some courtesy when it involves where you deposit your sticky loads. Let’s get this over with. Go ahead and lie down as I plan to fully take you through the process of what I would like to have happen when you decide to jerk your cock. A young man of your age should know how to keep his clothes clean and the waste basket full of paper cum rags when you’re away at college. Let’s keep this as our private pre-dorm lesson. And so it’s a lesson you won’t soon forget I am going to make you eat your own warm goo. Go on, lick that spunk off my fingers you filthy thing you. I have better things to do with my day than have to teach you how to be a considerate man with your cum. Gag on that a little and think about where you’re going to make your next deposit. I expect to always see a box of tissue in your bedroom.

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Family Threesome Porn – Dee Williams – Mom Made Me Impregnate Aunt Dee FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/26/18 3:31pm

Mom told Aunt Dee about your penis, which is pretty much infamous now, and she wants some of the action. Dee really wants to get pregnant but doesn’t have a man in her life. You’re happy to help her. She is so proud of you. She used to give you baths, and here you are a big, fertile man. She wants to feel her belly grow, to feel your seed growing inside her. Your seed, not anyone else’s. Mom understands that feeling, and she’s turned on hearing how much Aunt Dee wants you. Of course you give them what they want. You quench their sexual frustration & you release your seed inside your aunt, surely impregnating her.

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Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Your Orgasm Belongs To Me – Ashley Fires HD mp4 [720p/2018]

MILF, Big Ass, Small Tits, POV, Stockings, Female Domination, Only Handjob, Cum on Hands

You have been hiding your cum from me… Well that just wont do. I will not be deprived! I own you, your cock, and your cum! Its time for me to get what’s mine and teach you a lesson! I am going to get every last drop of your cum!

I start nice and slow, teasing you with my beautiful round ass and panties. I am getting wet and soaking my panties. I know you want to smell them so I take them off and let you. Are you hard yet? Do you want more? I grind my bare ass and pussy all over the bulge straining to get out of your jeans. I stick a finger in my ass and wiggle it around. It feels so good! Now I want you to smell it. Can you smell my sweet ass on my finger? You Love it! Now it’s time to tease you with my tits. I pull up my shirt and rub my nipples all over your bulging jeans.

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Sarah Vandella – Record Video how Mommy ridding on my Dick – Dont Swipe Left! FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

09/15/18 new!!!

Later on, I see her phone laying out and have to check it out. I see some of those sexy vids I knew she was taking, but I did not expect to find one of her masturbating! It turns me on so much I have to touch myself. But while I am jerking it, my step mom walks in and asks if I have seen her phone. Yes, I have it in my hand. No, my other hand! Luckily, she likes the attention I have been giving her and shows me a little attention in return. She sucks my cock and then rides me until I cum deep inside of her.

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