Mommy Disciplines a Stealing Son HD (720p/

I’ve never been so disappointed. I yelled for my son to come into the room, and demanded that he empty his pockets. I knew he stole twenty dollars from my purse, and it was no surprise when I saw it come out of his pants. He tried to deny it when I called him out on it, and that only upset me more.

I told him not to steal from me, and with an “Okay,” he tried to walk away. Not this time. “Over the knee,” I demanded. He tried to complain, but I pulled him down. I smacked his ass from outside his pants while he bitched he was too old for it.

He apologized, but I didn’t believe him. This wasn’t the first time he had stolen from me. I told him to stand up, and to pull down his pants. I was so mad. I give him a house to live in, food to eat, and he doesn’t work, or even go to school. He lays around all day. No more. I made him get back over my knee, and I spanked his ass over his boxers.

After a bit, I pulled down his boxers and hit his bare ass with my hand. He continued to whine, so I pulled out my paddle. I hit each cheek over and over until his ass became red. He kicked his legs, and I made him promise me that he’d get a full-time job. In fact, a lot of things were going to change around here.

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Mother Needs You To Impregnate The Surrogate HD (720p/

Young woman sits on your bed in her white button down shirt, lingerie, and thigh-highs. She awaits your arrival, and when you enter the room, you are shocked to find her there. You immediately try to leave the room, but she comforts you, assuring you that your wife knows she’s there. She explains that she knows how you and your wife have been trying to have a baby, but unfortunately, your wife can’t get pregnant.

“Well, that’s why I’m here. Your wife paid me a lot of money, A LOT of money, and she wants you to cum inside of me. Yeah… She wants you to fill me with your cum. Now it’s my job to make sure that you’re really turned on. I mean, REALLY turned on. I need all of your cum. That’s the only way we’re going to get a baby, right?” She further explains that she’s going to help you and your wife out by being the surrogate mother, and all you have to do is cum inside of her. She tells you to get comfortable, and reassures you that it’s okay because your wife wants to listen. “I’m going to make you feel like a man. Get me pregnant.” She notices that you’re still hesitant, so she grabs you by the shirt, and gets down on her knees. “I need you to get nice and hard for me, okay? Just relax, it’s alright. I promise, she said it was okay. She wants you to enjoy yourself… Oh, looks like you’re nice and hard already.” She strokes your cock with her hand, “I want you to know your wife is listening to everything we do, so let’s make her jealous.” She continues stroking your cock and praising how hard it is inside of her hand. “Does it feel dirty having another woman’s hand on your cock?…. I think it’s time for you to put your cock inside of me. You know what, no. You need to relax. Let me get on top of you.”

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Mother female domination she little Son SD (

At an early age, Tim’s mother left the picture, leaving a scientist to care for his son. The scientist was determined to get the motherly love and care that Tim needed, so he decided to design a robot that would meet, not only his needs, but his son’s needs as well. What he designed was a robot that would act as Tim’s mother, leading him to believe that it was his real mother, and giving him the care and love that the scientist neglected to give.

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Bettie Bondage – Impregnating Your Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/8/17

You and your mother recently had a very special night together. You never imagined something like what you two experienced – making love to your own mother – but it happened. And neither of you
can ignore or forget it. The taboo, the secrecy, the naughtiness and the way she breathlessly tells you she shouldn’t…it’s all so irresistible, and you know she thinks so too.

So, when she tells you to come into the living room, that she has a big favor to ask you, you think you know what it is. You’re already hard as you walk into the room, pulling out your cock for
your mom, sitting on her knees in the living room. She takes you into her mouth, wordlessly, and you groan as you feel your mother’s tongue roll around your cock as she worships you orally.

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Rachel Steele – Who Wears the Pants? Kenny Takes Charge HD

Rachel and her husband Joe live in a posh home with their 19-year-old son Kenny. Also living with them is Rachel’s sister Dallas. Joe is a hard-worker who makes good money. Unfortunately, he is suffering from impotence, and it has been a long time since he was last able to please Rachel in bed. Rachel tries to accept the situation, but she is finding it increasingly hard. She is, after all, a very lusty woman. Meanwhile, young Kenny has his own problems with Joe. He sees his father as an overbearing grouch who is always lecturing him and putting him down. Even Dallas clashes with her brother-in-law on occasion. These various tensions and resentments in Rachel’s family eventually come to a head in dramatic and depraved fashion. It all begins with Rachel deciding to dress up sexily for her husband in hopes of turning him on to the point that he can once again perform sexually. Her choice of outfit is an all-red combo of high-heels, skimpy panties, and a tight-see through lace top that shows of her lovely big breasts. When Joe gets a look at his sizzling hot wife, he thinks he can feel some of his old virility return. He is upon Rachel in a second, kissing and caressing her. Soon over on the bed, husband and wife are stripped naked and trying to make love in the missionary position. But Joe cannot get his cock up. He wills and wills himself, but to no avail. Rachel is gentle with him. She offers encouragement. This too fails. At the same time, Kenny happens by his parent’s door and peeks in. He immediately grasps what is going on. While amused at his father’s failure, he is deeply turned on by the sight of his mother. She is naked now – straddling Joe from on stop. Kenny can see her breasts clearly. It occurs to him that he would love to be there in his father’s place.

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Family Therapy – Dava Foxx – Son This Can Be Our Secret HD (720p/

Added: 10/15/14

Son, what have I told you about spying on Mommy and touching yourself while I’m in my bedroom? It’s a very rude thing to do. Yes, Mommy sees you in the closet. Come out, you’re not in trouble son. Mommy just wants to talk.

I know I must be very hard to resist, with my long dark hair, slim waist, and ample breasts. But son, spying on Mommy is not the answer, we need to talk about these new feelings you have. Mommy has been having strange new feelings for you too. You’ve grown up to be such a big, strong, handsome boy. Lay down on the bed, don’t be shy now. Don’t worry, Daddy doesn’t need to know anything. Let Mommy help you with these new urges you’ve been having. Son, this can be our secret…

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Reagan Foxx – Cheating Step Moms FullHD (1080p/

After spending the afternoon with the neighborhood wives drinking and laying out by a pool, Reagan comes home to find her step son lounging around on his bed and she comes into his room, jumps on his bed and begins to tell him what she learned from the naughty moms. She tells him all the these naughty wives are cheating on their husbands but even though her husband is traveling all the time she wasn’t sure she could do such a thing, until she catches her step son checking out her huge tits under her bikini top….then it was game on.

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Vera Price – Drunk Mom Wants Your Cum HD (720p/

Added: 8/20/17

Mommy seems sad for some reason. She’s sipping her grownup juice and still all done up from her date earlier. You wonder what the problem could be… no one likes seeing Mommy sad. She notices you and tries to explain, but she’s talking a little funny… “Well, honey, ever since your father and I split, I just haven’t been able to find another man who wants to settle down. It’s not your fault at all, baby. It’s just that mommy’s getting older and she wants to be able to give you a little brother or sister and, well, it’s just not looking good.” You can’t help but notice how pretty Mommy is lying there, how big and soft her breasts are. There’s a tingle in your pants, and suddenly she’s staring at your crotch. She gets a funny look in her eye. “Baby, do you want to help Mommy with something? Do you want to help mommy have another baby?” Before you know it, her soft hands are on your cock and her warm mouth is caressing the length of your shaft. It only gets steamier from there.

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