Primals Transformations – Vampire Kajira Drains Her Date – Femdom Porn HD mp4

Striking redhead Kajira brings her date home after a fancy evening out, all paid for by him. As they start making out, she pauses to ask about the limit on his credit card. Confused and turned off, he goes to leave, but she easily tosses him down on the bed. Before he can get up, Kajira reveals her true form, fangs and all. Terrified as he is, he cannot run away when she uses her vampiric powers to put him in a submissive trance. Kajira is going to take everything she wants from her date, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

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Primal Porn – Carolina Sweets – Lying Employee – MindControl Cupcakes HD mp4

Carolina comes in to ask for a pay advance. She explains that she has a very good reason for needing the money, and then for some reason blurts out the truth about why she needs the money, and the supposed sick days she took, and what kind of job she does and about basically everything, she is dumbfounded that she is telling the truth about everything, even right after she lied. But she thinks it will be ok, the manager tells her he can help her, and for some reason she believes everything he says. Men promise everything to get what they want, in her experience, and never deliver, but she KNOWS she can trust this man, even if she is REALLY reluctant to do what he’s saying, after all, with everything she confessed she NEEDS his help

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Primals Transformations – Athena, Alex Coal – Vampire Protege – Gathering a Coven Part 2 SD

Poor Athena. She has been infatuated with Rion the class superboy forever. Straight “A” student, Homecoming King and of course the schools All-Star Quarterback. And to top it off he is a really nice guy. He’s been helping her study till after dark every day for the past week. He doesn’t even get that she is only acting like she needs help to get his attention. Athena sometimes wonders if he KNOWS he’s perfect and isn’t as humble as he pretends. But either way she can’t help practically throwing herself at him.

Right in the middle of what is turning into a humiliating rejection Athena’s friend Alex comes in, at least, she thinks it is Alex, if she somehow turned into some kind of movie star. Athena is enchanted and the next thing she knows she is standing in Alex’s living room (when did Alex get her own place?) Alex circles her and Athena is feeling dizzy and…so aroused…and confused…then she loses herself to pleasure and lust and then sudden ecstasy mixed with agony and everything goes black

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