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They are staying at their relative’s house for their cousin’s next day wedding. They have to share a room. That’s okay, after all they are brother and sister. A very sexy sister. And a very horny brother. She is tired. She leaves the bathroom door open when she is getting herself ready for bed. Showing off her sexy body. The beautiful ass. Of course he is watching. He is also a man, not just a brother. He plays with himself. He hides his erection when she at last comes to bed. She falls asleep quickly. He can’t sleep with a hard on. He gently runs his hands over her butt, her legs, her tits. She does not wake up. He gets bolder, rubs his cock against her pussy. She gets wet. Fuck, he will just do it. Sister or not. He is a man, she is a woman, right? Just when his cock slides into her pussy, she wakes up. What is she going to do?

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Horney step dad walks in to see his step daughter dress in tiny shorts an a see though wet top while she is doing the dishes.. He teases her saying she isn’t doing it right and then start bringing up on her she tells him to stop at first and asks where her mom is.. He answers she is out and keeps touching her now grabbing her but and pulling down her shorts.. MMM I love that ass.. He grabs her and starts sniffing her perfect round ass.. Then he tells her to get on her knees and she gives him a blow job.. Still not completely satisfied he starts fucking her from behind and pulling her hair… They stop and they here her mom coming in the house.. step dad drips his cum all over the kitchen and coerced his step daughter to clean it all up before her mom finds out.

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Nov 11

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