Taboo – Fantasy – My Sister Sucked My Cock – Sister know how use she Mouth FullHD


Solei is complaining to her girlfriend that she is going crazy without a cock to Suck! Ever since she broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago….Solei has had no cocks to Suck….and Solei LOVES to suck cocks!!! She confesses to her friend that she has even asked her Brother, Eric to please let her Suck him off….but he keeps refusing. Solei, however, has a plan. That night when Eric is asleep…..Solei quietly enters his bedroom….and ties him up while he is asleep!!! Once Solei is confident that her older Brother is helpless and secured….she wakes him up!! Eric is horrified when he wakes up to find himself….naked…….tied to his bed…..with his little Sister sitting over him!!! He asks her what the fuck is going on….and Solei gives him an honest answer…..”Look…..I told you a hundred times….I’m addicted to Sucking cock….I haven’t had a cock to suck for a while….you wouldn’t let me Suck yours when I asked you nicely… I’m gonna Suck your cock by Force!!”. Eric is shocked and sickened by his Sister’s threat….and to his horror….Solei puts his cock in her mouth and starts to suck!!! Eric starts calling out for his Mom to save him….but Solei Smothers his mouth with her hand as she continues to Suck. Eric begs for mercy….pleading with his little Sister to stop. He tries thinking about “gross things”….to try and make his cock go limp….so that she will get frustrated and give up…..but Solei’s expert lips and mouth won’t allow him to go limp!!! He begs and begs for her to stop….but Solei keeps sucking and only says “Shut Up Eric, or I’ll slap you really hard”. Finally, the terrorized Eric comes to a frightening conclusion…..the only way for the horror to stop… to give the little Brat what she wants…….so that she will go away…..and the horrible ordeal will be over. So that’s what Eric does….he closes his eyes….pretends it’s somebody other that his Sister Sucking his cock….and he cums for her!!! Solei spits the cum on Eric and tells him “You’re lucky I didn’t Fuck your asshole!!!”.

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Stella cox, Jess west – Brother Knows Best – Happy Brother fuck Sister and her friend Threesome FullHD [British/Essex/1080p/c4s/manyvids]

Added: 2/12/16 1:50pm

Stella and her friend jess are deciding on what to wear to impress a guy they both like but they cant decide who is going to be the better cock sucker so stella calls in her brother and tells him to decide who is better at sucking cock so both girls suck and play with stella’s brothers cock but he thinks they are both very good and says they both have to fuck him and both girls jump at the chance to fuck his cock and he finishes cuming on jess’s face and both girls swap cum in there mouths

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Jerky Wives – Annika Eve – Sister Edging My Cock – Latina, Brutal Handjob work FullHD 2017

Added: 10/24/17 04:31PM

The busty and natural Annika is relentless. She lubes up my cock and begins to stroke. I am about to quickly finish and she lets ruthlessly lets go. I was about to cum…Then she works me up and does this again and again. Finally she edges me over the ledge and then stops just as I explode…Then I cum down and she works my head like it owes her money…Brutal, but I cannot wait till the next time!

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