Lonely Sister Uses Brother’s Cock Part 1 of 3 SD (clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 7/25/16

My sister’s boyfriend has been overseas for a long time now. They have weekly skype dates, but she hasn’t been very happy with them lately. She didn’t even get to cum during this one. I thought I could rub one out while she was busy on skype but she catches me jerking off and we talk. She and I are both really sexually frustrated and lonely. I am SO embarrassed that she saw me jerking my dick, but she says it’s not a big deal. I am still really turned on and she looks so good in her bra and panties. I suggest that since neither of us has been with anyone in a long time and haven’t been able to get off, maybe we could just look at each other and get off together? I mean, it wouldn’t be that weird to just look at each other and masturbate together. It looks so good, though, and eventually, I ask her if I can touch her pussy. She says yes, and touches me too. I make her cum so hard with my fingers and she returns the favor by letting me cum all over her tits! It’s so awkward now. Will anything else happen again???

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Zoe Parker – Hello Sister! It Just Slipped In SD (BrattySis.com/2017)

Sep 22, 2017

Kyle Mason and his stepsister Zoe Parker fight over the milk at the breakfast table. When Kyle splashes it all over Zoe, she peels off her shirt and tackles him onto the couch. She’s wearing just a thong, and Kyle is wearing boxers. In the scuffle, his dick pops out of his underwear and slips into Zoe’s creamy snatch. She loves the way it feels and rides him like her personal steed. When he flips her onto her back, she gives in completely until her whole body is pulsing with bliss. Moments later, Kyle gluts Zoe with a creampie of cum.

The next morning, Zoe gets caught sneaking into the house. The tall coed offers Kyle a blowjob. When he accepts, she slips out of her sheer shirt and goes to work stroking and sucking her stepbrother’s stiffie. Her deep throat adventure gets her as hot as it gets Kyle, leaving her stroking her clit as she keeps Hoovering Kyle’s hardon. She doesn’t stop until he has filled her mouth with jizz that dribbles down her face as she laps it up like a contented cat.

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Family Therapy – Mercy – Sister wants to party HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 5/5/16

My Brother and I went to a neighborhood party the other night. The more I drank , the hornier i got. I asked him to slip off to the bathroom with me so i could suck his cock. Sucking his cock in the bathroom was not enough, I had to have him fuck me in the upstairs bedroom. He pumped my pussy until I came all over his cock. What a night!

The Private Dance

Why are you dressed like that? I’m just asking you a question, relax… Hot date? Are you going to a club? I don’t think I believe you… You’ve been going out almost every night the past week. I’m just curious that’s all… What if I woke up Mom and told her you’re going out? Okay, I won’t, sorry… Don’t get mad at me, I’m your brother, you can tell me….

Better Than Him

Why are you in my room? Leave… I don’t want to talk to you about my boyfriend. It’s none of your business… He’s at work. Listen, that was one time, and I wasn’t exactly in a clear state of mind… Yes, I’m horny, that doesn’t matter… Why can’t you just find a girlfriend and leave me alone?

I’m Still Your Big Sister

Hey… That’s cool Mom’s gone for a little while… Nothings wrong. I just… Maybe we should be little more careful… Of course I like it. I just think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a little break… No, I don’t mean it like that… I know you’re still my big sister… This has all just happened really fast, I mean we can’t keep doing this forever….

***Starring Mercy***

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Ashley Masons Play House – My Slutty Sister HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 7/22/17

My sister always had a thing for my son. She never mentioned it to me but I could tell by the way she acted that she was really into him. The last time she visited she saw how much he had grown and decided that she had to have him. I caught them fucking and was super pissed at both of them. After a few minutes I saw how good he was fucking her and decided I wanted to try out his cock for myself. We both took turns getting fucked until his balls were completely empty.

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