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I drag my Sister Harper into the bathroom. I ask her, “Do I look stupid? Did you think I wouldn’t know?” Crying, Anastasia answers, “Please Brother no.” I yell at her to strip and she does. After she is naked, I fondle and finger fuck her roughly and say, “I thought so. You’re pregnant. Who’s the father?” She cries and begs, “No!” I poke her with me finger all over her body making her jerk to get her to answer but she refuses to do so. I finally say, “I’ll teach you, you little whore.” I unzip his pants and forces her to have sex bent over the sink . Really slamming in and out of her. Afterwards I again demand she tell him me the father of her baby is. She looks directly at me and says, “It’s you Brother. You’re the father of my baby.

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Amber Skyy – Taboo Sleeping at Grandpa’s HD [ American / Tampa Fl/manyvids.com/2018]

Jan 12

So this was the weekend I was sleeping over at my grandparents house. It had been forever since I’ve been there so I was excited to go. I hadn’t actually met my grandmas new husband yet. When I arrived he informed me she wasn’t going to be back from her casino trip until tomorrow. I thought that was weird but whatever he must be a good guy if she likes him. He was actually really nice and we had a nice conversation. It was already late so I chit chatted with him a bit more then told him I was off to bed. Little did I know this dirty old man was jerkin his cock when I came back out for a drink. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He convinced me it was normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. I was hesitant but agreed to touch it and see what happens next. I couldn’t believe it got so big from me rubbing it, I was def being a bad girl but I had to taste and feel it inside me. This was my favorite trip and cant wait for many more….

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Family Therapy – Molly Jane & Carey Riley – My Mother and Sister are Swingers HD mp4 [studio/81593/720p/clips4sale.com/2014]

Added: 11/25/14 8:26pm

Dad is away on business again for a week and this time he told me I’m the man of the house while he’s gone. Dad made me promise to do all my chores and to make sure my Mom and Sister behaved themselves.

I didn’t think I’d have a problem until last night. My Mom and my Sister said they were leaving for a church meeting at 10 o’clock at night! And they were both wearing long trench coats. I knew something was up so I followed them in my car. They definitely didn’t go to church, they went to a swingers club!!! I went inside and confronted them and they just laughed at me. I asked my Mom what Dad would think and she said she didn’t care. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Then My Mom asked me if I wanted to get my dick sucked. I said yes and my Mother and Sister just jumped on me and started sucking! It was crazy, but I couldn’t stop.

I fucked my Mother and my Sister right there in the club. I came on my Mom’s face then she told me to get the fuck out. She said they still had to fuck a bunch more guys before they left. I grabbed my clothes and rushed out of there. I sure hope Dad doesn’t find out, but if I didn’t know about my Mom and Sister, maybe he’s a swinger too! ***Staring Carey Riley and Molly Jane*** Special Thanks to Club Sin Day in Ohio for making this possible!!!

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Taboo-Fantasy – April Dawn, Ricky – Sharing a Bathroom with Sister – hairy bush FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 9/16/17 09:35AM


April is hogging the Bathroom in the morning….doing her hair and makeup, while her Brother Ricky is banging on the door….needing to take a shower before school. When April refuses to let him in…Ricky lets himself in…and decides to shower anyway!!! While April continues to do her makeup…and Ricky is taking a shower…the two siblings can’t help but notice each other’s naked bodies!!! When Ricky emerges from the shower with a big boner….April can’t contain herself…and starts sucking on it! Ricky wants his bratty Sister to “hurry up and make me cum”…but April tells him that there is NO WAY she is going to make him cum, before he returns the favour and licks her cunt!! Ricky licks his Sister’s cunt…and then the Brother Sister dup proceed to fuck each other HARD!! After fucking April missionary style….Ricky bends his bratty Baby Sister over the vanity….and plows her from behind until he fills her up!!! The two Siblings promise to meet in the Bathroom same time tomorrow……

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FamilyManipulation – Riley King, Levi Cash – I Want To Show You How Much I’ve Grown FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 4/17/17 11:59pm

The wife and I have been losing the love we once had for each other. We get along for the most part and we’re till together, trying to make things work between us. And honestly I thought that we were heading in the right direction with our relationship. We’ve both been more involved in our lives and spending time together as a family.

Our daughter is so wonderful and has all of the amazing characteristics of her mother. She’s intelligent and daring, and always has a smile on her face! Unlike my wife however, my daughter seems to appreciate me so much. We have such a great connection, sometimes I feel closer with her than her mother.

I feel terrible for even thinking that way, but I feel as though my wife has lost her attraction towards me. Our sex life is practically non-existent and I usually have to beg to screw her in the first place! And half the time she’s rushing me as if she’s got somewhere else to be. But all of this just makes me so thankful for having an incredible daughter like Riley.

My daughter never asks me for anything and when she does, she’s eternally grateful towards me. Just the other day, I had to run some papers to her that she forgot at home. Of course I’d do anything for my little girl, that’s what fathers are for. Plus it was my day off so it really was no skin off my back to make sure she has what she needs for class.

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FamilyManipulation – Tiffany Watson, Levi Cash – Caught Sis Red Handed, Now Give Me a Handjob and more! FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2016]

Added: 10/11/16 09:46PM

I have a dirty little secret, I have been fantasizing about seeing my lil sis naked. She looks like she has perfect natural juicy young titties, and her nipples are always poking out of her tank tops as she walks around the house…and I have the perfect plan to make sure this fantasy becomes a reality!

She has a bad habit of spending her allowance money that our parents give us on stupid at the mall, and I’m pretty sure she has been stealing mom’s money to feed this habit. She also wants a new car, and if mom and dad find out she was stealing money from them, they would never buy that new car for her…

So I decided to catch her in the act, but instead of tattle telling on her….I would use this leverage to my advantage! Finally time to make her expose those perfect naturals to me….but of course I won’t stop there!

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Added: 1/29/16 01:00PM

What a pervert! My brother’s been watching me masturbate. And for how long now? I’ll never know! Little does he know,… I love it. I really like how turned on my brother gets while watching me. I can tell he has a big cock by the way he uses it. I want to play a game with my brother…
…Come in here and keep stroking! Yes, that’s what I want to see. You saw me playing with myself. You know I’m horny and I know you’re about to burst. Brothers aren’t supposed to see their sisters doing these kinds of things…. Mom and Dad will be home any minute. Do you want to cum? Okay, I’ll make a deal with you. If you can keep up with me, and all my toys and oil, you can cum. You have to keep up with me, though! Don’t cum before me! I’ll make sure you get a real show if you can. Cum with me. I want to see my brother cum!

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Lilly Ford and her stepbrother Alex D. are playing board games with Lilly’s mom. Lilly’s mom is disturbed by the sexual flirting between her daughter and stepson, but she sets up pie face with them. Even before they start Lilly has her hand stroking Alex’s dick. When Lilly’s mom gets pied, the two teens convince her she has to leave it on for five minutes. While she waits, Lilly takes the opportunity to suck Alex off at the table. They even have fun with the whipped cream to turn Alex’s stiffie into a sweet treat.

When Lilly’s mom washes her face and goes to take a nap, the two teens hide their illicit activity until she falls asleep on the couch. The second there’s no pretense to maintain, Lilly leans over the table so Alex can pounder her juicy bare fuck hole. Then she scoots forward while he sits on a chair until the pint sized hottie is giving him a ride in her greedy snatch.

Turning around, Lilly rides Alex with her back to him so he can watch her tan line ass jiggle as she gets herself off on his fuck rod. His reward is for the blonde spinner to drop to her knees and resume her earlier blowjob. This time Lilly won’t stop stroking and sucking until Alex has given her a blast of hot jizz right in the face.

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