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You enter your room coming home from a disappointing date. You are startled when you see me rubbing my little dick all over your brand new boots. You scold me in your big sister way saying “Freeze boot boy!…what are you doing?!…I just got these yesterday” while taking them away from me. You then say “remember our deal? We have to be really careful so no one catches us ok? You then say “Come here”, you squat and lean into the camera (me) and kiss me gently. You then take one of the boots and rub it against my off camera dick while staring deeply into my eyes. you then smile and say “do you like the way that feels?,,,my soft leather boots against your dick?” then you ask in a whispery voice “do you want to watch me put ’em on?” Remove your stilletos and slowly and sensually put the boots on, telling me that this part always makes you wet. you love the feeling you have when you slip your legs into them and how your clit throbs when you here the zipper. “ok brother…you know the drill…pants off…underwear down!” You are not wearing panties, you take one hand and gently raise the front of your dress and start to massage your pussy and clit while you watch me undress. Saying playfully, “Cmon…hurry up…don’t keep your sister waiting…Look at how wet I am already for you” You then take your finger and shove it deep into your pussy. Its glistening with your juice when you remove it so you smear it into your boot. You then offer your booted leg to my nose and ask if I can smell your big sisters pussy on you boot. You then start to giggle and notice that my dick is “dancing, twitching, dripping” and say “I can’t wait any longer…I’m gonna fuck you hard!!” I start to get up and position myself but you stop me by putting your boot on my chest (off camera) and say “Nugh ugh…not this time brother…this time I wanna be on top…I wanna look deep into your eyes whille I ride you…like a cowgirl!…you like cowboys don’t you!…well I’m a cowgirl” (giggle and laugh) gently start squating up and down, simulating riding me. You have an explosive orgasm, fall back on the floor, breathing heavy and giggling, facing me. “OMG…that was fucking amazing” look on your face. ” These boots are so new, I haven’t even squirted on them yet…do you wanna watch me?”…then giggle and laugh and say “Yeah you do!!” Leaning back on one of your elbows, your hand goes to work vigorously frigging your clit, and your squirt juice gently falls over your boot like a beautiful spring shower. You then extend that cum drenched boot into the camera lens (me) and say “Here you go sweetie…its all for you”, then put your finger to your lips and make the “sssshhhhh…don’t tell anybody” sound and then giggle and laugh as the camera fades. ….Mandy Flores

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Taboo Secrets HarperTheFox – Sister/Brother Family Bangcation HD (720p/

Added: 3/9/16

Tommy and Gina are lounging on the hotel bed, waiting for their parents to get back. They have a casual, close, loving, and playful relationship. Gina begins to strip, preparing for a shower, and her brother about his discomfort. But little does she know that when her back is turned, he is busy snapping photos of her beautiful naked body.
As this clip unfolds, light play turns to serious erotic tension. Gina leads the way, boldly asking her brother for closer and closer contact, until in a fit of wild and daring passion, she becomes his first lover.

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Blindfolded Sister Tricked Into Accidental SEX With Brother Full Video HD (720p/

Added: 6/6/14

Todd is supposed to come over for a BIG DATE with my bitch slut of a sister, so I have to leave my OWN FUCKING HOUSE while they get busy. Oh, wait, asshole douchebag TODD calls up and I answer. He isn’t going to make it! WHAT THE FUCK? I go down to tell my sister the news but she is already naked on the bed with a blindfold on calling ME TODD. She wants me to do whatever I want to her and she thinks I AM HIM ! WHAT SHOULD I DO TO MY SISTER?????? I watch her finger herself and put a dildo inside her until she cums. Then she asks me to finger her so I do!!! MY COCK IS SO HARD! She wants to touch my cock!!! I WANT HER TO MAKE ME CUM!!! She loves stroking my hard cock and she keeps telling me how much it makes her want me to be in her mouth! I CAN’T STOP SO I LET HER SUCK MY COCK!!! She thinks I am being really quiet, but I can’t let her see me! I keep the blindfold on tight while she strokes and sucks my cock. My fingers are deep in her pussy now!!! She wants to FUCK!! SHOULD I FUCK MY SISTER?????? YES!!!! I WILL FUCK HER HARD!!!!OMG, her pussy is perfect wrapped around my stiff cock! She moans and tells me how good it feels to be with me again. She thinks Todd is fucking her like a madman! I pound my sister’s pussy so good until she cums all over my cock! She wants me to cum inside of her!!! She thinks it is TODD! I get to creampie my sister!!!! FUCK!!! I have to get out of there before she sees me!!!! OMG!! SHE WOULD ME!!! NOTHING FEELS BETTER THAN MY SISTER’S PUSSY!!!

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