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Stepsis’ Anal Ultimatum

Brother’s having a hell of a Friday… his hot, horny wife jerking him off beneath the blankets. He tells her how he’d love to feel her mouth on the head of his cock. She disappears beneath the blankets as he throws his head back in pleasure. That’s it, he moans, suck my cock. He enjoys the feeling of that hot, wet, slutty mouth as he pulls the blankets back to find… his daughter?!?

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Jenna Foxx comes home from a yoga class. Her step brother Ricky is playing video games but as she passes him and heads to the shower he notices her beautiful ass and follows her. While she is running soap over her hot body he watches her through the open door. When she steps out of the shower she finally spots him. It’s not fair, that he sees her all naked but he is fully dressed! She pulls down his pants and surprise! He has a giant black cock. Wow, her girlfriends will be so jealous. If there are no selfies it did not happen. So she quickly takes some hot pictures while sucking the dick. Now it’s Ricky’s turn to eat her. He gets her pussy really wet with his tongue, then she climbs on top of him. She rides him while playing with her clit. They fuck on the bed, they fuck on the floor. They fuck missionary, they fuck doggy. In the end her step brother comes straight into Jenna’s face.

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I’m still missing my Brother pretty bad…. I can’t really be as naughty as I want to just stuck here with my Mom… Ugh… I think my Brother prefers me to her anyways. Wouldn’t you? I mean… lot at my tight, hot little body? My pretty perky little tits.. and this sweet little pussy… Mmmm.. I guess since Brother isn’t here.. I can still be his dirty girl.. right? Turning on all of you. Showing off Brother’s dirty little girl’s hot body to a bunch of perverts.. knowing that they’re jerking to me…. that’s right.. you know you want to… here, let me get that new vibrator my Brother got me.. and really play with this sweet little pussy for you….

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I like my sister.. I like her a lot… And sometimes I like to watch her play with herself and I imagine she is playing with my cock instead of her toys… But if there’s one thing I like more than my sister, it’s the internet.. I found a butt plug online that’s infused with extremely rare and powerful pheromones that is supposed to make anyone who uses it completely submissive and open to any suggestion… I can’t wait to try it out…

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Holly has a test at School….in her Sex-Ed class….and the test is on Handjobs. Holly doesn’t have a boy to practice on…..and if she fails the test, she will have to go to Summer School…..so she approaches her older Brother, Mark…..and asks him if he will let her practice on him. Mark refuses the inappropriate request from his little Sister, and sends her away. Holly is desperate, however….and she returns to Mark’s bedroom a few minutes later….this time….wearing lingerie!!! Holly begs her older Brother to let he practice on him….as she playfully rubs his crotch through his jeans. Holly uses psycology on her Brother….”Mark….if I fail this test…I’ll have to go to Summer School….which means I’ll be around here all Summer long….you don’t want your Bratty little Sister hanging around all Summer do you???”. Her plan works!!! Mark agrees to let his Sister Practice on him….as long as she promises not to tell their Mom or Dad. Mark pulls off his pants and lets his little Sister start to play with his cock. Holly confesses that she has never done it before….so Mark has to walk his little Sister through the whole process. Once she has successfully given her Brother a hard erection….Holly wants to know about the “White stuff”. Mark assures his Sister that the “White stuff” she is looking for will arrive soon, if she continues to Jerk his cock. To get an even quicker result….Mark tells his little Sister that she can place her ass on his face….and she does!!! Once little Sister’s ass is firmly placed down on older Brother’s face….a big ejaculation soon follows!!! Holly’s eyes light up when she sees the final result of her first Handjob….the White Stuff!!!

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Tom calls his sister-in-law Annika Eve over for a one-on-one meeting. He has been lusting over Annika’s feet for a long time, but now sees an opportunity to fulfill a foot fetish fantasy. He wastes no time in explaining that he has learned about her infidelity.

Tom suggests that there is a way that he will keep the secret from his brother. Annika is caught in a situation that could cause her ten year long marriage to come crashing down. When Tom suggests wanting to play with her feet, she finds it kind of weird, but an easy thing to go along with if it will protect her secret.

Completely unfamiliar with foot fetishism, Annika is surprised when her brother-in-law moves from licking her soles and sucking her toes to full out fucking her scrumptious feet. Tom is thinking only with his southern head now, but he knows that he has this woman in a spot with little wiggle room. He confidently tells Annika to “shut up” while he pumps away on her smooth feet.

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Jillian’s Janson over her friends house about to go outside and tan when she sees her friend’s brother, Rion, is still playing video games since earlier. She starts to berate him, saying he’s a loser and all he does is play video games all day. When she suggests he go outside and hang out with her and the girls, she starts to tease him saying he’s scared of pussy.

Jillian’s nagging and belittling starts to really annoy Rion, so he decides to try out this new “cheat code” that unlocks bonus games. Only, the bonus game applies to real life. When he it actually works, Jillian becomes his new favorite game to play, and she won’t be talking to him anymore.

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Carmen is all over him, pulling his hands onto her body desperate to get him hard. “Can I suck your cock?” she begs, “Please let me suck you cock”

Only moments ago she thought Chad was just another sucker she’d slowly pull money from in the VIP. She’d let him feel just enough of her perfect ass before pushing his hands away. “No touching, the bouncers will kick you out” she warned

Chad loved this type of dancer, the kind that would only get you hard enough to want more, the kind that would barely touch you until the song was almost over and then ask you for another dance. “Can I show you something?” he asks

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your sister (me) is such a little slut you have been trying to catch her in the act of doing something so you can hold it over her head… she thinks she is so cool and powerful you will show her…. She is in her bedroom when you discover she left her phone out.. you go though it and find out she has been cheating on her boyfriend.. you save the info and go into her room where you find that slut sister of your masturbating… you ask her who she is thinking about ..” maybe that guy you have been cheating on your boyfriend with” she freaks out asking how you found out and wave her phone in her face. She flips out trying to take it from you and with her wrestling on you it starts turning you on.. you make a deal with her saying she better get you off or you will tell her boyfriend what a slut she really is… she denys you at first saying how wrong it is to give her brother oral sex.. but you pretend to press her boyfriends phone nuber and she sticks your cock deep in her throat .. progresses into cumshaw facial.. but even after your slutty sister has your big cum shot all over her face you decide to tell her boyfriend anyways….. what a sneaky evil little brother you are…

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