Lovita Fate – My Mom Would Never Expect This! SD (TeensLikeItBig.com / Brazzers.com/2017)

Danny hasn’t been super excited about his Mom getting married. Now he has to deal with his new stepsister Lovita moving in. She has a different perspective on their new living situation, and it involves a whole lot of fucking and sucking. In fact, Lovita can’t contain herself and her #1 priority is to suck down on Danny’s dong, even if his Mom is in the next room. Danny decides to give Lovita a covert deep dicking – he’s sure they can have a little fun if they just keep quiet!

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Fucking My Sister’s Big Tits HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 9/22/17

Fantasy includes: taboo, titty fucking, cumshot, blackmail, sports bra, virtual cock stroking, bratty sister, pov

It was the perfect plan. You found out what your big sister was up to at school, what she let those boys do with her juicy tits. It was her secret, and you’d hold it against her until she gave you what you wanted. You just couldn’t get the image out of your head, not that you wanted to. Countless cocks sliding into her cleavage over and over. All of that cum drenching her chest. Now it was your turn.

But your sister wasn’t at all surprised when you barged into her bedroom. The slut had you all figured out, she knew the score… It didn’t help that you couldn’t stop staring. Her milky tits looked so good pushed together in that tight tank top and sports bra. Your raging boner gave you away… and she took full advantage of it.
She your perversion, pushed you deeper into your arousal, teased you, made you feel so wrong for even conjuring this sick plan to use her for your pleasure. She was your sister after all… but that wasn’t enough to stop her either. Not when she could get something out of it too. Oh, you’d get to pump your rigid cock in and out of her cleavage just like the other boys… but not for free.

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Slutty Sister Asks Brother For Money aka Brother Pays Sister For Sex FULL VERSION SD (clips4sale.com/2014)

Added: 5/25/14

My bitch sister knows I have been saving for a new videogame, but she wants to go out with her slutty friends and suck some guys’ cocks! She starts touching herself in front of me so I can’t say no to her! She teaches me how to finger a girl and make her cum, but now she is touching me and I want to feel what her pussy is like on my dick! She wants another 20 bucks to let me fuck her!!! GOD, MY SISTER IS A WHORE BUT I NEED TO FUCK HER NOW!!!!

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Sister With Bad Grades Blackmailed By Brother FULL VERSION SD (clips4sale.com/2014)

Added: 7/17/14

I finally get home from work and find out my sister got another F in math! I know that mom and dad are paying her tuition and everything else, but they won’t if she keeps failing! I grab the paper and threaten to tell them everything! She begs me to stop and I tell her I will if she gets naked and masturbates for me. I WANT TO SEE HER NAKED! Now I am going to make her get into it. I pull my cock out and she says she doesn’t like it, but I make her touch it and I can tell she does! I want her to suck my cock! She acts like she doesn’t want it but she puts it in her mouth anyway! Oh, she is so wet and ready for me to fuck her! Once again, she acts like she doesn’t want it, but she does. I slide into her tight little pussy easily! I love fucking her!!! I have to pound her just right until she cums all over my cock! I know she loves it! She can’t help it! I love filling her full of my cum! It’s creampie time!!!! YES!!!!!

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My Mom Makes Me Get My Sister Pregnant FULL VERSION SD (clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 12/7/15

My mom lost her job! She tells my sister she has a plan. We are going to get her pregnant and sell it after 9 months! OMFG!!! I don’t know if I can do this??? My mom sucks my cock until I am hard and my sister doesn’t want to but we go along with it anyway! NOW MOM IS TURNED ON??? I fuck my mom and make her cum before I turn my sister over and cum deep inside her pussy so I KNOW MY JOB WAS DONE RIGHT!!! OHHHHHHH I LOVE MY MOMMY AND SISTER!!!!

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