Lovely Liliths Lusty Lair – I Want a Pearl Necklace FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/4/17
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You just got home from a long hard day at work, didn’t you? And here I am… waiting for you. You’re day isn’t over yet, though. I need something for you. I think you’ll be willing to give it to me… I want a pearl necklace.
What do you think? How about you get that dick nice and hard for me, and I’ll get my tits ready for you… All you have to do is stand there, and I’ll do all the work.
Give me that pearl necklace, baby.

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Meana Wolf – Demon Wants Your Semen FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/28/17

She appeared as if out of a dream. Her black eyes were like ebony. Shiny black pools that drew you down deeper into her. And as she purred into your ear, you could feel yourself becoming more and more subdued. Her very presence made your cock ache. Her body swayed, as if casting a spell over you. Your mind and body became one, with only one desire…to fuck. To feel the pleasure of release. You felt the the danger of her power…but it slipped into the back of your mind as she began to ravenously suck on your cock. You could feel yourself becoming weaker as she took more and more of you inside of her. “I will give you pleasure that you could only dream of,” she said. “I will show you the true meaning of love. Your life for mine… that is true love. Give me your seed. With every drop I take, you give me more and more of your essence, your power. You cannot resist me. Though you fear losing your very life… you are helpless in your desire. You must give me all.” Your heart is pounding in your chest as you resist the urge to orgasm….but alas. Her sexual powers are too strong. You feel your very soul jump out of your cock as your cum fills her demonic pussy. But she is not yet satisfied. She wants to feel your soul in every part of her. She slides your cock deep inside her ass and continues to fuck the life out of you. You can’t resist her. You yearn for more as you feel yourself slipping away. Her powers are far too strong and she consumes even more of your soul as you orgasm inside her ass. She laughs. She’s not going to stop until she has every last drop of your seed. She is going to fuck the life out of you and consume your soul.
Clip Contains: An intensely erotic succubus encounter. You know what it means to cum for her… for every drop of your seed she takes is another ounce of your soul drained. And her greed knows no limit. She will take every last drop of your soul as she uses her incredible sexual powers to fuck the life out of you. **Full Black Demon Eyes. Edging. Forced Orgasm. Creampie. Anal. Anal Creampie. Cum in mouth. Executrix.**

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Bettie Bondage – Blackmailing Your Slutty Boss FullHD (1080p/

Added: 12/2/16 9:02am

Your boss is the biggest bitch. You really can’t stand the woman. For starters, she’s younger than you, received several promotions you were jockeying for over the last year when you’ve been there for ages…and talks to you like you’re an idiot. She expects an unreal level of perfection and acts so sanctimonious it’s unbelievable. So when you hear from a guy down in the warehouse that a few years ago, she got sloshed at the company Christmas party and took it in every hole from him and a few other guys (including a couple higher-ups…explains the promotions!), you know you’ve gotta get this leveraged against that bitch. You ask him for proof, goading him into sending you a grainy but damning photo from his cell phone of her on her knees, cross-eyed and covered in cum. You print it out and the next day, head to your meeting…
Predictably, she starts into you quickly, telling you how she expects more, she needs more, blah blah fucking blah. You pull the folded piece of paper from your coat pocket and set it on the table next to you, crossing your arms as she reaches forward and takes it, asking what it is as you remain silent. You watch her face as she opens it, confronted with the reality of this situation. Of course, she thinks you want the promotion. The one everyone knows she’s vying for. She thinks thats what you want, but really…you want much more than that. You want her, on her knees. Sucking your cock, taking your cum. You want to hate fuck her and hold this over her head for as long as you can! Seeing her quickly get on her knees, fighting barely at all as she takes you into her mouth…well, you can’t say you’re surprised. You’re just sad it took this long to figure her out!
She begs you not to cum inside her but honestly, does she really expect you to play nice, after all she’s done? You pump a thick load into her pussy as she pulls away, scooping your cum out of her cunt as she stares at you in disbelief.

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Cory’s Superheroine Adventures – Dillion Carter – Assassin’s Revenge HD (1080p/

Added: 11/9/13

Scene One:Fuck me and I will leave

Robert is not fully healed when Viper returns looking for Sarah again. He is powerless to stop her looking through Sarah’s things. She gets bored with searching the house and makes the recovering Robert fuck her. Every movement still sends pain coursing through his body but he must do as she says or risk further injury. She smiles at his pain as he is forced to fuck her tight body. He finishes over her big breasts shooting his hot cum everywhere. Now that he is finished she is going to finish him. “No” he pleads as she breaks his neck again.

Scene Two: Where is Sarah

Robert’s girlfriend Sarah is in trouble. To keep her safe she is hidden away and only Robert knows where she is. The assassin Viper is hired to find her at all costs, even if that means destroying Robert. Finding Robert in bed she begins her questioning by breaking his ribs between her strong legs. He screams out in pain but does not give in. Viper smiles as she breaks his arms and legs one by one. Then jumping on top of him she breaks his spine paralyzing him on the bed. She pulls off her panties and gags Robert then fucks him. Every thrust causes him to moan in pain her huge breasts bouncing over his broken body. Viper fucks him hard until she cums loudly. She dresses and puts his head between her legs and snaps his neck.

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Primals Sex Fights – Ashley Adams – Sexual Supremacy Match: Ashley Adams vs BT HD (1080p/

Added: 5/5/17

Sexual Supremacy Match:

The object of the game is to make the opponent cum first, and cum she does! BUT, not until Ashley beats BT in this supremacy match, laying on top of him and stroking the cum out of his hard cock! (Did you think BT won? HA!) Trying desperately to win, BT fucks Ashley in multiple positions while pinning her down, but maybe if he’d just tried to make her cum by eating her out, his plan wouldn’t have backfired and made him so close to cumming himself! Ashley slides back onto BT’s mouth after she makes him cum, and forces him to eat her pussy until she cums also.

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Alora Jaymes in Give me The Weapon HD (720p/

Added: 6/6/13

Backstory: Lady Venom has learned of a new weapon being developed by the Justice Council to rid the world of her venomous grasp. Leading the project is none other than one of her rivals: Wunder

Gurl. Lady Venom has dispatched one of her henchman to extract the weapon’s location from Wunder Gurl……

Part 1: Evil comes knocking

Wunder Gurl is sitting in her living room, talking on her cell to another member of the Justice Council, discussing when to move the weapon for testing when she hears a disturbance at the front door; she excuses herself and ends the call to investigate. As soon as she opens the door, her head is grabbed and a cloth is thrown over her face; she attempts to struggle but is weakened by the chemicals in the cloth, allowing the henchman to force his way into her home! She struggles to get away and crawls to the couch however the henchman quickly bounces on her, pulling out his cock and jamming it down her throat. The henchman laughs as he interrogates Wunder Gurl as to the location of the weapon; too weak to speak, Wunder Gurl can only gag on the henchman’s cock as he face fucks her over and over. The henchman decides to have a little fun with Wunder Gurl and proceeds to massage her body through her clothing before pulling out her luscious breasts and licking them. Wunder Gurl moans and attempts to plead for the henchman to stop however she is still too weak. Becoming bored, the henchman decides to continue the interrogation in another room…..

Part 2: Full Body assault

The henchman carries Wunder Gurl into the small guest room and throws her on the couch, where he continues to face fuck her for several moments. Not being able to stand the urge anymore, he rips open the bottom of her uniform and begins to bite her clit; Wunder Gurl struggles and attempts to fight him off however she is still too weak to be a threat to the henchman. He climbs on top of her, guiding his cock into her warm, wet pussy and begins to fuck her viciously. Wunder Gurl pleads for him to stop however the henchman merely mocks her as he continues his assault on her body.
The henchman fucks Wunder Gurl in several positions, questioning her as to where the weapon is located however she still will not give up its location. The henchman becomes annoyed with his prey and decides to turn up the heat and continue violating her in her bed room!

Part 3: Haven violation

Wunder Gurl awakens standing and restrained; she is weak and grabs her head as she looks around confused. Before her eyes can focus, the henchman grabs her by the throat and demands to know the location of the weapon; Wunder Gurl attempts to fight him off and begins to get the upper hand when he squeezes her throat more tightly, causing her to lose all her strength. The henchman quickly takes the opportunity to wrap her truth lasso around her neck. He moves her to the chair and continues the interrogation.

The henchman grabs Wunder Gurl’s hair and proceeds to fuck her viciously, mocking her as Wunder Gurl moans louder and louder. They switch positions several times until, against her will, Wunder Gurl moans loudly as her body forcibly orgasms. The sheer sound of her orgasm causes the henchman to laugh as he knows he is breaking her. Wunder Gurl attempts to catch her breath however the henchman proceeds to drag her out of the room to finish her off and get the weapon’s location!

Part 4: Give in…

Wunder Gurl is restrained on the couch in her living room; the henchman stands laughing at her and taunting her to her weakened state and know she will give up the information. Wunder Gurl curses the henchman and is defiant until the henchman bites her double D breasts, injecting poison into her system, silencing Wunder Gurl and weakening her even more. He releases her restraints; the henchman wastes no time forcing his hard cock into her pussy and fucking her for several moments until he once again begins a full on assault of Wunder Gurl’s body, forcing her to fuck him in various positions. The fuck until the henchman can no longer stand the sensation and grabs Wunder Gurl’s head as she jerks his cock over her; releasing a loud moan, the henchman sprays stream after stream of hot cum in Wunder Gurl’s mouth and all over her face. He uses his cock to rub the semen on her face as he asks one last time where the weapon is hidden. Wunder Gurl whimpers as she agrees to tell him the weapon’s location…….

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