Liza k fetishes – Compilation Double Training – Real Doll Threesome, Transformation part 1 FullHD 2017

Added: 4/29/17 05:15PM

The first scene has our hero at a work meeting and is getting frustrated with the women. He finally uses his mind control powers and has them strip mindlessly, he then wakes them up and freezes them while he continues to strip them while being awake but unable to resist this time. Once naked, he has takes turn fucking from behind while she is bent over the desk, and the other missionary on the desk.Then she sits on him while the other masterbates.

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Nina Skye – Starfire falls to the God of War XXX Darkside Edition – bondage device, facials HD 2017

Added: 10/3/17 11:00AM

Starfire searches for her rival Demoss. She knows he had something to do with Super girl’s disappearance, and she is going to put a stop to him once and for all.

Starfire is captured by Demoss whose powers are strengthening more than hers at this point.

Starfire loses her will to fight when she is overcome with Demoss’s mind control powers, making her a submissive slut.

Demoss uses Starfire as his sex toy while she is tied up, half suspended, to his bondage device.

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Primal’s HANDJOBS – Lauren Phillips, Rion King – Robin Becomes Poison Ivy’s Milking Slave – Female Domination, Ass Fetish HD 2017

Added: 12/21/17 08:25PM

The Boy Wonder takes on more than he can handle, and more than he realizes, when he tries to capture Poison Ivy.

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Primal Fetish – JC Simpson – Full Training Session – Real Doll, Robot HD

JC – Part 1 – Deep Programming and Living Doll

We put deep programming into JC Simpson, We discuss mesmerism with her and she believes it is something that will only work on the weak minded. We put her under again and turn her into a mindless living doll and then have an assistant carefully pose her while she is completely mindless

JC – Part 2 – Posed and Orgasmed

We put JC in a more revealing outfit and put her more deeply under, Then still as a mindless doll put her in more provocative poses, while touching her most private areas. She is then put under and brought out of being a mindless doll and then programmed so that her panties are creating powerful orgasmic sensations that leave her cumming as her eyes roll back in her head

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Primals FANTASIES Alex Coal – Cam Girl Goes Private – submissive slave training, Lives Cam HD 2017

Added: 11/14/17 09:00AM

Alex is finishing up her camming session when she gets a request to go private. The man going private with her set up the camera on his computer so she can see him also. As their private session begins, he pulls out a necklace that mesmerizes her, making her his submissive slut. She then sends him her address, obeying his command to do so.

While waiting for her master to come over, she masturbates with a hitachi, as instructed. When her master shows up, she’s more than willing to obey his every command.

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine Sapphire – Defeated and Enslaved – Limp Fetish, Bound Orgasm FullHD

Added: 12/9/17 09:43PM

Sapphire has been looking for a chance to test her newest power upgrades against one of the cities most wanted. Her upgrades work flawlessly, but her over-confidence is her downfall.

Synopsis – Sapphire gets a fatal wound but her nanobot enhancements manage to keep her alive and heal the wound. She decides that since distraction is what defeated her she will find a way to distract the villains that took her down. She changes her costume and it works, on the henchman, but the boss (repeat villain Grigio) gets the drop on her. He wants to know the source of her powers since he tested her and she is not a metahuman or alien, Sapphire is defiant and Grigio tries beating it out of her, but Sapphire laughs at him, she is able to suppress feelings of pain. Grigio realizes this and figures she never thought to be able to supress pleasure. He breaks her with merciless orgasms and she reveals where her lab is. This allows Grigio to get control of her nanites and therefore control her

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Superheroines Nikki Delano – Power Girl – Weakened, Defeated, Mesmerized – magic control, forced orgasm HD

Part 1

Power Girl Catches a common thug trying to rob one of Lex Luthur’s secret offices. She discovers it wasn’t the evil billionaires gold or jewels the thief was after

Part 2

Power Girl has tracked down the thief that left her bound next to a lethal amount of kryptonite. She still wants to know what the thug know about Luthor, but the thief has other plans

Part 3

Power Girl decides to confront Lex Luthur directly, but, she finds herself helplessly under Luthor’s Mental Domination when he uses his newest invention against her

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Primals FANTASIES Edyn Blair – Project Funding II – Mesmerize, office domination, magic control HD 2017

Added: 10/12/17 2:48pm

Max walks into the conference room for his board meeting, only to find his ex-wife, Edyn, waiting for her. She tells him how she’s staying for the board meeting, and she’s heard how he’s been spending tons of the companies money. After she instills her plans into her ex-husband’s mind, thinking she now owns him and this company, she goes to meet with Lucas to explain to him if he wants to keep any type of funding, he’ll do what she wants. Lucas takes the new very calmly, standing up and pouring her and himself a drink. While toasting to each other, mentioning the drink came from Edyn’s ex-husband, Lucas says something that catches her off guard, but pays no mind to it and takes her last sip of pride and ego.

As Edyn starts to walk out of Lucas’s office, ready to blackmail and/or dominate every one, one office at a time, this intense urge overcomes her, stopping her in her tracks and dropping her to her knees. Before she knows what hit her, the desire for Lucas’s cock overpowers her. Crawling on the floor, groping herself, and licking her lips, she BEGS Lucas to fuck her. This new, intensely extreme craving for cock must be satisfied now, and this becomes the only thing she can think of.

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Primals FANTASIES – Quinn Wilde – Ring of Truth – mind control, fucking, facials HD 2018

Added: 2/9/18 6:00am

Quinn has an appointment at an employment agency that specializes in getting their client positions that are far beyond their qualifications. The thing is, he has to know how far a client is willing to go and what they’re willing to do to get the best job possible. Knowing that most people lie about themselves to get the best job possible, he has a way of getting the truth out of her, and making her believe whatever he wants her to.

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