Primal’s Robo Kink – Lexi’s Full Sesson HD (720p/

Added: 8/27/13

Lexi Conditioned and Nanobot Programmed – Lexi is in for a relaxation hypna-therapy session. She is put out and programmed and then programmed further to believe she has had nanobots put into her body, She can still think clearly but she has no choice but to obey everything master says. She gets angry, tries to leave, says no to what she is told, yet, even as she says “I won’t sit down” she is taking a seat. She gets angrier and angrier “fuck master” she says as she continues to obey every command. Stripping, ass shaking, dancing, masturbating, trying to sell herself as a whore. She cannot stop herself from doing everything she is told


Harem Girl Dances for Master – Now Lexi is ready to be put deeply into a programmed state. She is immersed in her role as a harem slave girl eager to please her master . She dances very seductively while looking at her master and asking for his approval. Remembering her earlier defiance before the programming defeated her will makes this all the better

Lexi Pleasing Master With Her Mouth Lexi asks if she can please her master with her mouth. She happily gets on her knees and is grateful for the mouth and face full her master gives her. Remembering her earlier defiance before the programming defeated her will makes this all the better

Lexi Arousing Master – Lexi touches herself and makes herself cum for her master’s entertainment in the hopes that he will want to use her as a sex slave Remembering her earlier defiance before the programming defeated her will makes this all the better

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Primal’s Robo Kink – Dasiy Full Sesson HD (720p/

Added: 3/13/14

Part 1 Obedience- Daisy believes she is here to be helped with her anxiety issues. We put her under and then have her walk around the room repeating her obedience mantra’s. She is deeply under and her eyes are rolled far back in her head. Next we put her out again and program her to find her clothes very comfortable and she will remove them without even being aware as she is speaking with us. She then is commanded into her trance like state and fully nude, walks and crawls around the room repeating her mantra’s. Finally she is put under and programmed to be a puppy. She happily runs on all fours yapping and wagging her tail and begging for treats

Part 2 Orgasm Therapy – Daisy believes that she is now back for another day of therapy. She has been programmed to be unable to take the hitachi off of her pussy once she begins masturbating. Now, awake, We tell her that the best thing to treat anxiety is to have orgasms. She refuses to masturbate but then is told to OBEY she falls into a trance and begins using the hitachi on her self. She has multiple hard orgasms and slips out of the trance but the programming remains and she is unable to move the hitachi away from her now throbbing pussy. She begins to spasms and convulse and even falls out of the chair, she loses total control of her body and screams and thrashes as she struggles to move the wand away. Finally when the floor is wet from her pussy we put her out. This was incredible how deeply she was programmed.

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Primal’s Fantasies Jasmine Wolff – Tricked and Trained SD (studio/24134/

POV with Jasmine Wolff

Jasmine’s outfit – knee high boots, short skirt, tight top.

When told to sleep she instantly goes out.

When in trance she has a blank look.

Smoking scenes with standard cigarettes please, no colored ones or joints etc.

Scene – Jasmine is home alone ready to go to a party when her brothers friend arrives and knocks on the door.

*She opens the door and tells him her brother isn’t home. He tells her that he knows and has just came over to drop some money off he owes him.

*Jasmine lets him in and he mentions how great she looks, she thanks him and says she’s going to a party.

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Primals FANTASIES The Headmaster – Jasmine Wolff SD (

Added: 9/26/14

Professor Masters (From Night School) has come to visit his favored student Jasmine who is now a teacher at a prestigious all girls school. For some reason Jasmine doesn’t seem to remember her former professor but He is the new Headmaster of the school and the first thing he does is reactivate Jasmines programming…

Part 1 – Jasmine is a teacher at a prestigious all girls private school. Her “Night School” professor comes to visit her, but although she can remember the class she doesn’t really remember him, until he snaps his fingers…Jasmine, talks to Jade after class, she seems to slip into an odd state as she instructs Jade to see the new Headmaster. Jades Training begins

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Primals Sex Fights Elena Koshka – Sexual Domination Match – Elena Koshka vs Bt HD (720p/

Added: 11/5/16

Elena is young, powerful, and full of ambition. But she also has a cockiness that rivals BT, making it fitting that he is her first opponent. Fighting for sexual supremacy, battling to see who can make the other cum first, Elena starts off with smile, thinking she’ll go easy on BT. She wriggles out of his holds and uses her strong legs to flip him. She manages to pin him a few times, but it’s not long before the new girl on the mat realizes she’s in over her head. Elena is at BT’s mercy as she squirts all over them both, struggling and screaming in a mix of orgasmic ecstasy and defeat. Now that she’s faced a humiliating defeat, BT can do whatever he wants with her.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – I need your super sperm FullHD (1080p/studio/68591/2017)

Category: FEMALE DOMINATION, SUPERHEROINES, HANDJOBS, CREAMPIE, FUCKING, STRUGGLING, custom clip request, costumes, boot fetish, cosplay, double forced cum, pantyhose/stockings, female domination ride, leather boots , Download Free Incest Video.

SuperGirl wants the sperm of superman to become pregnant. she wants a very strong .
Supergirl wins against superman.
superman lies on his back when SuperGirl gets on top and starts riding superman. he tries to stop her from riding because he dont want to give her his sperm.
SuperGirl takes his wrists and pins them down next to his head while riding him hard. she pins him down for the whole riding sex scene in a very dominant way. he continuous tries to break free but SuperGirl is stronger and fucks him hard in this femdom position.
in the end supergirl rides superman to a creampie while she still is pinning him down. she stands up while superman is still on his back (KOed).
P.s Then we change the script a little bit.

The sex scenes does not have to be very long, the shorter the sex scene is (meaning the faster he comes) the sexier it is (because you force him to cum in this wrists pinned down position).
That videos sound sooooo sexy to me. maybe you will like it too
and will release such kind of video (female domination ride). the idea you are riding on top while pinning down the males wrists and forcing him to cum inside you is so fuc**** sexy

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Angel The Dreamgirl – The Space Lady FullHD (1080p/studio/68591/2017)

I would like a clip in 15 minutes. The scenes will be included teasing, ass fetish, leggings, sex, double cum. You wear transparent silk leggings black color.. I attach the photo. You also wear heels at the beginning of the clip.. during sex you take off your heels. You do not wear a top or bra, I want to see your beautiful boobs. You can wear any make-up what you want and any hairstyle, but best straight hair or a ponytail.
The scene begins .. You are already dressed in your sexy transparent silk leggings .. You standing / walking .. teasing me in different poses, I want to see stretching the transparent silk leggings on your ass. After that, you have sex with your man in different poses .. wherever you want .. but important to me .. I want to see always your ass in transparent silk leggings .. Minimum 3 poses. At the end of the clip your man fills all your pussy with his sperm and the second cumshot he shoots at your ass in silk transparent leggings at the time when you stand in the doggy pose. You show once again your ass in the transparent silk leggings and the screen gets dark. End.

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My Brother’s Clubhouse HD (720p/2017)

Becky has come to see her brother Chad’s new private clubhouse away from the crowded family home. When Chad tries to teach Becky how to do a handstand he is shocked to see she isn’t wearing any panties. Does she know? Well, he isn’t going to tell her. She flashes her pussy at him with every attempt to bounce her ass into the air. Chad feels his dick swell and can only think about hearing Becky moan as she bounces on his dick. Who would know? Who would care? She is so hot! It never hurts to ask.

Added: 8/29/17

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