Crystal Knight – Provocative Revival Femdom POV FullHD (1080p/

I am your one true god. Your only religion. And to prove it to you I am going to give you a provocative revival. I am going to enlighten you to declare my perfect holiness as your only savior. The only woman you will look at forever. The only woman that exists in your world forevermore. You need a revival from your vanilla life you despise. You need a rush unlike anything you ever dreamed and the only way you’ll ever find it is by submitting to me.

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Bridesmaid homewrecker Body Worship FullHD (1080p/2015)

It was almost her perfect wedding, until she went bridezilla on not only us bridesmaids, but her own groom. I find you in the back room and you look so stressed. I use my body to seduce you in your fragile state, offer to make you feel better. Before you can come your senses, you blow a huge well deserved load into my mouth. Oh honey, you really needed that didnt you? Well you better get back to her party, Ill catch up with you. Dont worry, I wont a say a thing. (mandy flores )After you leave I pull out a camera and take the sd card that recorded the whole thing and slip it into a wedding card. Cheers bitch.

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Kathia Nobili – Let me please you my Lord Maid Fetish FullHD (

I was thinking my dear….what about that we try today something….different…..something HOT!!! Let’s try some role play….I’ll be your maid and you… honey… strict Lord…..! You make me wear those clothes…..just sitting and watching how your maid……Ohhh…SIR… made mess on your pants….I’ll take care of this my Lord. ……But Sir…that’s not a water on your pants….I taste it…mmmm…my Lord….that’s juice for your cock…..Ohhh, what you wish that your maid does for you…..anything my Sir command……Mmmmm……horny Lord……I love to please you…with my hands! I’m your naughty maid……and will serve my Lord!!! ….Yes Sir, …..yes please….I want to taste you….your sperm…..Please!!!

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Slut girlfriend Hard Fuck FullHD (1080p/2017)

Kat is a horny little slut. Every time her boyfriend isn’t around she’s having her hungry little pussy stuffed by some random cock. Her boyfriend is super jealous and calls a lot to make sure
she’s alone…little does he know a total stranger is banging away at his girlfriends box. Sluts make the world go around.

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Mandy Flores – Ruining You As A Man By Strapon Fucking Your Virgin Asshole, Faggot HD (720p/2017)

Look at you, you’re so nervous, do you think you could handle this? Come here and get on your knees. Good boy. Do you wanna fuck me? Do you think you could satisfy me? I need to be fucked hard, I need my pussy pounded. Do you think you could choke me with your dick and make me gag? LOL! Look at you, fuck no! You’re so pathetic. If you were any kind of man you would have owned my pussy by now. But you’re just a bitch. And since you’re not man enough to fuck me, I’m going to fuck you.

You need to be a good little sissy bitch for me. You wanna make me happy right? Do you love me? You do, don’t you? LOL wow, you’re more fucked up than I thought. I’ll bet you’re still a virgin. You know I have a fetish for virgins. You are nothing but wussy who jerks off to porn all day. How bad do you want my pussy? Not ever in your dreams loser.

But the truth is the only virginity of yours I want to take is your virgin asshole. You said you love me and you want to make me happy so I know you’ll give me whatever I want. And what I want is to fuck your ass with my strapon. How does my ass look with this big cock hanging between my legs? Does that turn you on? You said you love me, this is going to be special for us. I’m gonna give it to you like you deserve. Don’t be scared. C’mon kiss my cock. Open that mouth bitch. Good now suck on it and get it nice and wet because I’m about to put it in your virgin asshole.

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