Fetish Cuties – Cum And D1e. James Bond Cosplay. Executrix FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 7/17/16 01:34PM

In this video: James Bond and Xenia Onatopp cosplay, holding the victim in a chastity, forced pussy worship, 4 scissors, slow forced sex with scissorhold, making him cum into her pussy while scissorholding, finishing the looser

It would be a scissorhold/executrix video, but with a twist – you have James Bond with his hands tied behind his back, and you offer him a game – as long as he doesn’t cum you will set him free. The trick is that he’s been in chastity for a week and you’ve given him vi@gra. You let him out of chastity and you’re wearing red nylons and lingerie, and immediately he gets rock hard. You start with some pussy worship, and he doesn’t want to so you get him in a figure 4 scissors and force him.

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine Carolina Sweets – Little Liberty – Broken into a Submissive Slut HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 10/8/17 5:20pm

Little Liberty is so confident that even though she knows an ambush has been set she walks right in. Despite her claims of no one being able to sneak up on her a thug gets a rag on her face and with a combo of belly punches and bear hugs has her limp and defenseless. The villain is sparing in his use of the rag once he has LL securely shackled. He wants to hear her protest and scream, which she does, over and over. LL goes from fiery defiance and contempt in her eyes to pleading shame and then pleasure as the thug forces her to cum over and over before having his real fun with her

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Kenzie Reeves, Alec Knight – Dad Caught Me HD (720p/PureTaboo.com/2017)

Teen Punished for Partying by Step-Dad while Mom is Resting

The scene opens on an 18-year-old girl, Charity, as she slowly opens the door to her family’s house one morning. She’s been out all night, partying with friends, and looks disheveled and tired. Not wanting to get caught sneaking in, she tip-toes her way through the quiet house and past her parent’s bedroom. The door is closed, a sure sign they are still sleeping. Breathing a sigh of relief, she makes her way to her own bedroom and opens the door. Stepping inside, she heads to her bed and starts to pull off her top when she discovers her step-dad is sitting in a corner of the room waiting for her. He is holding her stash and looking angry.

Before Charity can react, dad lashes in to her about what he’s found. She’s stolen all of her mother’s pills and a host of other substances. How could she do this to her poor mother? She’s 18 now, an adult, and still living under their roof. The roof he pays for! If she is going to keep living here and acting so immature then she deserves to be punished! Charity tries to defend her actions and tells him he can’t tell her what to do anymore and he isn’t her real dad. He grabs her, yanks down her bottoms and starts to spank her. She hits him back and he threatens to call in her mother and tell her the truth. Charity stops. She argues with her step-dad not to do that, mom is sick, she can’t find out about anything. His hand raised, he orders her to take the spanking then. Angrily, she agrees. While over her father’s knee, she notices him getting hard.

You’re being disgusting dad, she tells him while he spanks her, I can feel your dick! Dad groans and asks if she likes it. Charity jumps off his lap and backs up in the room, asking what the fuck he thinks he’s doing. Dad tells her that he can’t help it – with her mother so sick, he hasn’t been getting what he’s used to and she felt good. In fact, she felt so good that she should really just suck his dick now. Charity refuses, telling him he is a pervert. He’s been her step-dad for like 10 years now. That’s creepy. Dad pushes harder and threatens to tell mom again, upping the threat by Charity begs him not too, pleading to do anything else instead. Well, if you won’t suck my dick, what if you let me lick your pussy instead. You don’t even have to touch my cock … just my tongue and my fingers a little. Finally, the teen agrees to let her step-dad eat her out. She lies back on the bed awkwardly while he spreads her legs and takes great pleasure in licking and fingering her. As he goes, he gets more aggressive and the teen can’t help but moan in pleasure, getting so loud that dad has to clasp his hand over her mouth to keep her from waking mom up. Unexpectedly to her, she cums all over his fingers. He leans in and asks to fuck her now … just this once. She already liked it and this is the only real way he won’t tell her mother. He’ll even give her back her stash. Charity slowly agrees, saying yes, as dad plunges into her.

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Primals Custom Videos Avi Love – Wife Turned into into another man’s Slut POV HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 9/17/17 07:37PM

Your hot wife Avi is mesmerized by an old friend to be his cock loving slut

The scene is shot from my POV.


Me, Jeff, and of course I don’t appear in the film. I am the camera.

My wife, Chrissy, was my high school girlfriend and a cheerleader. She is a very very pretty and popular girl.

Our friend from high school, Craig. A nerd that helped Chrissy as a math tutor in high school. Always had a crush on Christy but Christy only had eyes for me. Loved magic.


Chrissy and I went to college together. Chrissy and I were always boyfriend and girlfriend and always happy and close. Except for a month separation. The separation was caused by me being jealous of how popular she was with the football players. She was a cheerleader in college too and very desired. Fortunately, I came to my senses, begged forgiveness. and she forgave me. I knew that Chrissy was ‘The One’ for me, so I proposed on Christmas day after graduation. From then on, Chrissy and I were inseparable. We were married and started our lives and careers together. We’d spent five unbelievable years together and lately Chrissy had been hinting around about starting a family and wanting to have a baby. With my career well established, I too, was ready to embrace the Joys and perils of parenthood, willing to do just about anything to make my wonderful wife happy.

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Meana Wolf – Femdom POV How Stupid Are You FullHD (1080p/clisp4sale.com/2015)

Added: 10/13/15 09:45PM

Put on this cock ring and lay down in this bed. Aren’t you so lucky? You’re mistress is in a very good mood today. It seems all I want to do is lay here and worship your cock. Yes put it in my mouth. Let me lick you all over. You deserve it. You’re such a good slave. Edge for me. I want to take you so close and then bring you back for more. Oh I love the way your cock trembles when you get pulled back from your orgasm. And edging always makes you cum harder. hehe If I don’t completely destroy orgasm that is.
Clip Contains: *An Epic Cum Shot* I am unusually nice to you and give you the best BJ you’ve ever had. I edge you, teasing you and fondling your cock. Rubbing you up and down and stroking you so lovingly until you start to cum…at which point I just stop stroking you; destroying your orgasm and leaving you in ruins. Then I make fun of you for being so stupid. I mean really? haha I love fucking with you.

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KathiaNobiliGirls Halloween special – Snow White’s HAND JOB !!! FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2014)

Added: 10/31/14 09:30PM

Today is a special day….is HALLOWEEN!!! All the costumes…all the fun!!! And excitement…..well….both FUN and EXCITEMENT is coming to your house door too!!! Just open them! ….Surprise a Snow White is here! And she is looking for some candies!!! Do you have some for her?…..,, So Mr. do you have some candy for me…do you like my costume?…What?! You have for me some special candy…..witch only I can get?! Yeah..I want it….where is it? Ohhh? In your pants? So you’re saying…..the best…sweetest and delicious candy is inside and I can have it!?……Mmmm……I’ll do everything for it! Oh my God….that’s so big!!! …..That will be the best hand job for you! Snow White’s hand job…..I’ll tease and massage your big….swollen cock….just to get my candy….the one is hiding inside!!! White…sweet juice as a candy for this naughty Snow White!!! And sure she will eat and swallow all that delicious Halloween special candy!!!

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