Ludella Hahn & Terra Mizu – Accidental Entrancement: Therapist Becomes a Puppet for Her Patients HD (720p/2017)

Dr. Hahn is has a hard day ahead of her: a whole lineup of crazies…and next up is Terra Mizu, who is too high-strung for Ludella to want to deal with today, so she decides to try her new
entrancement therapy on her. Of course, she hasn’t exactly completed her training yet, but she figures that at the very least perhaps concentrating on the swinging pendulum will occupy Terra’s
attention for a large part of the session.

Of course it goes terribly wrong and Dr. Hahn ends up entrancing herself instead…which Terra is only too excited to take advantage of, as the very thing she was complaining about today was her
feeling of a lack of control…and now she has FULL CONTROL over her therapist…her new puppet.

She starts small, first giving the cues for snapping and waving, so that she can easily put her to sleep or awaken her on command. She snaps the doctor awake and has her remove her glasses and
let down her hair. Ludella obeys. Then, all too excited to test out the waters of making her strict doctor to humiliating things, she makes her dance around like a chicken, BAWKING and flapping
around. Then she has her strip out of her blouse and skirt in a striptease style…before making her act like a monkey, jumping around on her furniture and everything!

The doctor obeys every

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