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cherry has just finished her freshman year at college. however during the year dad couldnt visit her as often as she intended due to his business picking up, and their schedules conflicting with one another. as she promised her dad, cherry stayed motivated academically and avoided parties and the occasional hookups. however that doesnt mean she didnt get to hear her roomies and friends accounts of hookups during the year. with exams over and her mind wondering to all the sex stories she heard through the year, her dad comes to pick her up for summer break.

scene starts with the camera being turned on inside a bag/backpack. dad had picked up cherry to drive her home for break. however since the drive is almost 8 hours, cherry had some ideas to make the trip less boring. cherry moves the camera out of the bag/backpack and asks her dad to hold on to it for her. dad places the camera beside him, as cherry unzips his pants and takes out his cock to stroke it. she looks at his cock hungrily and states i missed this cock so much and goes right ahead to give him a bj. in between the bj, she asks dad if his missed his little girls mouth wrapped around his cock all these months. dad replies that his missed not just her mouth, but all this as well, as he starts groping her while she gives him a bj.

this part starts with cherry bouncing on dad within the car, as he pulled his seat back, and is shooting his daughter in pov. during the long trip back, they pulled over to the side of the road to fuck. she grinds on his cock facing him, dirty talking to daddy about how much she missed this while in college, and that she kept her promise to him to not fuck around and concentrate on her studies. she mentions how shes a daddys good little girl. they fuck, fondle and talk dirty to each other.

scene starts with cherry bent over at the side of the car, on a roadside/parking lot/etc. as she is being fucked from behind while dad films it. she turns and tells dad that her roommate fucked some guy in the park at night, and told her how exhilarating it was to fuck in public, with a chance of getting caught looming over their heads. she encourages and begs daddy to fuck his little girl, as they dirty talk to each other and switch positions (to what ever is possible) fucking in public. she starts talking about how shes also missed swallowing dads load and encourages him to cum in his daughters mouth, so she can swallow ever drop. dad explodes in her mouth, and she swallows. she continues to vigorously suck him off to clean his cock which is practical since they dont have anything in the car to clean up if they didnt finish this way. cherry states how great its going to be when they finally get home.

dad removes the covers, and starts groping cherry lightly, starting with her breasts, and down towards her legs. he then starts playing with her pussy gently, until she starts to moan quietly. cherry opens her eyes slowly, and dad says good morning cherry, then fondles her breasts. she smiles and says good morning daddy and reaches down to grab his cock, and strokes it. cherry gets up, turns around to display her ass to daddy, as she allows dad to fondle her ass while she starts sucking his cock. cherry moves down in between dads legs to properly suck him off while she looks up at him. she giggles in while sucking and dad asks why. she replies by saying its just a wacky random thoughts that made her giggle.what? asks dad. she just thought it was funny how shes sucking dads cock, and its technically where she came from, and also, when shes sucking shes like swallowing her would-be brothers and sister. they both laugh at her remark, as she continues to suck dads cock.

she comes off dads cock and leans up close to him and says other than the whole outdoor sex, my roomie also told me that she tried anal dad laughs nervously, oh ho, really? cherry moves over dad, and points her ass to the side of the bed, looks at her dad and asks him devilishly to take her ass and teach her how to anal. she states that shed like to be daddys bad little girl this time around, and begs him to fuck her ass. she tells him punish me daddy, ive been a very bad little girl dad places the camera in front of her so her face, body and tits are in frame and goes behind her to insert his cock up his daughters ass.

cherry shows pain in her face when he first enters her, but as he continues to fuck her she starts to gradually enjoy it. after a bit of doggie, dad asks cherry to pass the camera over to him, so she does and he starts filming his daughters ass with his cock going in and out of her tight ass. when dad cant hold it anymore, cherry asks dad to pump his cum deep inside her ass. after doing so, dad fondles cherry tits and says what a way to wake up. cherry smiles, gives dad a kiss and heads off to the bathroom to clean up.

dad walks into the living room with the camera and sees cherry doing yoga/working out. shes in a downward position in her tight yoga pants/shorts/whatever is available. he walks up behind her, pulls down her pants/shorts/etc. and with out hesitation, sticks his cock inside her ass. cherry gasps in surprise and says oh daddy?! she talks dirty to him, he fucks her doggie as he leans forward to grope her tits. daddy and cherry fuck in various positions…

dad is watching the game. cherry comes in asks what his doing and sits beside him. as they watch tv together, the daughter naturally reaches out for dad’s cock and starts rubbing his pants. she takes out his cock and strokes it. dad fondles her as she continues to suck, and he watches game. cherry asks dad can i fuck you? dad nods. cherry jumps on (reverse cowgirl) and grinds on dad’s cock. she fucks dad while he continues to watch the game. when dad can’t hold it anymore, cherry asks dad to pump his cum deep inside her mouth. after doing so, dad fondles cherry tits and says back to the game. cherry smiles, gives dad a kiss and heads off to the bathroom to clean up.

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