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Back Story: Cory Chase is a single lesbian mother, she lives in Florida with her daughter Sydney, but Cory harbors a dark secret. On the day Sydney turned 18 Cory started feeling strong incestuous lesbian urges developing deep inside her. She knows that her daughter is incredibly hot but Sydney is also a sweet, innocent girl who has never been touched by a woman and Sydney also has no idea that her mom is secretly a sleazy, incestuous pervert. Cory knows she cannot control her urges much longer and that she’ll eventually end up forcing herself on her daughter if she doesn’t find a subtler, more loving way to fuck her.

As the scene begins Cory is giving Sydney a hug and kiss goodbye before Sydney heads off to high school for the day. Sydney is wearing a thin, white t-shirt, with no bra underneath, a pair of jean shorts and of course; a pair of black heels which Sydney will wear throughout the scene. After Sydney heads out, Cory licks her lips at the thought of her daughter’s pussy and then suffers a crisis of conscience of her desires for her daughter, Cory heads off to sort things out around the house and to take her mind off of Cadence.

Hours later Cory has prepared a light snack at the dining room table, knowing that Sydney will soon be home. She sighs and finally comes to terms with her desires and decides to embrace them. Soon Sydney returns and Cory greets her at the door with a hug and kiss and tells her that she made some snacks and they both head to the dining table. They sit down and start making small talk, Sydney doesn’t notice that her mom is lecherously looking down towards Sydney’s pussy. After a while Cory can no longer hold back and she puts her sleazy plan in motion, she deliberately drops a fork underneath the table and goes under the table to get it. Sydney looks at her phone when all of sudden she feels the front of her jean shorts being pulled to the side. She says ”hey what’s going-” and then goes ”AGH! what the fuck mom!” as she feels her mom suddenly stick her tongue inside her pussy. Sydney loudly protests but Cory tells her that she needs it. Sydney screams ”oh god I can’t watch!” and she sits at the table while her mom vigorously eats her pussy. Sydney moans and writhes about at the table, despite feeling guilty about it. Cory sinks her tongue deep inside her daughter’s pussy, Sydney holds onto the table to stop herself falling off of the chair, Cory continues eating Sydney out, making her moan loudly at the dining table until she cums for the first time.

As Sydney calms down, Cory rises up from underneath the table and sensually kisses her daughter, Sydney’s eyes are wide open with shock and she tries to scream but soon succumbs to the feeling of being kissed by her mom. During the kissing Cory sticks her tongue inside Sydney’s mouth, this shocks her daughter. Cory then cups Sydney’s face gently in her hands and says ”babygirl are you ok?” Sydney doesn’t know how to respond. Seeing how worried her daughter is, Cory takes her by the hand and leads her nervous daughter into the living room.

In the living room, Cory gets Sydney to stand still while Cory take’s Sydney’s jean shorts off, revealing her to be wearing a cute, little pair of panties. Sydney asks Cory if she’s ok and Cory reassures her that she’s of sound mind. Cory then says ”ok turn and face me babe” at this point they’re standing in front of the couch, Sydney turns to face her mom, then Cory playfully pushes her daughter onto her back on the couch. Sydney nervously sits on the couch as she sees her mom kneel down in front of her with a lecherous look on her face. Sydney closes her legs and says ”I’m not sure about this, you’re my mom” Cory gently pushes Sydney’s legs apart and reassures her again that they both need this. with that, Cory pulls Sydney’s panties to the side and sticks her tongue back inside her daughter’s pussy. Cory eats her daughter’s pussy fast, Sydney is clearly nervous and scared but she soon succumbs to the feeling of her mom’s tongue and gets into, then she suddenly shakes her head to snap out of it and asks her mom to stop. Again Cory has to reassure Sydney that this is right for them and Cory resumes her focus on eating her daughter’s pussy. Sydney again quickly succumbs to the feeling and moans loudly, she guiltily admits to liking it, Cory continues eating Sydney out hard until Sydney loudly cums again.

Cory then rises up to Sydney’s face and sensually kisses her daughter, she then lifts up Sydney’s shirt and sucks on her nipples, Syndey nervously asks ”mom, can I try doing that to you?” Cory is very happy to hear this and says ”of course sweetie!” Cory sits on the couch and opens her legs for her daughter. Sydney begins enthusiastically eating her mom’s pussy. Listening closely to her mom’s pointers and praise, soon she makes her mom cum, Cory is very pleased and very proud of her sweet, innocent daughter and how quickly she’s learned from her mom. Cory and Sydney then sit back upright and Cory kneels back down in between Sydney’s legs, she can feel her daughter is still unsure about having sex with her mom, Cory peels Sydney’s panties off of her taking care to still leave Sydney’s heels on and promises her that she will enjoy herself. Cory sticks her tongue back inside her daughter’s pussy. Cory eats Sydney out hard and fast, Sydney is moaning loudly and writhing about as she lets herself go and falls completely in love and lust with her mother. Sydney screams ”I love you mommy!” as she loudly cums for the last time.

As Sydney is calming down, Cory sits beside her and holds her in her arms, please at the massive satisfied smile on her daughter’s face. Cory asks her how she feels about her first lesbian experience, Sydney expresses shock at it but admits to liking it, she then makes her mom promise not to tell anyone and they seal it with a kiss. Cory kisses Sydney, makes some more small talk and holds her as the scene draws to a close.

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