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aincest - 4939 Cory Chase Jenni Bliss in Seed of a Clown
aincest - 4939 Cory Chase Jenni Bliss in Seed of a Clown1

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Added: 4/4/16

Scene One: Robins private time

Dressed in her civilian clothes Robin just wants to spend some time alone. She slowly takes off her clothes and touches her tiny young body. Each moment she takes to explore and touch herself leaves her in pure pleasure. She’s so horny, her hand reaching down to her pussy and rubbing herself. Her fingers slide inside of her and she pinches her nipples, her screams getting louder. She screams cute little moans as she brings herself to glorious orgasm.

A phone call later and it’s battle time with Super Girl!

Scene Two: Mystery of the formula

Robin and SuperGurl are scouting out one of Clowns’s secret hide outs looking for his formula. They have no idea what the formula does, only that it allows him to blackmail influential people. They can’t find the formula but they do find something they didnt expect. A bag of brightly colored butt plugs. Unexplainablely they feel the need to play with the toys on the bed. It’s like they’re drawn to them.

Increasingly horny they begin to play with each other. What has gotten into them. They can’t help but touch and play with each others breasts and pussies. Robin slides off her tight panties and lets SuperGurl bend her over and finger her before her tiny tongue finds it’s way inside SuperGurl’s pussy and she licks her friend to cumming all over her face.

Scene Three: Plugged

SuperGurl rubs her pussy as Robin slides the shiny butt plug into her ass. It’s so beautiful Robin giggles. Her ass filled, SuperGurl slowly oils Robin’s tight hole. She fingers the small girl while Robin moans and plays with herself. Ever so gently SuperGurl pushes a plug into Robin while she moans and rubs her tiny pussy.

Scene Four: Cameras and Clowns

The Clown walks into his hideout to find two superheroines masturbating with his toy’s deep inside them. Not only did they fall for his trap but they just had sex in front of his hidden cameras. He makes them a deal, let him fuck their tight super asses or he’ll release the video of them being horny sluts. They have no choice but to do as he demands.

I’m sure you know what to do to get me ready He says. Defeated and humiliated the superheroines take out his evil cock and suck on him together. Licking his balls and sucking his cock they get him hard, knowing the ass fucking they are about to receive. He makes Robin pull out SuperGurl’s plug and watch as his big cock makes it’s way inside of her. She screams at him violating and fucking her ass. The formula and the fucking are too much and SuperGurl cums against her will. SuperGurl is turned completely into a broken and horny girl. She only cares about her next orgasm. He makes SuperGurl deep throat his dirty cock before turning his attentions on the little Robin.

Scene Five: Painting their faces

Robin’s eyes go wide as his huge cock pushes inside of her and stretches her out. Her eyes roll to the back of her head, being fucked in the ass like she’s never been fucked before. A part of her wants him to stop but another part wants to be used and fucked even harder. The Clown switches between the bitches two hot assholes, fucking one than the other until they are horny and gasping for pleasure.

He makes them get to the floor for his big load. The girls don’t care about anything else but his cum on their faces so entrapped by his formula. They share his dirty cock between them, their big eyes looking up at him for his cum. With their tongues out they take his load and moan softly in pleasure. They kiss, the cum shared between them. Thank you They moan, their faces painted in cum.

He’s going to release the video anyway, he tells them. They should go get cleaned up….

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