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aincest - 2655 Dillion Carter in Naughty Daughter
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scene 1: dad waits until he’s sure his daughter is in their room. he slaps on a blindfold and enters the room nude. Dillion gasps as she see’s him enter. dad acts like it’s his wife and goes towards her. he starts to feel her up and says he likes this blindfold idea. he says he dying for her to suck him off like she promised. to his surprise she gets on her knees and takes his cock out, she’d rather suck her dads cock then get caught! she sucks him off like a true slut and dad decides to up the stakes. he tells her he can’t wait to drop a big load in her mouth and still his daughter keeps going! dad cums and she is forced to swallow it. dad tells her to clean up in the bathroom, he doesn’t want to catch his daughter just yet!

scene 2: she’s at it again! she still hasn’t learned her lesson and this time she’s stealing clothes! dad once again enters blindfolded and goes right for her. she was in the middle of changing into moms clothes so he catchers her in nothing but her underwear. she tries to sneak out but dad grabs her and starts to feel her up, still pretending that its his wife. again his daughter goes along with it! she sucks his cock rather then expose herself. dad lifts her up afterwards and raises the stacks again. he starts to strip her and then spreads her legs. dad was hopping this would happen but still can’t believe his luck! he fucks hers and dumps a huge load inside her pussy. at least now she’s working for that money!

scene 3: dad finds her in her room, fresh from the shower in nothing but a towel. he tells he knows she been stealing from mom. he tells her he can’t believe what a little slut she is too. dad says that if she doesn’t do what he says from now on he’s going to tell mom where that money has been going. she puts her puppy eyes on and says ok, and that she’s sorry. he orders her to drop the towel and she does. nude in front of him he tells her she’s gonna be his secret little whore from now on. she whisper ok and dad orders her to her knees. he makes her suck his cock and then ride it on her bed. he tells her she’s gonna earn that money from now on.

scene 4: mom is furious and knows something is up with her daughter. Dillion now dresses like a total slut but mom does not know why. dad walks into the room and mom orders him to fix his problem. Dillion is daddy’s girl and it is up to him to solve the slut problem. dad agrees and sends mom off to work…

dad has completely trained his daughter to be a little slut. what started out as a trick to catch his daughter has turned into something entirely else. dad finds her on the couch and tells her to strip. when moms gone dad’s in total control. she’s eager this time and excited to suck and fuck her daddy! the fuck in various positions in the living room. during this dad tells her he’s got some friends coming over for her tonight. he tells her to do whatever they say. she happily agrees and promises to even let them cum in her mouth or pussy. he cums inside her as she promises to be a good little whore. now she’s really working for that money!

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