Domination for Your Own Good – Son, That Was Ex Lax, Not Candy! – Crazy Family situation FullHD mp4

Mommy’s little boy has got himself into a very messy situation. Even though Mom had told you to keep your hand out of the cookie jar, instead, you secretly ate what you thought was three boxes of chocolate, but it turned out to be Grandma’s Ex Lax!! You have allergies, but had no idea eating it would cause you to have to go *this bad*. Your sister has come home from cheerleader practice and is amused to find as a result you have become very full and gassy. There’s no hiding this..OMG! She tells your Mom who is not pleased at all and is actually concerned, so Mom calls the doctor. It looks like it’s diapers or else!

The doctor encourages your Mom to immediately put you in diapers and try helping you into different positions so you can more easily release the mess. The doctor also wants Mom to monitor your “output”. After which, there will be nurses waiting for you at the ER for further evaluation.

Mom and sister change your diapers twice, putting you in different positions, then rub your padded bottom, encouraging you to “go” as your bowls churn and you continue to pass gas as they giggle and watch on. You have never been so embarrassed as you uncontrollably release the biggest, loudest, stinkiest mess you ever had into the diapers, transforming you back into Mommy’s helpless little diaper boy once again.. looks like you’re going to be wearing diapers for a long time! See how it all unfolds…

**Editor’s note: Very entertaining mini movie, with two REAL diaper changes, creatively humiliating/predicament situation, super messy diapers and even a surprise pantiless upskirt shot on Mom! A must see!

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