Erotic Transformation – Brother Hypnosis two Sister`s – Triples therapy

Remember Sicilia and Andy from Couples Therapy? If not, get checked for Alzheimer’s,
or buy that one here and watch it immediately.

Sicilia’s college roommate Dolly is in town on business and has dropped by for dinner.
She’s always had a crush on her old classmate, but alas Sicilia’s as straight as an arrow.

But Andy has an idea. He loans his lighter to Dolly, provided he can watch.

Dolly lights some fires…

…and then has to put them out. Much to Andy’s viewing pleasure.

But Andy wants more. He wants to see Sicilia give as well as receive. So he gives Stan a call,
and receives a new experimental hypnosis pill, two of them to be exact.

Dolly happily accepts one of the pills from Andy, and administers it to Sicilia, gaining total control
of her college friend, turning her into an obedient zombie.

For Dolly it is much better to receive than to give.

Clever Andy saved that second pill, and now the time is right to give it to Dolly
and take command of both women.

He transforms the stone-cold lesbian into a hot-for-cock slut. And now instead of just watching,
Andy gets to participate, proving that three is definitely company.

But all good things must cum to an end.

Let’s hope they all return for Quadruples Therapy.

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