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Scene One: Tastes like candyMarsha and her dad are relaxing on the couch talking about their day. He’s so upset that no matter how hard he works that his boss wont give him a raise for the videos he edits. She tries to help him like any daughter would by showing him the videos she watches. Taboo stories with older men and younger women. He can’t believe his daughter is into this and she assures him that it’s not something she would want to do but likes it as a fantasy. She leaves him to watch and study.When Marsha returns she finds her dad sound asleep. Daddy.. wake up.. She softly says. When he doesn’t wake she sits next to him and watches him. His cock is so big in his underwear that she can’t help but softly run her mouth over it. She doesn’t want to get in trouble, knowing what she’s doing is wrong, but she wanted his dick for so long that she can’t help herself. She pulls it out and puts it in her mouth as he sleeps. Each suck makes her more bold. He must be dreaming. She pulls up her shirt and places her dad’s hand on her firm young breasts. He cums in his wet dream into his daughters hungry mouth. She swallows him, swallowing cum for the first time, and thinks he tastes just like candy to her horny young mouth. She leaves him sleeping and sucked.Scene Two: Tricking daddyShe needs to have more of him. Her fantasy fulfilled only makes her want him all the time. She needs to have her dad want her as much as she wants him. Dressing in skimpy clothes she pretends to be out cold on sleeping pills. Her dad walks into her room not knowing what to do. He tries to wake her up and she stays asleep. After his dream of his daughter he sees this as the perfect chance to see her hot young body. Softly he pulls off her clothes and touches her. His mouth sucks on her perfect perky breasts and licks her sweet clean pussy.He takes off his pants and slides into her, hoping she wont wake up. She feels just like he always dreamed she would. His daughters body is for him to use as he thrusts inside her. A smile crosses her lips when he’s not looking and he fucks her tight wet pussy until shooting his load deep inside her. Giving her a quick kiss he leaves terrified about what he just did.That was so hot she giggles as she wakes up and pulls her cloths on.Scene Three: Before mom comes homeMarsha swirls into the living room in a pink mini skirt and no panties seeing if her dad will catch a glimpse of her tight ass sitting down next to him. Do you remember the other day when you came into my room? Because I was awake daddy she tells him. She’s got him right where she wants him. He tries to explain his way out of it as she moves closer to him, touching his leg. Mom’s going to be home soon he tells her as she begins to touch his dick. She doesn’t care, sliding him into her mouth and sucking him hard.Pulling up her skirt she sits on top of him and bounces with cute little moans. Her dad fills her up so tight! She loves squirming on his lap, rubbing her clit and getting close to cumming. Shit is that mom he yells and she pulls down her skirt over their fucking. Mom sits down oblivious to what’s going on and asks how their day is going. A long conversation between mother and daughter and Marsha can barely keep herself from wiggling. As soon as mom’s head is turned she bounces again, needing to have her dad fuck her silly. Fuck my little pussy daddy please, make me cum! She screams out. She cums from her dad’s thrusting in soundless screaming pleasure. I like it a lot daddy Her cute little moans as her dad cums inside her. I’ve been thinking about this for so long daddyScene Four: Swallowing daddys painWhile moving furniture dad hits himself right in the crotch. Falling down in pain he cries out and Marsha comes running in. What’s wrong daddy! she yells asking if there’s anything she can do to help. With a great idea he tells her to suck on him to release the pain. ok daddyHesitant so that she doesn’t hurt him more she sucks him. Harder and harder she tries to suck out his pain. Dad suggests that her pussy may make him feel better. Being a good daughter, she helps her daddy feel better. Soon he has her bent at the waist fucking her until her eyes roll back in her head. Yeah daddy give it to me she says on her knees with her mouth open wide for him. Her dads thick creamy load pours on her face and she loves every drop. Your cum tastes good She tells him sweetly.

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